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  1. i love talking loudly during movies, sorry, it's a big part what makes going to movies fun. sounds stupid, right?
  2. i guess. i feel like i didn't really learn on my own though... i learned along with everyone else and we all sorta helped each other out. plus we did it without level 101 big shots talking mad shit to us. also, selfishly, if I'm a counselor and my teammates are running around like friggin' idiots, it just makes things harder for me.
  3. They haven't outright said "no" to pamela but they've all but said no - essentially, it would require way too much work.
  4. boo berry jason is my other name for him.
  5. and you didn't even have to go through 30 empty drawers to find it. any luck with personalized bear traps?
  6. come on! it could be a twins, triplets and quads camp!
  7. welcome to the forums. great first post, man. (/sarcasm)
  8. i'd hope that, at the very least, most of the people on this forum are above being dicks to the new players. treating new players like shit is a great way to kill a game that seems to constantly be struggling with game-crippling issues.
  9. not a dick move. if a someone is dumb enough to run through 'em, they deserve to die.
  10. personal preference, obviously. again, at least in its current state, i think it's too goofy.
  11. while i can appreciate the nostalgia, it doesn't work in a survival horror game. come on... how are you supposed to immerse yourself in the game when you're being chased by a giant, glowing purple and blue dude with silly 8-bit music. I'm not irritated it's in the game, but i do think using him cuts the tension and excitement of the round by half. it kinda makes the whole thing silly to me. also... i had that game when i was a kid. it sucked. one of the worst NES games ever made.
  12. I'm almost 40 years old, dude.
  13. I'm guessing roy and jason x unless they plan on doing some new savini-style jason. they've already said FvJ and the remake are off of the table and Pamela is very unlikely.
  14. Hell yeah. i love when your hear him coming and his feet walk right past you. as soon as i hear the music, i stop what I'm doing. WALK OR CROUCH WALK to a bed if at all possible. if i can't find a bed i try to hide out in the open. i don't like risking jason hearing me get in the cabinet. i don't open or close doors or windows. most jasons don't do an in-depth search of the cabin that early in the game unless you're running around like an idiot. they're gonna break down the door to the fuse house or the cabin closet of the cars, maybe smash a couple windows and get to the next objective as soon as their morph refills. if they think someone is in there, maybe they'll smash a bed or two in hopes of getting lucky but most know it's petty dumb to waste a bunch of time chasing one counselor around during the most crucial part of the match for Jason.