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  1. Is it just me, or do people in Quick play matches expect to be carried? I was playing a QP match earlier this morning, and I was Shelly (who everyone knows has only 5 repair, not bad, but not good either). Well Jason finds me relatively early (about 2 minutes in) i manage to evade him long enough for him to lose interest on me. I look at my map, see the only objective complete is calling Tommy. Well I find the boat propeller, I go to the boat, I install it (with my bad repair) missing 0 skill checks. Look again, only objective complete (Repair boat, replace propeller). Moving on, I find the battery to the car, I go the car, no one is there, so I put in the battery, with only 1 missed skill check, but it draws in Jason. I get to a house, grab a weapon, manage to fend off Jason long enough to lose him. Again look at the objectives, nothing else completed but what I had done. I find the gas, I look at the map, see the gas marked, and i make my way there, i grab the gas, go back to the car, put it in, I don't have keys, so I leave to look for them, I find gas, and I look and see the car moving, it escapes, 1 player escaped in the car by themselves (Some vanessa player). I just shake my head, I find the phone fuse is now marked (The vanessa had it and escaped with it) so I trudge down the phone fuse, go looking for the phone house, look at my map to see if Jason was near me, and I see the boat moving, then stopped and one person marked with "Drowned". Someone stole the boat out from under me, by themselves. Well Jason morphs to the phone house, I put up a fight, and wind up dying, as soon as I get to the spectate screen, I look and see Tommy Crouched down in the corner of a building, I see an AJ under a bed, and I see a tiffany just running around. The cops not called ,nothing, and the fuse is with my body at the phone house next to the box. Needless to say, match ends. Vanessa was the only escape, by herself, with the car I fixed, just because she had the keys. And this is just an example match, I was playing as Shelly of all people, and I did 3/4ths of the completed objectives, the only reason that vanessa escaped was because of me. Quick play seems to be cancer, everyone looks out for themselves, they mark parts, won't even transport them, they will lead Jason to you, the Tommys are worthless 90% of the time. Its like, seriously what is the fun of playing a game where you literally do nothing the entire time besides run cabin to cabin speed looting for a pocket knife, then hiding?
  2. Like the old time roof hoppers, those were exploits, or the people on top of rocks, now its at Jarvis house i do believe, that there is a way to get on a table on the porch that jason can't reach physically but can hit the person with a few throwing knives to get them to move, but it is a sad way to have to waste knives.
  3. Didn't you know, he is the leading authority on what types of posts should be asked and when, all hail the Mighty Washington, judging all, worshiped by none.
  4. Carrying Matches

    This is the truth, I was running 2 sense avoidance perks as Mitch, I ran from Jason, around a cabin, back to nearly exactly where I was when he found me. and I hear him say "where did he go? As he looked around (I know he was using sense) Skip to 2:25 on this video and you will see that the sense avoidance does wonders.
  5. One of the last times I played Jason, I was playing, and I heard my trap go off, the only trap I had down was by the phone, so i morphed there, proceed to find a mitch crawling in through one of the windows i broke, then i watched him crawl back out, and as he turned to crawl back in, I threw my knife, and killed him...Suicide denied.
  6. I don't understand the "fun" of "har har har i put my nuts in your face" Its childish and annoying. And I am a counselor main, so I don't even play Jason and suffer it, I watch the stupidity and think "this, this stupidity here is our generation"
  7. Contradictory Stats

    yes, that is if you want to carry 3 med sprays, most people would rock spray, fire cracker, and pocket knife, or spray, pocket knife, fuse/keys
  8. Contradictory Stats

    Honestly I wasn't sure on that aspect, because I have never tried to equip 2 of the same perk, because I always sold the "worse" version of the 2.
  9. Contradictory Stats

    I don't think medic works like that, I think after the first medic, the only 'bonus" you would get was its healing bonus stat. Besides if it did work like that, that means a single can of spray would give 4 uses, the Initial 1 use) then +1 from the first perk +1 from the second and +1 from the third. Hypocaundriac is the one that starts you off with a med spray if I recall correctly.
  10. Contradictory Stats

