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  1. Probably grew up listening to The Cure
  2. We can always show up with a 20-man raid team, and beat them with sticks until they drop epic loot, like "Answers", "PR Updates", "We're sorry pt.2 - We really are sorry" a rare chance at dropping a "Physical Copy" of the game, Host Migration", and a 1% drop chance of a legendary called "XBONE working release" When engaged on mythic difficulty, GMBen gains a new ability called "Jukes for years" where he avoids all questions from the raid with zero diminishing returns, and gains 5% passive running speed for each stack of "Juked" On a more serious note, I don't think a mob type approach would be fitting - If you are going to go out of your way to approach them in person, approach it in a subtle way that won't result in them fleeing the event prematurely due to unnecessary fan pressure , but I do agree that this thread probably wouldn't even exist if we had some form of communication from them in the last few weeks, no matter how small
  3. So much in depth digging, just to accurately identify some booty Well played sir.
  4. I usually warn people verbally, like that IDC prick that we shared in above posts. I told him "Please come and take your beating like a man, stop glitching, or I will record this and get this account banned" and then he started playing his little "Shut the %^&* up! You're a (*&^%$* %^&*" song for further enjoyment, which is when I lost my cool.
  5. I hope you beat him like a stepchild. Retribution at it's best Was this on Xbox though? Since I think that glitch was fixed everywhere but Xbox
  6. Adrenalin Junky? Acrobatic Jew? Nah, for a name, I'd think Amy Jessica
  7. -
  8. Your comparison logic is so flawed, it's frightening. There is an obvious difference between being a douche inside the rules of the game, ie: taunting Jason verbally, tea-bagging him etc, and being one outside the rules of the game ie: in the realm of exploiting game mechanics to become inaccessible, and out of reach of game mechanics, such as glitching yourself into an inaccessible barn to become unreachable by Jason, or in "some" cases... (yes, you know who you are) sitting on top of Packenack lodge roof for 15 minutes while 6 other dead players spectate you glitching out of bounds while you taunt Jason If you don't recognize a distinct difference between the two, then there is something seriously wrong.
  9. @pRaX - I am glad to see that I wasn't the only one recording this piece of work - Did you send off an exploit mail to gun? Hoping this trash gets banned asap.
  10. I don't even think it's worth your time to entertain his shenanigans, and warped sense of right and wrong. To him, whatever he does, that is available in the game is "smart play" because to him, if Gun Media thought repairing a phone box from a car was an exploit, they would have done something about it, same as him glitching on top of the car from the passenger seat to pick up a floating gun is perfectly fine to him, but calls it "exploity" because two people play together in the same household. I would love to see him rip out some official gun media statement saying that it was illegal to own more than one copy of the game per household, and if so, the players needed to be separated by rooms. I guess I could call all Twitch streaming in quick matches exploity too then, since I can view a channel stream from another device if I'm in the same lobby as the streamer, and also get a second perspective of what's going on in the match
  11. Be honest... do you reeeeeally want the sports bra...?
  12. You mean the game is coming "soon"
  13. Guess you missed the part where I said "Personal opinion" We are, in fact entitled to those you know.