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  1. Sorry man. Best wishes n thoughts to you and your family. Cyber hug from over here.
  2. Ok. We all know I'm the hated voice of truth around here. Sure I'm horrible and brash in the face of the liars, glitchers, cheaters etc... But I'm one fun fucker to play with. Its 4 in the morning and I got the day off from work. I'm bored. Friends all sleeping like pussies. Where are some legit (noncheating) ps4 people tonight? Send party or friend request to "Mr Siff" and come run from Jason with me. Dont worry, I won't tell anyone you hung out with me. Ps-cheaters go fuck yourselves. 😘
  3. Stop lying about the dupe glitch. Enough people are pissed bout real issues without you making up false glitches. You are lying about your knowledge and the game's coding. Period.
  4. Google duplication glitch. There is only one result in the history of the game. THIS THREAD made by an exposed liar n cheater. And only ONE human alive saying he knows how to do it...Rydog. Another cheater/liar type. Yet the dupe glitch is ruining games...just nobody is talking about it. HAHAHA holy fuck my brain can't even diagram how stupid u must think people are lol. Wtf.
  5. Kid, your full of shit. There are No complaints about a dupe glitch. Not 5. Not 3. ZERO. PROVE THERE IS A DUPE GLITCH. it's easy. Screen shot the fucking result. You don't even have to show how. BUT YOU CANT! because you're a liar. And it's clear in your history here that lying and cheating are things you enjoy doing.
  6. I'm not mad liar. I'm exposing you. For lying. Get on YouTube bud. Cus you're my next vid titled "Rydog the cheater lies about dupe glitch". Unlike you two unknown cheaters, I actually WILL get you guys some attention. Ok Rydog? Welcome to the big leagues of "getting views and getting exposed for lying".
  7. The reason ANYONE would want this glitch exposed is so it can be fixed in the next patch. Duh. Wtf. BUUUUUT your logic is "naw I'll keep it secret forever and hope nobody finds what I found". BULLLLLLLSHIIIIIIIIIIT! The fact you think anyone is stupid enough to buy that nonsense is insulting. Seriously man...look at the bullshit you're trying to pedal. "Millions of posts online detailing every glitch and cheat in the game, have somehow missed this dupe glitch you have secret knowledge of. Meanwhile- OP (a proven liar and cheater) says people are using the dupe glitch in his games BUT not ONE person has made a vid about it, or even a post". You aware that glitch is worth about 1-10 grand in real $? You aware that your false idea of yourself being an advanced tactics expert would be proven if you were the first to ever post this dupe glitch? You aware that you daily teach people here how to cheat anyways!? NOW you want grown people to think your holding and hiding the holy grail of glitches cus you are the owner and protector of this secret knowledge? Jesus fucking Christ. Are you 12? Do you think people are stupid!? You have no knowledge of a dupe glitch. There is not ONE SINGLE bit of evidence such a thing exists. And if it did, it would be proven instantly by the countless people bitching about it. Move along liar. You are a cheater and a dishonest player. Your advice is shit u learn 5 hours into playing. And your lies are worthy of being exposed and laughed at. Period.
  8. Then you're full of shit. THERE IS NO documented dupe glitch. And YOU are one of the less than 4 players saying there all the world. Its bad enough your fucked up views on exploiting are cheap and worthy of you're lying about knowing how to do a glitch that don't exist. And why do you keep this esoteric hidden glitch secret? Cus you're protecting the community!? HAHAHAHA dude, you post and share cheats and exploits daily. Just admit're a fucking liar. Period.
  9. Oh Jesus. More advice from a guy who thinks "no duh basics" are pro and advanced. LISTEN UP BUD- I'm asking you to PM the dupe glitch u admit to knowing even tho there is no dupe glitch. Send it to me privately so I can aware Gun Media. Or just admit you're fucking lying. Its that simple bro. And your cheating friend Pappus can even make a thread about you being a hero.
  10. Lol advanced player. Hes an exposed cheater/glitcher/TKer. His little channel shows endless hours of basic game play often ending in his frustration and death...or him cheating. You are both not advanced players lol. Nor are either of you legit players.
  11. The exploit don't exist. Period. There are exploit channels making money off this game by exposing exploits. Some of these channels get 3-6 million views a day resulting in 6 figure income a year. There is no dupe glitch. Period. If there was- Rydog wouldn't be the guy to be holding the only smoking gun.
  12. Sir. You're at the top of my list of "noobs" with a "tiny channel" cheating and exploiting while pretending you have experienced expert advice. Your game streams are littered with shitty noob play. Now your backing up this nonexistent dupe glitch. Lol. I fucking love this forum.
  13. Oh I see, I ask for proof of dupe glitch. No proof given and Rydog moves on to change subject. Its a lie. OP and Rydog alike have been dishonest many times. Now Rydog HAS proof of glitch even tho the internet as a whole has zero evidence or complaints of such a glitch. But he's protecting the community by keeping it to himself. BULLLLLLLLSHIIIIIIT. Anyone tired of the same "noobs" who play "basic tactics" while exploiting acting like they are adding to the community? liars, cheaters, fakers and noobish as fuck.
  14. Seen this myself. True story. Unlike the op
  15. Bullshit. You have already spread exploit info many times. Knowing that there is no dupe vid out there/ you would be the first human alive to expose it. Most of your posts are basic knowledge and often wrong. You are now saying "oh I know where Moby Dick is but I'm not telling cus yknow...who needs to be the first in the universe to expose this glitch" Youre full of shit bro. Sorry. It's bad enough you spread exploits and "basic game knowledge" as advanced insight. Now your pretending you know a glitch that even the glitch sites don't know. But you're too concerned to share. Get the fuck out of here with nonsense! Millions of posts, pages, threads etc/ none showing this glitch. PM ME THE GLITCH! Prove me wrong bucko