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  1. I didn't catch what the devs said about it what's the scoop?
  2. Proudest achievement you have done.

    I completely fucked over a six person team in group chat. I was AJ and prepared the car in less then thirty seconds. I drove it out by myself and watched the rest of the match in spectate. When it was over the lobby was a salt mine.
  3. Why the hatred for slashers?

    Fuck yeah! Put the "slash" in slasher film.
  4. Need some Help Picking Things

    Part 3 and 5 are great places to start.
  5. Playing Jason has become too easy and boring

    Until you catch @BoxingRouge and @malloymk I don't want to hear that from anyone. Until you have caught those two you ain't shit. P.S. I have caught em both. It was difficult.
  6. Piñata Jason

    You shouldn't have to press an extra button to access half the moves in the game. That shit is dumb and needs removing. In this situation I use quick grab kills, slash and wif bait techniques. Combat Stance sucks it's a worthless middle man slowing down the flow of the combat. I would use Block if all I had to do was press block.
  7. Yes the car and how it spawns on Jarvis/Pinehurst is one of the main problems right now. Too slow and too buggy.
  8. Honestly I think it will force Gun to fix some of the hit detection on some of these weapons. For example the Spear Part 6 Jason uses isn't going to get much love. That thing has more range when you swing it down with light attack then when you thrust with heavy attack and it's hit detection is real bad. I have tried to hit a bot close up with heavy attack and dispite the spear head passing through the target no hit was awarded.
  9. Cheap Suicides

    I love it when people commit suicide. I even let them do it. "Dumbass got himself." I always say with a laugh.
  10. Piñata Jason

    Block kind of sucks. I understand what your saying and approve because this Jason clearly dosen't know how to fight. However Block is so slow to counter attack out of. When I see a blocking Jason I just run because he is locked in combat stance. They really need to get rid of combat stance and just assign the moves to keys/buttons.
  11. Piñata Jason

    This is why the item increase dosen't need to return.
  13. Yeah I play Jenny so I totally agree with you.
  14. Daytime maps

    Daytime, Snow, Wind I will take all that shit.
  15. Why the hatred for slashers?

    Ok number one it's harder to slash someone to death. If a Jason decides to slash you perhaps you should thank him for using the broken ass melee system that is easily countered against you instead of grabbing you out of existence. Number two Pamela tells you to kill them. She never says how.
  16. Will you still be here?

    Ok this is kind of a silly question. I played the game when Jason had force grab and escape items fell through the map. I played the game after grab was nerfed through the ground. I played the game when Jason took on the U.S. Marines (Item increase patch) I am currently taking a break to play Secret of Mana Remake but once I am through it will be back to Friday without a doubt. Why would you think I would quit until April?
  17. I don't suck. But I will say that Stoney knows what she is doing. To be honest though this is a dumb topic to be fighting over. A couple tweaks to the car and how it spawns on a couple of the maps is all this game needs. A complete rework of the melee system would benefit both sides of the game.
  18. Bots

    The Alien AI in Alien: Isolation. When it is in play it patrols at random. It reacts to noise and player actions. Later in the game your given a flamethrower that can drive it away for a few seconds. If you shoot it however it changes up it's tactics. It begins to lie in wait and circumvent your weapon. If you point the flamethrower in it's direction it reacts to it like it knows what it is. Because the Alien AI is so intelligent it makes the game that much more terrifying. It took four years to make this AI. It's the first thing I think about when Friday players complain about the bot AI or ask for an AI Jason. This stuff takes time to develop and if you play things fast and loose your getting a dumb AI.
  19. I was using Thrasher on Brandon and didn't see a difference. I need to test it but I didn't feel like I was getting the +25% Damage boost to the Axe that my epic Thrasher perk tells me I am supposed to get. Anyone experimented with this perk? Tell me what you think.
  20. Combat Stance

    Yup combat stance needs to go. I even told GunMedia Ben that dodge, heavy attack and block should all be assigned to keys/buttons. We also don't need Jason and Councilors to move so slow out of block they can't land a counterattack.
  21. I recall you making an escape from the Pinehurst map the other night with @Cokeyskunk after I took out 6/8. So I think the balance is fine and with a few minor tweeks like limiting Sense spam, fixing four seater spawns on Packanack and Jarvis House and fixing the cars in general the balance would be perfect. The item increase in the previous patch was too much. The developers themselves said as much. Picking up a Tommy Jarvis ass kicking pack of a Med-spray, Shotgun and Pocket Knife for visiting a single campfire was too much.
  22. Counselors relationships

    I just want me some good old fashioned, wholesome, chocked full of family values Friday the 13th The Game PORN. Because why not? Am I right? Because who wouldn't want to see that?
  23. Bots

    Programming AI is long process. The best AI I ever played against in a video game took four years to create. The fact these bots are even up and running around doing things is a small miracle. They do need improvement but that kind of thing takes more then just snapping their fingers.
  24. Improving the Jarvis house map?

    Just stating facts. People love finishing badges.