    I think you would just have the 14% damage resitance, the 16% decrease from Thick skin, minus the 2 percent increase from the medic, leaves a remainder of 14, so that would be the logical answer.
  11. 1) (i may as well count it I messed up on Gas TWICE as Fox) 2) Swimming on Land 3)1st time grabbed, no pocket knife trigger 4)Walk through a wall while trying to climb in window, wind up climbing out again. 5)Failed pocket knife again 6)Door refuses to barricade 7)Door refuses to close 8) 3rd time grabbed still no pocket knife trigger 9)Pocket knife finally triggers 10)How close was I to really escaping that grab? Well did anyone see anything i missed?
  12. Okay, I am just wondering, is there a list somewhere on the forums of players to avoid playing with? Like a blacklist? Because I was browsing youtube, and i have found dozens of "Trolling" videos, where people will just play the game, and team kill everyone in sight for the "lols" and that is the type of player that is killing this game, so I wonder if there is a list of said people to avoid so we know to get out of the games while the getting is good to avoid such toxic players, I know there is a list for "People to play with" is there one for "people to avoid".
  13. Question

    Okay, I know I "may" be over reacting. But I saw that on youtube and my blood literally started to boil, because literally, its people like those that ruin a game. They drive away even the most die hard of fans, it may not be today, or tomorrow, but it will happen. I just want this game to succeed, be what it is capable of being, I have waited patiently nearly a year, like everyone else, for dedicated servers, for less bugs and glitches, and update after update, patch after patch, it just makes matters worse. More bugs, more glitches, no dedicated servers, nothing. It is becoming really hard for me to keep any faith in this game, which is a shame, because I love it. But enough is enough, my patience is almost gone, and I don't know how long I can hang on, before I call it quits for good, and its a shame really, because, I will not be the first one to do so, and I likely won't be the last.
  14. Question

    I am actually one of the morons that has it across all platforms, but i prefer my PS4, but without the dedicated servers we were promised nearly a year ago (soon™) It is nothing but Jasons leaving, hosts leaving, and team killing. Again awful gameplay.
  15. Question

    I am not taliking 20-30 second "clips" i am talking videos of pure 5-10 minute videos of trolls wiping lobbies, and you are saying "giving the trolls more views' i will gladly give them 100000 more views, if it gets them out of this game and out of our hair, but as I said, Gun Media rather turn a blind eye and keep this disaster of a game sinking even further. And if you want to "Punish" me for stating this, I will gladly take whatever punishment you can dish, because you know what? The Truth hurts, and I am just saying what so many people are thinking. Gun Media managed to take something that could of been a Gold Mine and turned it into a toxic waste dump.
  16. Question

    Evidence? You want Evidence? Look up Friday the 13th Trolls" on youtube, and just see how much "Evidence" There is, and none of it false, all of it self recorded for the 'lols"
  17. Question

    Its funny how they have a "safe guard" that detects how many times people leave mid match, to give them a ban, can't they do the same thing for people to track team kills? Like 1 every 20 games means 'oh crap, i accidently hit someone" but 3-4 every game or 2? That is a bit suspicious, but as long as gun Media gets the almighty dollar from us, they won't do shit about the Toxicity. If they do decide to do something, it will be "Soon™"
  18. Question

    If there is, they should remove said rule, because toxic pieces of shit are over taking our game.
  19. Carrying Matches

    And i will think you are a dick like the Vanessa was, if you leave by yourself, with others on the map, and you did Jack shit to fix the car, you are the toxic players in the community that ruins the game.
  20. Carrying Matches

    The way that match was going, if I wanted to kill Jason, i would have had to figure out a way to be Tommy and Sweater girl at the same time.
  21. Give Your Fellow Forum Users a Title

    @kodiak would be Papa Bear....always patrolling the forums making sure everyone is on their best behavior
  22. Well, in all fairness, they are having a "General Discussion" maybe not the greatest topic, but still
  23. How about quit crying about his grab, and don't get grabbed? Players who have been playing since the start have lived through force grab, t-rex grab, and everything in between, just adapt, we had to.
  24. People now days, I swear, they want everything "NOW NOW NOW" Would you rather something be released and not be fully tested, and reintroduce us to even MORE bugs, or would you rather they get everything they want to done? You don't understand, those of us who have been here since launch had to wait 8 months or better just for single player. We dealt with force grab Jason, people sitting on roofs of houses, team killing, more areas that only counselors could reach that made them impossible to kill, balances, rebalances, perks being nerfed. So waiting is part of the game, have some patience for crying out loud.
  25. Oct. 11 Mode

    I don't understand on these people crying for "balance" its 1 versus 7 for crying out loud, make it more "balanced" in what i have been reading is "I can no longer solo and tea bag Jason, give that back" I swear, people just want the victory fucking handed to them.