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  1. I disagree with both of your suggestions. They are fine the way they are now. Close doors and learn to juke.
  2. ^^^^^^Thank you. One is a insult and the other is a flexible term of camaraderie. It can be used in many ways to mean many things. Be humane an learn the difference, racism is disease best treated with intelligence. That aside, an more to the topic at hand, the kids arent too bad as long as they are too young. I found a group of kids i play with every once in awhile, they all between 14-18 an the only annoying thing is when they break sound barriers when they get surprised...that an the terrible use of curse words. But its all good fun. They all call me uncle rudy cuz im constantly playing mediator when someone gets salty about getn killed.
  3. What platform are we talkin here OP? Im on Xbox an i get a crash about every 7-10 games. So i honestly have nothing to complain about. An its usually always at the beginning of the match so i dobt feel as if i lost much besides a opportunity, and their will always be more of those. Gun did say they made some fixes but not "fixed" it.
  4. Smart! Ive done this before too on a type of lending policy. When pushing an objective Ill give a pocketknife to them an defend them while they repair, but if we dont get caught or i defend well an they didnt need it, i always ask for it back unless i have a spare.
  5. I play similarly, except im a full time team player. If my team is trash, then were all going in the can together lol i literally told this kid on headset the other day "hey man its ok, your bad, lets go to barn an get that gas an be bad together" he laughed, i laughed, the jason using stalk around the corner laughed. It was a good time.
  6. Huh...i wasnt aware that a health spray didnt fully heal you already. An yeah somehow i missed that perk an still do not have it...but now i want it lol
  7. What does hypochondriac do? Im not sure i have that perk. But im similar. I step in almost every trap isee. Wether i have the part for it or not. I kno where the heal sprays are an one trap wont slow me down. I had a jason get rude with me an rage quit because i spent the match running to the objectives early on an just steppin right in all 6 of his traps. Thick skinned and plenty of spray. He wasnt pleased.
  8. Sometimes i feel like im the only non greedy person in this game. If i have 2 heal sprays or two pocket knives, i ask each person i come across if they have one of what i have two of, if not, ill drop it for them, an continue on my way. Ive seriously made like 5 friends that have requested me back into games for this sole reason. Am i the only one? I must say ive never had somebody drop something for me that i didnt ask for, IE health spray when im hurtin. So do you share your items? Why or why not?
  9. Good on you m8, glitchers deserve no mercy.
  10. it amazes me what people will do to feign skill and ruin others fun. Smh
  11. It could also be from the kills that were cut or "unfinished" when they released the game that still have to be put in in the days going forward. Time will tell.
  12. But if you do have him, does he then count? Thus maybe this cld be whats causing the glitch? The game cant differentiate who has what and who shldnt? All speculation o'course
  13. Not a bad idea, i disagree on the use of a pocket knife as those are as rare as diamonds sometimes. If instead it was just a simple 5 or 6 bar skill check to release them id be on board. Ive gone 6 rounds without coming across a pocketknife. Whilst i see others jogging about bragging they found 3 an are holding them all. Also ive only ever seen 1 person in game sacrifice their pocket knife for a trap.