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  1. So no glitching just poor eyesight.
  2. Wire it in. This game dosen't do well wireless. My wife had nothing but issues until she was wired directly.
  3. But you don't even have to use the window smash animation. So don't problem solved.
  4. Didn't say you were making things up. If you read my post properly instead of losing your shit I suggested your internet connection could be shit. If your wireless wire it in. If your signal is intermittent you can check it with your cable provider. Sometimes NAT type can effect your connection. Use your PC to check the ports. Or maybe you have the lowest speed Internet speed you can afford and a ton of people in your house using it. Calm your shit and check some of these things out before you start raging.
  5. So what gives @GunMedia_Ben?
  6. I am not having this issue. Is your Internet connection shit?
  7. (Shrugs) I guess the game is dying for this dude.
  8. Those bitches don't want to spectate.
  9. I refuse to be a cat and chase dots all day. Who cares what this shit means drop Fox already.
  10. Because Pamela is a huge part of the lore. In my opinion she is scarier then Jason. You can run into someone like Pamela in the real world. Undead, zombie axe murderers not so much.
  11. Not familiar with that book but hey you learn new shit everyday am I right?
  12. What lord Vader said. And I like the fact you can't haul a bat and gas at the same time. It make you wonder if you should run the part or say fuck it this group sucks.
  13. I'm one of the moderators and play quite a bit. But I warn you. If your playing with me I am calling you Frank or Mr. Castle.
  14. Since when is this game dying? Quick play is full of people on PS4.
  15. You can smash the windows like you did before so I don't think removing the animation is necessary at this point.