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  1. I wish when i play killer more players would atleast to 1v1 me i can grab kill and run u down but sometimes i just want to tryout my 1v1 skills
  2. Real easy to abuse that system to be honest if u were in priv. matches but i agree its annoying as all hell
  3. so i have a brand new Ibuypower PC and i noticed when turning the game on if i want to swap my game sound from speakers back to headset, I get nothing if i swap it back then i still get no sound. And my headsets a hyper cloud x-2 anyone else having this issue ? I don't want restart my game just to have sound
  4. maybe u should drink and drive and hit them ? just saying lol
  5. Should there not be an afk timer who spend the whole game hiding under a bed or in a cabinet the entire match and wait for others to complete objectives seems a little bit unfair
  6. ive changed my mind on original post
  7. once again i ment you can have the choice to skip not voted by grp lol
  8. i think it should be an option per player not the entire room but some people obviously cant read into what im saying and ur welcome for making u homer spin in a circle and laugh on ur carpet
  9. still not seeing an issue? i was jsut asking for the option to skip maybe some people would like it
  10. ok well ty for that was unsure since,there are trolls everywhere
  11. like it or don't im allowed to express myself grammer or none no need to act like that ty
  12. i dont have ADD byt ty for consideration
  13. just trying to make a point that it gets old after u've put alot of time into game
  14. agreed its like missing ur golf swing sound lol