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  1. i have too many to list, but here's a recent one... i have my preference set to councilor now so i don't play as jason often... maybe 1 out of every 50 matches... so when i'm picked, i tend to be a bit rusty. so i'm picked to be jason and things are off to a good start. i kill three councilors in the first five minutes. i get a notification that a trap by the 4-seater is triggered so i morph there to find 4 people working to install the gas and battery in the 4-seater. a chaotic battle ensues and i have 3/4 limping when, suddenly, i somehow accidentally engage morph. while frantically trying to back out, i accidentally hit 'X' and morph myself all the way across the map. They install the battery, gas and start the car. i get my morph back just in time to morph to the exit as they pass me, taunting me the whole way. I totally deserved it.
  2. I'm in Duluth, MN. it gets really, really friggin' cold here.
  3. ha. i would have definitely given him a head start.
  4. this is what i will do as well.
  5. ha. very satisfying. if I were jason, I'd let Tommy go, too...
  6. i fully admit to being a jason teabagger.... but generally i only do it when I'm playing with friends, when everyone in the lobby is on-mic and joking around or when the jason is an arrogant or obnoxious prick. the only people I've ever seen get mad about it are the cocky jasons and they're usually a drag to play with anyway. I'd wager it happens to me at least once every round when I'm jason and it doesn't bother me at all. childish? yes. amusing? sometimes. toxic? at least on its own? nah. the only time teabagging is a 100% guarantee is when i kill a teamkiller. I'll teabag you for a full minute and flick my flashlight like crazy. i played one round with a teamkiller and when we finally killed him there were four of us teabagging his body. he left shortly after.
  7. toxic piece of shit. isn't being racist towards other players a bannable offense? if so... the devs should 86 this account, too. it's really a shame that banned players can just make new accounts and keep playing.
  8. that's probably the only way i could enjoy a symphony.
  9. I'm level 56 and I've played a round with savini jason exactly one time. the guy sucked and i got out on the boat pretty quickly. he never got close to me so i don't know if I've ever even heard his music. i can't imagine it can be worse and less atmospheric than the retro 8-bit jams of boo berry jason.
  10. i think they did a good job with the atmosphere... with the exception of retro jason. i really hate him and that 8-bit music. before anyone jumps on me for saying that... i totally get what they did and i can appreciate it but that music just takes me right out it. and then when you see this giant blueberry jason running at you? forget about it.
  11. it depends on the situation. if i have a health spray I'll tank a trap to put the gas or battery in and then run like hell after the install. the only time I'll tank a trap for the phone is if I've got a spray and someone inside ready to call. if you're playing with a half-decent jason, he'll be able to get back to you before you're able to escape the trap, fix the box, heal yourself, get in the cabin, make the call and get outta there.
  12. when jason's inside a cabin, why does he spend 30 seconds hacking a barricaded door down when it would only take him two seconds to move the barricade?
  13. another one I've seen lately is people putting traps by beds of cabinets when people are hiding under/in them. i still don't understand what kind of mindset it takes to make ruining someone's fun fun.
  14. 54 would be in the 70s or 80s if this game had host migration.
  15. I've seen this a few times already. idiots. also... i wanna say the guy who posted this is on xbox. pretty sure i read that somewhere.