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  1. The guy I was talking to really HATES the community manager. He made a whole thread about it. He also made a thread about personally confronting the developers at San Diego Comic Con about the lack of host migration. This game flawed. It has plenty of things that need fixing. Gun Media does need to be held accountable and fix what is wrong. But it dosen't need to get personal. You don't need to write a thread about how the game is bring out the worst in you because your seething with actual hatred because the community manager dosen't communicate with the players very much. You don't need to attend an expensive event for no other reason but to stalk down the developers and bitch them out. You don't need to come into my thread and try to derail it because your pissed off. Gun Media does need to get it's act together fix the game and add more content to it but I'm not making it my personal mission in life to grief the hell out of them. I got more important things to do. If that makes me a kiss ass I guess your right. But I personally think that if a video game is pushing you over the edge to the point that it's affecting your life you need help.
  2. Metal
  3. You sir have insulted my honor! (Slaps Ghostboy with white glove)
  4. Cat #1: Hey there is a blue dot over there. Cat#2: That shit was red yesterday! I caught it with my claws yesterday and it disappeared! Cat#3: It's going up the wall quick pounce on it! Cat #1: Fuck I missed it! Cat #2: It's sooo fast look it even stretches across the floor when it moves! Cat #3: It can teleport too like that Jason thing the human runs from in its flat light box! Cat#1: Get it! Cat #6 (Shakes head. Waiting for situation to resolve itself.)
  5. Dule excepted. Alien_Number_Six on PS4. Chad vs Chad private match best two out of three! Results posted on fourms!
  6. Why is Deb wearing a sweater in the summer? Why is Brandon and Adam wearing Jackets in the Summer? Why is Kenny wearing flannel and shorts? Why does Vanessa wear a track suit to go camping in the summer time? Why are couches indestructible? Who starts a chimney fire in the summer time? Why is Rob Deir killed and resurrected more then Lazarus?
  7. Take your weapon Reddit strike me down with it and your journey towards the dark side will be complete!
  8. Least favorite. I play everyone but Chad. Fite me!
  9. Where I agree that Jason needs to be OP spending the most important item in the game to disarm a trap should result in said trap not alerting Jason. As it is right now there is no reason to use a pocket knife for this purpose.
  10. With the right people playing the game it's the most fun game I own. With the wrong people it's a nightmare. I recommend joining a community.
  11. Yes I believe they nailed it. The Packanack, Higgins Haven and barn, the main dorm room at Crystal Lake, the graveyard, the misty woods, the crickets it's just awesome.
  12. Exactly this needs fixing.
  13. Yeah I had a guy today call everyone the "N word" and everyone was also the slur against gay people. We were all stupid. Ect. Ect. He begged us all to friend him before he began this behavior and ended up being blocked and unfriended by all of us. I would have reported him but on PS4 you have to use the party chat system to record voices and I just wanted to be through with him. There really needs to be an in game report system.