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  1. Alien_Number_Six

    To all my fourm friends online.

    I have to take a break. I will be back. The developers need to fix all the broken anyway.
  2. Currently as we all know the game is in an unplayable state for me. The constant interaction locks, early endings, and repair sticking issues are just too much for me to deal with right now. I just bought Vampire so I am going to be playing that for awhile. I am coming back! Because I love the game and the community. But these new glitches along with the good ol' classic car rubberband the development team seems to for some reason dosen't even know about dispite outcry from the community about it for months is enough for me to take a break right now. Since single-player is the only thing working somewhat properly I'm going to go play Vampire because I have always wanted a Vampire game set in nineteenth century London.
  3. Alien_Number_Six

    How can we Save the Game?

    I asked myself that when Alien: Isolation didn't get a sequel. I started a petition, I wrote letters, I streamed the game a lot. But in the end there is no Alien: Isolation 2 is there. It is what it is. We can still play it. That is something. Hopefully IllFonic has the skill to fix the game. I'm not impressed right not to be sure.
  4. Alien_Number_Six

    To all my fourm friends online.

    Like I said I'm just taking a break until they unfuck the game. I hope they have the skill to unfuck it. So far I am not sure. We will see.
  5. Alien_Number_Six

    A Solution to the DLC Problem

    They don't want to man or they would. They got the money now they want the game to be over. They will patch it up if we are lucky and if we are really lucky we get dedicated servers. But don't waste your breath. The game is over man. We the fans will be here to play it. But GunMedia and IllFonic are out. In a way I'm glad the game is done. I just want them to fix it and tweak Jason so he is a threat again. Everything else is done. I will say that GunMedia and IllFonic did a shitty job with the code but the assets looked great. That being said I won't buy another game from these guys again. This shit has been really shady and if I want shady there are plenty of other publishers and developers that are better at their jobs. They may be shady too but at least they can code.
  6. I spilled my beer while playing once. It was horrible.
  7. #1 The melee swing is too low. Before the update you could smash windows at any time no problem. No you have to deal with the prompts. And the prompts suck ass. It's a return to the days where you can't break the window until the councilor is through it. Intended? Not intended? Who gives a fuck it sucks and you need to fix it. #2 The grab kill stutter. In a game where the main draw is to see Jason kill teens and young adults in intresting ways the grab kill stutter sucks ass to have to put up with. Fix it! #3 The goddamm interaction lock. Jason is pretty weak already and then you add the interaction lock. It can happen to you in so many ways and Jason is just screwed. He's a joke already and with the interaction lock he's a toothless joke. #4 Grab (again). As developers Illfonic just can't let Jason's grab be. It was in a good place after the Pinehurst update. But we can't have nice fucking shit I guess. I actually like the current grab animation but it needs to be quicker so Jason can have something to deal with groups of shitheads. #5 Blocking. Fix this shit. It's one of the good things in Jason's bag of tricks and it sucks right now. You become unblocked after every attack. Fix this stuff. Or y'all are going in the corner for awhile. And no dinner before bed. Your already grounded don't make me take away your stuff.
  8. Alien_Number_Six

    Considering Buying the Game

    It's up to you but I like the game. Right now it's in a shitty state but it's cheap and fun.
  9. Alien_Number_Six

    Questions About Future Content

    I just want the game fixed. That's it at this point. I understand that you can't do more content. But currently even if you did add something I wouldn't play it right now unless it was single player. The current build of the multiplayer game is broken. The bugs are more dangerous than Jason is right now because they put you in situations you get killed in. If you guys are up for making the game playable I'm down to play this till the servers go offline. But please for the love of god fix it!
  10. Alien_Number_Six

    State of the Game - Critical Issue Update

    The car rubberband glitch is bad. And if I get interaction locked every time I hit Jason I can't play this. I just want to play it. I'm glad you have decided to try to fix this stuff. We need the fixes. The game is unplayable. The bugs are more dangerous then Jason is right now.
  11. In the last three matches playing as Victoria in three different lobbies I ended up interaction locked after landing a stunning blow on Jason. I don't know why it's happening but I noticed it quit when I removed Swift Attacker from my perk slots. Please fix your game. Please. I'm tired of this crap already. I am done with the game until you fix it.
  12. Alien_Number_Six

    Just a Word of Encouragement...

    I agree. I like playing the game. This lawsuit blows over I would love to see new content. I would like to see the dedicated servers for console and bug fixes too. I would like to see that stuff happen.
  13. I mourn the trailer for Paranoia.
  14. Alien_Number_Six

    Craziest play sessions?

    I outlasted Part 4 Jason on Jarvis House as Adam. I broke several weapons on Jason including an Axe and a Baseball Bat. I knifed him twice. I got help from a friendly random to keep going after limping around for awhile. I found health spray and weapons untouched in one of the southeast cabins. In the end I was limping away with Jason. I broke my last weapon over his head and lasted the night with literally nothing left after an epic fight/chase against Jason Part 4. I was the only survivor. I have video proof.
  15. Alien_Number_Six

    Mega-Patch Update?

    I just want the game to work. At this point even before the event shut down everything I just wanted the game fixed. It's a fun experience when it's working right. Current balance issues aside the real issue right now is the freezing, rubberbanding, interaction locking troubles that have been plauging the game for quite along time. Please fix it.
  16. Alien_Number_Six

    Victoria bugged? Or is it Swift Attacker?

    I'm done with multiplayer until that gets fixed. I can't evade Jason while attempting to do the Konami code every few seconds. Please fix it.
  17. Alien_Number_Six

    Mega-Patch Update?

    Thanks for the work around. But we shouldn't need to work around anything. It's definitely killing the game for me.
  18. Alien_Number_Six

    Mega-Patch Update?

    After being interaction locked in three different lobbies after stunning Jason I am done with the game until they feel like fixing it.
  19. He is already in the game. Just a matter of reworking his stats.
  20. I don't know about stun cooldown but that grab animation needs work.
  21. Crystal Lake Blue Curse
  22. I would like some information on what if anything they are going to fix
  23. Bugs. Kill the goddamm bugs!
  24. It says unavailable. Ironic huh? Lol
  25. Alien_Number_Six


    I play as Jenny most of the time. I try my best to escape or last the night every match. I don't confront Jason directly unless I have no choice. If a group is out to kill Jason I try to help especially if I have grabbed the sweater that round.