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  1. I hope there's more content as well.
  2. You can set your preference to counselor. This will help in making sure you don't get chosen to play Jason much. It won't always work but you will see a decrease overall in the amount of times your chosen to play as Jason. On the main menu scroll down to Customize/Spawn Preference/Counselor. Just make sure you press the apply button & select Yes on the screen afterwards to save your preference.
  3. Ya I hope to see you on when you have time. Never played with a mod but have played with the owner of Castle Crashers.
  4. That's cause they are protected by armies of 12 year olds lol. It's like the scene in return of the king when gondor goes to war with all the orcs.
  5. That's why I don't like very many youtubers. They have a strong hand in destroying games & creating so many toxic players that ruin the game.
  6. Sadly the very core of this game is played in private matches due to the amount of toxicity in public matches & various other reasons.
  7. What I find very irritating is how somebody like H2oDelirious can support this game so much to be a vital asset to help its development & turn around after release & create videos teaching people how to do game breaking glitches/exploits. Its good to know that trolls like this can have videos removed. I never understood why people find it entertaining to try to piss someone off & deprive them of enjoying something. The fact that these trolls make these videos & gain followers is a strong indication of moral decline in this world even if it is over the internet. Sure it may be a video game but they are real people behind those controllers with real emotions. Bullying needs to be taken much more seriously & not glorified like it's some type of awesome accomplishment to make somebody online feel like shit. For the record I'm not categorizing every type of comedy gameplay videos. Just the pathetic ones of people extremely bullying someone for no reason. I believe the problem isn't the uploader but all the followers that create a acceptable standard of bullying that a lot of youtubers embrace. That is the heart & reason behind the excessive amounts of toxic players & trolling that's encountered online. People practice what they believe. When they see a successful YouTuber torturing people online they try to emulate what they find entertaining & do not find any fault in doing so considering the amount of people who support that kind of behavior makes is acceptable & justified in their mind.
  8. The more information we can share regarding everything during that match will be extremely helpful in narrowing down what the trick or pattern is to finding these little bad boys or guardians of galaxy mix tapes as I like to call them.
  9. Sorry I'm not up to the latest topics regarding Youtubers but what exactly has this person been reported/banned for just out of curiosity?
  10. It's not a problem. Maybe I can get a couple of the other group members to join in & throw you there advice as well. When I first played this game. My very first match I was picked as Jason & I actually got 8/8 surprisingly but everyone was so low ranked & new to the game. I completed the entire match without grabbing a single counselors. I killed them all slashing not realizing that you can grab them. However it took about 3 days before I made up my mind to refund the game. Seeing as I hated the shit out of it. I was in the Jason is to OP & the game is horribly imbalanced boat. My main issue was every time I ran out of firecrackers & pocket knives & was trapped inside a cabin with broken windows or caught outside I would just give up thinking I had no chance. The best solution is the find a counselor that best suits your playstyle. However every counselor must serve some kind of purpose to help his teammates because nobody can beat Jason all the time by themselves. Sure you can repair the car all by yourself & leave but that won't always work out in your favor. The most important thing to note among everything else is that this game is designed for you to die more matches then you survive. That's probably why a combat record with K/D & W/L ratios doesn't exist. A lot of people get upset with other players or the game because they make the classic invalid assumption that they are suppose to win most matches. That is severely incorrect to say the least. So whenever your ready just hit me up & I'll walk you through it all.
  11. Hey @LJPIII whenever you catch me online & have a good 20 to 30 minutes to spare on your hands shoot me a party invite I'll coach through some amazing strategies I use with Jason & counselors that will hopefully sharpen your skills on this game.
  12. Hey super ty whats your Xbox gamertag?
  13. Okay so tonight I played in a match with someone else as host. Another player who was chad went inside a cabin on packanack lodge that was already looted. The only drawer that was not open contained a Pamela tape. Unfortunately the guy immediately started bragging. The host hopped on the mic to insult him & leave the session resulting in the player losing his first Pamela tape. He recorded his find. His Xbox gamertag is "TOP3 Broncos719" you can check his feed for the video. I decided to go into a match with 1 player to try & figure out what the trick is to finding these tapes. I was Jason first on packanack but unfortunately he didn't find any. Also the game crashed but a lot of the map was already looted. Second attempt he played as jason I actually found a tape. So I will share what I did. Hopefully somebody can spot a consistent pattern. On a side note we recreated the event & was not able to get a second tape. Maybe there's a time limit on how many can be found in the same session. So here's the details: 1. I'm level 87. I played as Tiffany. 2. Perk slot #1: Restful 2#: Marathon 3#: Potent Ranger 3. Tommy was called in when tape was found 4. I had three items in my inventory. 1#: Jason's Mask 2#: Fuse 3#: Pocket Knife 5. This was a private match with only myself & one other player. 6. I hovered over the fuse in my inventory when I opened the drawer. 7. You do not need to survive the match in order to keep the tape. 8. Tapes can be found any day of the week. 9. I had all the doors locked inside the main cabin on Higgins with the radio playing music before the tape was found. 10. I also killed Jason about 4 or 5 previous matches. Not sure if this is significant or not. 11. Jason was part 2 potato sack 12. Jason re-entered his cabin several minutes into the match. 13. Jason was inside the barn when I found the tape. 14. I accidentally placed his mask inside a drawer then took it back out. 15. Only took 2 matches of testing/looking to actually find a tape. 16. Never looted springwater or blairscove. 17. Never acquired the sweater either. 18. Jason's hut was on the island. 19. Map was Higgins Haven. 20. I also had a map & walkie talkie but flashlight was not turned on. I was actually able to find a tape while in a private match I was hosting looking for a tape. So a few things to consider among many others are that perhaps the rates for finding them aren't completely asinine. I will most definitely do further testing to try & crack this mystery. Any players interested in trying to look around in a private match with myself please feel free to message me on here or Xbox. I will definitely lend any assistance I can to also help you find a tape if possible. Heres the video I uploaded so that people may see this is not a fraud or trick of any kind. Please feel free to comment or ask me about these tapes. This is my very first tape I have ever found. With my friends list containing over 50 people that play the game I never heard of any of them finding a tape or any random player I have ever ran into who has claimed to have found 1 either. I decided to check for the tape considering a guy 2 matches earlier also in a private session found 1 himself but a toxic host decided to deprive him of his first tape find by leaving the session which sadly costed him his first Pamela tape find. So I will definitely try to redo this process again step by step after 24 hours has passed in hopes to finding additional information or possibly solving this riddle to these tapes. Maybe after all they are not as rare as we think.
  14. @I ❤️ A.J. "Crystal Lake Employment Agency"
  15. Another very great night with @lHeartBreakerl & few others. Managed to kill Jason tonight as well. Post your gamertags or usernames regardless of what platform your on & we will try to invite you. Don't miss out on these very fun matches.