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  1. Wes said a lot of things on the matter, and that quote is not a definite no.
  2. Wes didn't say Pamela would never be in the game, just that it would take a lot of time and money to do right.
  3. Why would they care about the history when the rap music they listen to uses it twenty times in every other song?
  4. LOL, I promise you, I'm not crazy...at least, I don't think so. As Roy is holding onto the barn, and trying to drag Reggie along with him, Tommy chops off Roy's right hand with the machete. They show it flop on the barn floor oozing blood, but we don't see the cut itself. Roy then falls with what appears to be a bloody stump, although you can tell he has a hand in a few split second frames. I attribute that to the stuntman needing to hold onto the barn with both hands. When Roy hits the spikes you can't see his right hand, although it is fast, and a close up shot. Finally when we are shown the above view we see that Roy's right hand has either a long sleeve with the hand missing, or it's tucked under his leg, and the left hand is clearly visible. A simple trick to cover up the missing hand.
  5. That is some serious hyperbole. The axe was buried 1 to 2 inches in Jason's head, and that's including the mask. Jason's hand in part IV was split, not nearly chopped off. Roy actually did get his hand chopped off. Roy was stabbed closer to the groin, possibly his femoral artery. Roy also took a hit from a chainsaw to his arm, and most importantly a flying Reggie the Reckless. Roy may have seemed like a normal human, but he showed all the characteristics of being the real Jason. Most importantly, Roy morphed from the house to his ambulance. It's a scene that people keep either forgetting or ignoring.
  6. They wouldn't have to change much to add Roy. He was Jason until it was revealed that he wasn't. If you never got to see what was under the mask you would think it was Jason. All they would have to do is remove Pamela's voice and start Roy on one of the open roads instead of Jason's cabin. I think it would be hilarious if Pamela's sweater did nothing to Roy at all. I would love to see the look on the player's face that tried to use the sweater and nothing happened until Roy choked the life out of them. That's what they would get for not watching the movies. I'm not going to get my hopes up though. Who the hell knows what 7 black dots and 1 blue dot means. Fun to speculate though. Edit: Sorry, forgot to mention that yes, they did give an indication that Roy could be added to the game. He was one of the choices given when backers could vote for the next 3 Jason's they wanted the most. With Parts IV, VI, and VIII on the table I couldn't bring myself to vote for Roy, but I still wanted him in the game.
  7. Scumbags always getting to be Tommy.
  8. I am perfectly ok with paying 60 for my pre-order. I was under the impression that I was backing the game. I also picked up the Savini Jason and the virtual cabin. I would have given them more if I could. Unfortunately I missed being a true Kickstarter backer by a few days. Only Slasher Backer for me. I would love the chance to support the game further. I know they said they would release content for free, but I'm willing to pay for almost anything they release for the game.
  9. Not having host migration is the single reason why I quit playing over a month ago. Love the game, but no host migration or dedicated servers is bullshit.
  10. I've never encountered anyone doing this, and I don't see it becoming a thing, but if people don't stop bringing it up for no reason...
  11. I think this is a good move. I would rather have team-killing in the game for the realism, but scumbags will abuse it. I never killed another player as a counselor and I never planned on doing so. I won't be missing it.
  12. Luckily for Snyder's films science only works when and how he wants it to. Such as firing a grappling gun through exploding wood, and people so he can give Bats a "super fast" entrance, magnetics only working on the bad guys rifles, humans that fly through the air and slide across the ground when punched. The scene of Batfleck pulling a grown man across the room on a wire, then punching them back across the room is face slappingly stupid. Snyder had the same problem in Watchmen. The cowl can stop a bullet, but there is still an impact, and quite an effect to his brain. Luckily he blew through a patch of drywall without any bricks on it. I don't want to see a bad superhero film. I only watched this one for the laughs, and it certainly delivered in spades. I'm done derailing this thread. My apologies to Tatooey. I've already given BvS more attention than it ever deserved. I'm going back to camp.
  13. Well, you did see some of it since you mentioned the crate grapple throw. Lets start with the bursting through the floor somehow and placing at least 9 perfect shots on the rifles of moving targets through a fog of dust and splinters with mini-explosives. Next, the asian guy who must have been firing blanks gets yanked across the room in one of the most laughable bits of wire work I've ever seen, then punches the guy back across the room like he was made of rubber. A man comes through the door behind Bats, decides to put away his gun and whip out a grenade then hold onto it while Batfleck kicks a fully grown man (made of pillows apparently) through the air and off the grapple line he was attached to into the grenade guy. When we get to the crate grapple throw, I'm already crying hysterical tears of sheer laughter and madness and can't enjoy the decent fight scene that ensues. I'm also left wondering why Batfleck's suit is protecting his body from gunfire, especially the direct shots to his head like it's made of Vibranium (wrong universe)? The same suit that can't stop a knife. Finally, he just blows right through a wall, cause why not. Martha! The whole movie was a solid 9.9 on the richter scale of suck, and the warehouse fight scene was just more of the same. It was made to please 12 year old boys. If Snyder had any restraint, then it might have been the one good thing about that BvS farce, but alas, he doesn't know the meaning of the word. I liked some of Snyder's early works, but he has the opposite of the Midas touch when it comes to his butchering of the DC properties. Everything he touches turns to shit instead of gold.
  14. I stick to what I said. Batfleck was a lumbering doofus, and I couldn't stand the warehouse fight. It was cartoony anime crap. I blame it solely on Zack Snyder. It's like he doesn't understand what human beings are.
  15. Affleck almost looks ok, but I like my Batman to not be a lumbering doofus. Keeton is still my favorite.