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  1. David King an his battle mullet for the win!!
  2. Im with bears here. Ive givin up on the game. Maybe touch it once a month for a round or 2. I just cant stand the same ol shit every match. Im bored. Plus all the bugs and glitches an 90% of the players are mentally children. The game was a good idea an i had alot of hope, but its run dry. Ive moved on. Unless some real stability an excitement comes to the game, ill probably just be lurker for awhile. Hopefully something will change my mind but until then its DbD for my "horror fix" an im dustin off a few oldies i still wana put time into.
  3. Yes please tunnel me, especially if im the first counselor found in the first min or 2 of the match. Please come waste atleast 8 mins of your time. If i spend the whole match running an everyone escapes but me. Im still giddy about it. Unless you have a personal vendetta against a certain player, obsessing is only a waste of your time. You coulda had 4+ kills instead you only got lil ol' me.
  4. I disagree. Its your own fault for getting put in the corner, jason should stay immovable in all ways. Like a car cant push him put of the way but you want a counselor to be able to. Yeah right.
  5. Im going to attempt to answer each point youve made or atleast touch base on my view/understanding of each. So im going to number them in your quote so i can keep pace. 1. & 2. Both of those games have huge followings for my point on The only PC games that keep players. They are RPGs and they are open to Modding. Which i did claim was focal points to longevity. 3. Empire at war is Star Wars classic RTS that i believe is also open for mods. Basically anything open to mods, regardless of age will retain players. 4. Its DOTA man, its the OG Warcraft rip off/grandfather of League of legends. Its is pure competitive MOBA an falls right under the type of game i said wld survive. 5. This is extra funny to me, because Civ 6 is hot dumpster trash an i love that people are still playing 5, probably more then 6. An ill assume people are still playing Civ 5 because its one of the last half decent RTS games to come out in an effin Decade an is pretty competitive if i remember correctly. 6 & 8 ill assume these two oddities are either open to mods or maybe there's just that much mindless fun to be had. I really have nothing on these two. Back to 7. Unturned is a Zombie survival Minecraft rip off to the T. I have NO IDEA why anyone wld play this or Minecraft itself for that matter, but hey, play what you wana play lol 9. No mans Sky has so much wrong with it i feel like the 1600 people you see are being tricked or forced to play it. But i digress lol 10. Uhhh ive got no idea or opinion on what that even is, but its sports related so itll always have some semblance somehow 11. I stand by my opinion of their fickle-ness(?) i just do not see strong long term backers. PC players are like the dreamers and music makers, if you give them the power of mods in almost any game, hundreds will dump hundreds more hours into it just to create and build of their own accord. If that was even possible on a console it would yeild the same results. People LOVE to do their own thing. Im not going to touch on the multi use tidbit, you paid almost 4x the cost of my console. It SHLD do your effin taxes mate lmao. 12. Ahh Wife's....what a grand ol entity they are, ever frustrated with a man and his toys, regardless of what they are, because the simple fact is that they aren't her an they hate that lmao i know exactly what you mean. 13. This is my favorite thing you said, because its rare to have such pleasantries traded in the "online discussion" communities, and i respect your ideals. This is literally how you have a discussion folks, the recognition, and admittance of varying yet viable Opinions. 14. In terms of console sales, Sports games are always easy sellers and console is indeed the more casual of gaming platforms, but there are ALOT of casual sports game players an id bet the majority are older gamers with consoles. I also want to point out (without seeming snarky) that alot of older games have more to offer then this one too. In terms of actual gameplay, collection, and progression. 15. This one i just agree with, these devs are rather slow, im guessing because of the multi platforms. Either way, its aggravating the more fickle( ? ) half of the playerbase. Also, id like to add that alot of Multiplayer only games are short lived on PC to. Maybe its the repetitive natures of the games or issue with balancing but hordes of MP only games come and go across PC these days. Thank you for you time and thoughts man ✌
  6. Btw, DbD is free on xbox this weekend, i recommend it to any who havent tried it yet, super fun.
  7. With the growing number of tommy spawn campers, i gotta say i agree, if anything just make it so he "loses it" within the first minute or less of his life.
  8. The real shame is that your not alone in this mindset OP. The game is starting to belly up, we need good fixes and balancing and new content if this game is to survive. I love this game an havent played it in weeks. Its just the same match over and over. The same complaints, the same strategies, the same bad jokes. Shame.
  9. Well PC gamers are pretty fickle anyways, they flock to new games and leave them in months. They can never be expected to play anything that isn't hugely competitive, constantly changing, or being opened for mods for any real length of time. The only PC games that will truly withhold a playerbase will be games like Counter Strike, Overwatch, PUBG, fuckin Rocket League, shit like that. Were you can flaunt how "good" you are to others in head to head "combat". The vast majority do not play games for fun, they play to prove something and to win. Casual games have almost no place for PC players. RPGs are were they get their casual fixes. Other then that, 5 months is about the usual lifeline of non competitive games. TLDR: this is all my own opinion based on my experiences and perception. Im no expert.
  10. When 6/7 or more counselors all roll together, get stun locks on you, and then CRY because you start chopping em down, an then start quitting and the host quits an/or then boots you from lobby for being an asshole. Thats what annoys me about "good counselors"
  11. Too excited for part 4, best in the series If you ask me. Im sure well eventually get every jason, except the nonlicense ones, an if the community has its way, will get Big Momma Vorhees herself one day, even though the devs said it was improbable. Just be patient i say too all, as long as you and the rest of us continue to play an support, we'll eventually get it all. I know you want it, i do too, we'll get it one day dude.
  12. If i have to quit a match early, i sprint to jason shouting "hey kill me i gotta go!" most of the time they are very happy to get that kill an thank me for not just quitting. Sometimes i get the "are you sure man? I'll let you just stand there if youll brb" an one single time o had a jason ayer convinced i wad just trying to get killed to be tommy so we cld kill him, took an extra 2 mins to convince him i just had to go lol actually my fiance grabbed my mic an said "just kill his ass so we can leave!" an the dude roared with laughter as he grabbed an then throwing axed me. It was a good time.
  13. This is exactly why i say killing him is too easy. Doesn't that get boring? Why dont you play randoms an get that actual "will i survive?" feel again. Your guna burn yourself out dude.
  14. Killing jason is too easy as is. Only takes 2 competent players an any moderate to mediocre jason will be slain everytime. I fail to see how killing jason makes you the best, its just that easy, especially as Vanessa who is so fast and stam'd up she practically steals the sweater for free. You want impress me? Kill jason as Deborah, not impossible, but not too easy either. Either way, kudos for the kills i guess lol