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  1. Or since the physical release, has "Buff this character" threads started seeping out of the wood work? I swear I didn't notice any until the physical release, now everyone and their cousin wants the stats of certain characters changed, sure there were a couple here and there, but now I can't go a day without seeing one of those types of post. Counselors have had the stats the way they are since the launch of the game, so the chances of it happening is next to none. Sorry, just had to rant, I'm just tired of seeing "Tiffany needs buffed, Jenny needs buffed, etc" going on, why not learn to play a counselor that fits you play style, not ask devs to change a counselor to FIT your play style.
  2. This game is full of bugs and issues (grab, window bugs, etc.). But a lot of people are complaing how Jason is nerfed to hell, which is so, when I started playing everyone wanted to be Jason, now he is so far in the toilet, only a few players are still willing to do it. So here are a few ideas to try to alleviate some of the big gripes. 1)Escaping Jasons grab: being able to escape from Jasons grab should be difficult, but I think the ability to do so should be based on strength, that way Strength characters have more going for them than just demasking Jason. But the ability to break grab lessens as fear increases, meaning Buggzy (strength 10) if he is not scared should have no issue breaking Jasons grab, even before the dreaded head punch, but if he is max fear, it should be next to impossible for him to break it. 2)Pocket Knives- Yes the bane of Jason's everywhere right now, the dreaded pocket knife, causes trolls, causes taunts, causes rage amongs every Jason. So I think, one of two things should happen. 1)Limit pocket knives per map to 3 period, 4 if you coun't Tommy, make them a rare commodity.. Or 2) Make them to where they are used to disarm traps only, meaning bye bye Trolls with "I have 3 pocket knives). Also without that get out of jail free card, it also means less trolls will stick around to taunt Jason. Put some of the suspense back. 3)Make stealth mean something again, right now stealth is all but obsolete, so I think stealth should work more like the "avoid sense" perks. Say every level of stealth gives +2% chance to avoid Jasons sense skill. So someone with stealth 1 would have a 2% chance to avoid Jasons sense, and AJ/Tiffany would have a 20% chance of avoiding sense. But that could be a little overpowered that stacked with perks that avoid sense, so they could put a cap on it like "Max 50% sense avoidance chance". Or option 2) Make it to where Jason can't toggle sense off and on every 5 seconds, make it to where as soon as sense has been enabled, even if it is disabled, make it to where you have to wait the full cool down time to use it again. 4)Crippled- Right now no counselor is afraid of traps, instead of disarming them, they just tank them, and spray away the crippled state like nothing happened, that with thick skinned and traps are no more than alarms. So make it to where if someone is in an injured state (meaning they have taken some damage) 1 spray can heal them, but if they get crippled, they have to use 2 sprays to cure them out of that effect, it will also make traps that much more deadly if you KNOW you need 2 sprays just to tank 1. 5)Traps: Traps right now are alarm mechanisms, make them fearsome again, make it to where it is hard to escape traps, because has anyone ever seen a bear trap? Bears are meant to be stuck by them, so are you telling me a 100 lb deborah can break the jaws of the trap in 3 seconds flat? I say breaking out of the trap should be directly proportionate to the characters strength stat, that way, high strength characters such as Buggzy can get out relatively easily, but low strength Deborah would be a sitting duck, put the fear back into counselors. 6)Modify Composure: Right now composure is a bit wonky, Jenny who has the highest composure in the game, does take the longest to get scared, but also stay scared longer, yet chad who is afraid of his own shadow, can recover in no time. I say rework Composure to where the higher it is, the less time it takes for you to lose fear, and the longer it takes for you to gain fear. So Jenny would have no fear issues whatsoever, and Chad would basically be wetting himself after 2 minutes being chased by Jason. Yes a lot of these suggestions Nerf counselors to hell, but they need it, right now counselors are the Alpha dogs, and it needs to switch back into Jasons favor.
  3. Hmm, seems like Speed is wanting it to the point that the game goes into the cut scene where he murders blue shirt bill at the start (I know thats not his name, but that is what i call him, cause i can never remember his actual name), the game loads for the start of the match, then instantly says "You survived", because thats about the rate things are going, if counselors get their hands held any more, there would be no sense of playing.
  4. Are you talking about the one of 27 pocket knives that all trolls keep on them? Or the 15 med sprays? All trolls have items to spare, until that is fixed trolls will troll hard.
  5. So tonight me, and a few people I play with went into a lobby. It became apparent quickly, that 2 of the characters were teaming together. So Match 1) Teamer 1 Jason, partner, grabs fuse, grabs sweater, grabs gas, holds them hostage. We still manage to get the other parts into antoher car, and escape. they went 1 for 6. Game 2: His partner was Jason, so we go for the kill to get revenge, but we fail the kill, so ce'st la vie, we just escape. He goes 3 for 6. Game 3: Teamer 1 gets Jason again, we get phone fixed, car fixed, and find teamer 2 holdign sweater hostage so we cant go for the kill, so me and my friend were in yellow car, find Teamer 2, and run him over, but get stopped by Jason, we proceed to find 3 pocket knives on him. He goes 5 for 7 because of the teamers help. Game 4: Finally one of us are Jason. We find Teamer 2 in a cabin, 2 of us proceed to unbarricade the doors to the cabins, let Jason, he manages to get out, but we manage to catch them, and knock off their head, and we tea bag and dance over their body. We find Teamer 1 later, who was injured, we unbarricade that said door, and let jason in, one of us body blocks the door the other window. He gets slashed to death. We then get a message "Host has left the game" he was Teamer 1. So satisfying, seems like they are fine with teaming together as long as its not happening to them.
  6. Lets face it, this game is becoming a joke, when I first started playing, it was literally intense, any chance a person had to escape, they took it. They never stuck around long enough to give Jason a chance to recover. Now with the nerfs to Jason, adding the dance emotes, and the 10 pocket knives a match, all people want to do is stick around and troll Jason by the cops by dancing. And lets face it, for the players who are spectating you are wasting their time while you just sit their and act like a complete fucking ass hat for no reason at all. I played a private match a few nights ago, I came back as Tommy Jarvis, this dude kept dancing and dancing at the exit, hit Jason, danced some more, and I was saying "dude leave, these antics are getting old (it had been 3-4 minutes of nothing but dancing) Jason even gave up and just left, but the dude kept dancing, and it was just me as Tommy and this Chad left, so finally my fucks flew away, and I took my shotgun, killed the chad and walked out the exit. And guess what? The only person that was "mad" about the betrayal was the dancing Chad. Its one thing to do a quick victory dance and leave...but its another thing entirely to waste everyones time.
  7. For me it depends on if I'm doing Public or Private matches. On xb no spawn killing is a common rule among the private crowd, , it just depends really, in quick play, all bet are off.
  8. Ingame Moderation

