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  1. Learn not to rely on Pocket knives. They are nice to have, but most times you don't get one. I'm to the point, where If i find a pocket knife, the only reason i keep it on me is 1)The cops are already called 2) A car is already fixed and we are trying to leave. I am to the point where I will burn pocket knives on traps and just evade Jason with skill. People who horde pocket knives and refuse to help the team complete objectives that are trapped are the reason most teams will fail to escape.
  2. Okay, i am drunk right now, so i have very little filter, am I the only one that gets pissed off about how inaccurate Jasons morph is? i put it on a main highway, and its like 100 feet from where i put it, they need to fix that bullshit asap, it ruins playing Jason its like "oh you want to teleport to the phone cabin? Lets put you 3 cabins down. "oh you want to teleport to the main highway, lets put you 40 feet from it" its bullshit how inaccurate it is
  3. I am half deaf, and find this a little discerning, because I am 31, because of my hearing issues, I don't speak right, and don't sound as old as I really am. People mistake me for a teenager a lot because of it.
  4. Most teamers tend to be Kids. I have heard everything, I have even had a walkie hearing a kid give out MY location to try to get a Jason to spare him. This was back when TK was still a thing, he managed to pocket knife that Jason and run off...I found him..and shot him in the face with my shot gun. When the match was over, he asked why I said "you tried selling out the wrong person, I had a walkie, so did you, i could hear everything". And he quit.
  5. -Most Counselors who tend to troll are Chads- High Luck, a weapon with Stun, good speed. They will stun, run...stun you, dance, run. -Never Trust a person without a mic, never know if they are partying with Jason, or legitimately don't have a mic. -Why do 70% of non repair counselors try to fix something when Deborah or AJ is standing right there? (and now mitch since he was added, i would also mention lachappa but he is rare to see) -Non stealth people following stealth characters trying to be sneaky. -Counselors running to you when they are Jason, especially at objectives that you are trying to fix. Okay now thats out of the way. A little story from Friday for me. I was playing againt Jason on the Jarvis Map, I am spawned away from everyone, and on that lone lodge by itself on that little island to the north. The Cabin doesn't have the phone box. All the sudden 10 seconds in Jason is there, hacks me to death before i even get a chance to loot things properly (bad luck, the cabin had no weapon this time). I'm a bit miffed, but okay. I am spectating a friend is playing, she saves this Deborah that is being chased by Jason. Jason kills her, and leaves while Deborah is still there. I thought "okay unlikely", but give him the benefit of the doubt, because the phone was fixed around that time. I come back as Tommy. I find a counselor, same Deborah, i go into the cabin with her, Jason breaks in, I shoot him, we both run out the door to another cabin, I grab a baseball bat on the ground. Jason is coming, I try holding of Jason, Deborah opens a window climbs in, I go for a swing on Jason and miss. I evade the grab, and run for the window Deborah just went in..she shuts it right in front of me, I run off, and hide. I find an AFK Lachappa player. I watch from a distance while sneaking,I see Deborah running around the Lachappa, Jason shows up shortly after, kills the Lachappa and Deborah/Jason stand there, soon the cops get in, and I wind up with Jason chasing me out the exit, i make it cause i was lucky to find a pocket knife on a dead body (luckily im guessing they were slashed to death) I run out the exit, the deborah is the last person left, she simply walks out. Teamer confirmed.
  6. That Fence at the boat house is REALLY annoying, without fail, behind that fence, which can screw you over if they are starting the car.
  7. don't use drift wood / planks unless it is your only option, anything else is better imo
  8. depends on who you are using higher luck/ stength increases stun chance, counselors with lower stats havve less of a chance
  9. I may have let someone live half a dozen times. Today i let a lot of people live, i had been Jason like 3 out of 5 matches, i was tire of playing him (i have counselor preference), so I found someone with a walkie and let them communicate that i was going to let them kill me, i killed 2 so that they could get tommy in, then i just waited or them to kill me. That is letting them live right?
  10. I'm an alright Jason player, i have never got snuffed, i always get at LEAST 1. Everyone has bad games.
  11. One of my best performances of late, it was down to me as the last counselor vs. Jason.
  12. my story Jason Kills the counselors that were directly involved with his death, not some poor bastards in the wrong place wrong time, and finally be at peace, the end.
  13. it may take me 2-3 tries, but i normally get in a full lobby.
  14. Normally if i head punch its because i'm in a condensed area, or i start spamming a button to snap off a quick kill because others are around
  15. With the abundance of pocket knives and vanessas, they are a pain to catch to begin with, and you want to limit my ways of offing them? No thank you. And just so you know, my go to isn't head punch or choke, i don't even have choke equipped to any of my jasons, my go to eye gouge, i don't like people staring at me..
  16. My very first match ever on F13: I was Jason. Went 2/7. Second Match as Jason. 2/7. 3rd match. around the mid point. After 5-6 times playing as Jason, i got my elusive perfect win. It just takes practice. I don't consider myself a "Great" Jason, but I can hold my own, and when it comes to "Trash talking" i will trash talk back, but rarely instigate it, normally my "talking" is singing "why can't we be friends" but that is more strategy, make them WANT me to kill them so they dont have to listen to me singing anymore =p
  17. @Theiceman105 If i ever get in a match with you, and I'm Jason, I'm going to kill everyone using head punch alone.
  18. The other night, there were 3 Chad players the other night that were "Ni@@er this and F@$! that" so I literally spent the match looking for them just to kill them, I hate people like that, 3 others escaped, but i didn't care, all 3 met their demise, and left shortly after.
  19. Cabins do light up, have since the start, thats why i destroy radios as soon as i find them
  20. Probably a person who just got the game, and doesn't know how things work entirely yet.
  21. I haven't heard this in years lol
  22. Probably the head decapitation punch, i would be dead before I knew what happened. No pain.
  23. I have, it is basically a cartoony version of PUBG