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  1. Even if the game rewarded you with more XP for doing things with other players there still isn’t a big enough incentive to cooperate. The games current XP system is pointless. Once you hit rank 44 & unlock part 4. The next 59 ranks are absolutely useless & worthless. You unlock the same design clothing just in dirrent ugly colors. That’s it. Even the CP you acquire each rank to spend on perks is horrible. The odds of landing good quality perks in high tiers such as rare or epic are astronomical. 1. They should have allowed players to create their own characters. 2. Allow them to swap between all the clothing options for their gender but limit the colors & designs. 3. Rank up & select their own stats. 35 points reached by the time you hit 101. Stat points cannot be undone. 4. Also allow players to be able to create & use multiple characters but each character must rank back up on their own. 5. The CP system should of been more of a mystery chest. Spend 500 to either unlock a new perk, 2xp 1 match (Consumable)(Very Rare), 1k auto xp (C)(Rare), 500 auto xp (C), spawn with a certain weapon (C), reveal the location of car parts for 10 seconds (C), spawn with walkie (C), Spawn with map (C), Recieve a Pamela tape (Very Rare), recieve a new clothing color for that character (Very Rare), spawn near certain location (C), spawn as Jason (C)(Very Rare) & various other mystery chest items. 6. Each Jason should have their own progression system that unlocks new grab kills, weapon kills, weapon options to choose between as you rank up with that specific Jason. His strengths should be already chosen but need to be unlocked & improved by ranking up. So for instance shift for part 9 after it’s unlocked would be minimal but you can improve his shift strength by completing challenges or simply ranking that Jason up further. Rank system for Jason could also give you cool abilities like select where you want your Jason shack to spawn on the map out of the 2 locations on each map. Rank up to unlock his max amount of traps he’s allowed to have & throwing knives. 7. Also in-game challenge system that awards new clothing designs for a certain character by either unlocking an achievement or completing a task such as escape by cops before under 10 minutes left in the match 20 times. The badges would remain as they are. Challenges could have special unlocks like new design clothing for a character, maybe allow you to use a certain logo or emblem on your shirt you can equip, unlock new hairstyles, accessories such as hats, & glasses. Maybe even unlock new emotes for completing challenges or unlocking achievements. 8. A prestige system that rewards players with an emblem next to their rank to show off. Also unlock certain rare weapons for Jason as you prestige further, & other various customization options as mentioned earlier. People would be playing this hardcore trying to outdo their friends & unlock everything. It would give everyone a lot more to do. Instead of hitting 101 & getting bored fast. Even with the new map all my 101 friends are complaining the game is getting very stale. It sucks seeing the game having so much potential & nothing be done. Instead new emotes & explorer game mode. In my opinion I don’t think waiting another few months for a new map & Jason is going to keep people who hit 101 interested long enough.
  2. I agree the last thing I want is someone outside the map using the flip off emote. People who want this emote just need new ways to be toxic in game. Instead or wanted a new emote pack how about new weapons, perks, counselors, maps, Jasons, or anything for that matter.
  3. Just ignore him. He’s like @GrandMasterLynx. Everyone on the entire forum was telling him he was cheating & glitching even the mods & devs yet he still argued saying no it’s not bro. I bought the game therefore I can do what I want. I think that idiot got himself banned too btw.
  4. All the emotes are utterly useless but this unfortunately is what players want more then anything else. Doesn’t make the game more fun. It’s a silly novelty thing. You might find it funny a couple times but it will be lame soon enough.
  5. Who needs that? Everyone. I sure all would agree better content to increase longevity of the game & add replay value is a lot better then another emote pack.
  6. You are absolutely right. It’s an exploit. You influence the games outcome through an unintended method.
  7. The counselors walk inside the shack & the driver pulls up with his door covering the main entrance. I believe this is a bannable offense. Record & Report
  8. How does this enhance the games overall gameplay?
  9. there are plenty of sites that special in a temp permit I’ll call it for now to be ordained & perform the ceremony.
  10. Just give them a very calm nice drawn out shhhhh. Don’t acknowledge them directly. Just shhh very calmly. I guarantee you will piss them off more then team killing.
  11. If you gave Jasoon™ his stalk right away there is going to be a lot more spawn killing.
  12. This answer will be revealed to you if you come to the shadow realm.
  13. Absolutely @Redcat345. A penalty of 1k xp loss for suicide would be the best idea they have ever implemented into the game. Nothing is worse then spending 10 minutes chasing someone, get stabbed in the neck by 3 pocket knives, toss down 2 firecrackers which one of from a drawer another from a dead body, & get stunned 5 times from 2 different baseball bats just watch that douche bag commit suicide & deprive you of your rightfully earned XP. Since the hard copy exists now. A lot of new players will be flooding the game & the forums as well. Usually new players don’t understand common courtesies well enough because they haven’t had to expierence how aggravating it is for a suicide to occur in game. All I can say is it’s extremely petty to commit suicide.
  14. Before Jason has shift. 1. Easily outrun him 2. Don’t trap yourself in a single door cabin 3. Make the mistake of thinking he won’t kill you 4. Running in front of him with car parts 5. Don’t trash talk him or ask to spare you 6. Get away from the objectives at the start