    I play a lot with streamers, I don't see what you see. All the streamers i watch/ play with are people that are just there to entertain you, and try to make your day better. But also I lean towards the small time streamers ones with usually 20 or less people in their channel at any given time, saying all Streamers are blathering chatterbox with social graces of sludge, is like saying all Chads are dicks, just because a lot of Chads are dicks, doesn't mean there aren't good ones.
  9. Team killing

    Only trolls want team killing back, if you want to team kill play private matches with the rest of your team killing buddies.
  10. No Counselor is useless, all these people saying certain counselors are useless, don't play them, so they don't have use to them, I play random, so I play everyone. And I have yet to run across any counselor I would deem "useless", just knowing their role, and playing it to the best of your ability is all you can do. Has anyone stopped to think, maybe Jenny isn't useless, but they are useless as Jenny?
  11. Question

    Online is still going strong. I have played several quick play matches. And Grouped private matches on Xbox. You saying the bots are fun? I find them boring. Too easy, even on hard they are dumb as dirt. I guess it is enjoyable if you like going 7/7 or 8/8. No matter how "advanced' those bots get, you will never be able to program human logic and experience into them, in the end, they are essentially worthless, except if you want to practice Jason.
  12. Composure- 3/10 Luck- 8/10 Repair- 5/10 Speed-8/10 Stamina- 7/10 Strength- 3/10 Stealth- 1/10 Why? Composure does help, but it isn't a top tier skill, even with high composure you don't trip/lose your mini map, but a good player can see around those issues. Luck- High luck=high weapon durability= more survivability vs Jason. Repair- Not Great, but you can get stuff done if you are in a pickle, add on tinker and you will be golden. Speed- Speed saves, enough said. Stamina- High enough to get away to a safe location, but not so high that you never run out. Strength- below par, but unless you plan on fighting Jason to take his mask, its not top priority. Stealth- Arguably one of the least useful stats in game, so why bother with it? So basically this character, can find parts, run parts, provide distraction, repair, and evade Jason, basically, I wouldn't want these stats as a person, because it will be over powered in my opinion, a high speed high stamina person that can also have high luck and good repair? No thanks.
  13. Unpopular counselors

