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  1. In many matches last night I would raid a couple of cabins and the police would be on their way. Granted the Good Sport Club on PS4 is full of good players. However it was too easy to escape good Jason's too. I literally bumped right into @pioneer67fkd as he came out of shift and ran right past him as he missed his completely useless grab attempt. This game needs some of it's edge back. I hope to see the new patch soon with some changes towards making Jason more deadly and the councilors less likely to escape. It's just way too easy. Jason feels clunky. And as a counselor the thrill of the chase is over.
  2. Well as Jenny without sense perks I tend to tank traps and hide. Most Jason's show up and activate sense. Then leave or re-trap the objective. Because you don't show up on sense when your hiding until Jason gets Rage. A Jenny with Medic is the trap eater.
  3. Not anti-sense perks. And if your completely relying on sense your not going to find a good player until the end of the match.
  4. That's funny. And the untrue part was good Jason's don't use sound pings to hunt.
  5. Yeah Eric can fight. Not bad strength or luck.
  6. Six months for me. I don't get to play very much.
  7. No information on that pivotal subject yet.
  8. Shouldn't take too long.
  9. You can shake your fist and lose your temper all you want it won't get anything done. Calling people who disagree with you fucking stupid isn't going to help either. You can only watch and wait or stop playing. As far as the consumer angle goes it's up to the consumer to do due diligence on any product they decide to buy. I knew from the get go that Friday the 13th The Game was a glitch and bug filled mess when I bought it. But people looked like they were having fun. And the game itself looked fun. And in my opinion it is still fun. But I knew what the game was like going in. I spent my money anyway. The last patch was bad. But not because it was glitchy. It was bad because Jason got nerfed too hard. I want some things to change in the game to be sure. But I come to this fourm for news every day. Not to lose my shit.
  10. He didn't cuss at you. And he is right to some degree.
  11. Hit Jason. You can take a weapon hit. Jason gets stunned with a single shot. Then heal yourself and run away.
  12. Yeah Im still playing. They will fix it or their game will die.
  13. Well Thanksgiving is coming so maybe we will hear something soon.
  14. So what. If you can't survive in that situation you don't deserve to.
  15. You can stay off Sense fairly easily until Jason gets rage if you know what your doing. And Jason at present moment needs a buff more then a nerf.
  16. I was right you really do need a break.
  17. "Nooooooooooo" - Darth Vader
  18. None of this is true.
  19. Maybe you should take a break. A different game perhaps. Seems like your pretty worked up over things. I wasn't happy with the changes in the last patch but I don't come to the fourms just to lose my shit over and over. I'm sure positive changes are coming. The fan base is making it's concerns heard. All you can do now is sit back and wait. Seething hatred isn't going to get you anywhere. In fact it's surely hurting you more then anyone else.
  20. Teleports in part 8 too when he kills the dude on the deck of the ship.
  21. Not much is known about Paranoia except for a vague trailer with a "Who is fiVe?" Tag line.