    I don't find Jenny bad, she just has a certain play style. For me I love Mitch, good repair, good Composure, above averag stealth, just lacks in the speed and stamina department. But with Marathon on him that improves that. It just all comes down to how people enjoy playing. Sure mitch isn't one of the "power" players everyone likes, but I rather be Mitch than a 3rd vanessa in a room, or a 4th AJ etc.
  14. What things trigger you as a Jason/Counselor that people do in matches that just rubs you the wrong way, makes you salty to no end? 1)Wide Open doors- Nothing is more frustrating than running from Jason, diving through window, looking up and seeing the door standing wide open, and Jason just walks in. 2)Markers- People who only mark parts. Dont' actually carry them to an objective. Phone fuse I can understand, but Gas and Battery? 3)Non-Repair characters, repairing, when a Deborah/AJ/Mitch is standing right there. 4)People who Hide the entire match. 5)People who do NOTHING the entire match, but as soon as the car is started, they expect you to stop or they have the keys and leave by themselves. Those are my big triggers, anything Trigger you all?
  15. @Ghostboy20 this one comment just struck too close to home for me. The speech issues, as I said, I have them, I was born deaf, Had my hearing fixed through surgeory, but it messed up my speech by not hearing for so long. And over time, I have started losing my hearing again and my speech issues have gotten worse. You saying turn the other cheek, I have done that, a lot but have you ever heard of "the straw that broke the camels back", or if not how about a balloon, Every comment is a drop of water that goes into said balloon, that balloon can only hold so much until it pops, just think about that. Sure you may have the patience, but not everyone does, I know I don't, but I do hear what you are saying...so to speak.
  16. Favorite part: MaxoftheSword: You better not slash me to fucking de....(cut off).
  17. Okay, I have been playing a while, and I just really don't know the answer. I was playing a match this morning. I came back as Tommy Jarvis. I had 2 Vanessa's with me, one had the sweater. Well anyway, we decide to go for the kill, but his mask isn't off, and he had no damage on him (I assume). Well we stun him once with fire crackers, and I hit him with the axe, and this is where my question comes into play, while Jason is stunned does the damage dealt to him count as mask removal damage? I honestly don't know, so am I risking breaking my weapon hitting for his mask while he is stunned? But either way, we managed to get the mask off and got the kill, but I'm not 100% sure on if damage is counted when he is stunned.
  18. I liked the first person perspective lol. I completed inside the cabin, and foolishly went into the "do not enter zone" just to turn around and see Jason break me. I would actually like to see that as a play option, instead of seeing your counselor, you are in first person mode, it will also get rid of corner peaking etc. But meh, thats just me, I just found it nice to be in first person, adds to the creep factor.
  19. Proof that Chad is indeed a dick.
  20. Wait the forum has rules? o.0
  21. If I am parts running, and Jason suddenly shows up, I drop it where I am, I would rather it be half way closer to the car than taken further away, because when you are in the chase in the moment, no telling which way you wind up running, sometimes I have ran further away from the car, other times I have wound up right next to it, but its better safe than sorry.
  22. Where we now are ?

    The next patch is coming soon™
  23. Most annoying things in lobbies: 1)The ready check spammer. 2)The guy that is blasting music in the background 3)The guy that has seemingly had sex with everyone mother. 4)Hearing a 11 year old speak. 5)The person eating/drinking into his mic. 6)The person who can't speak a word of English in the U.S. lobbies. (I know sometimes it can't be helped, but it is still heavily annoying imo) 7)The person who breathes heavy into their mic the entire time, yet never says a word, sounds like they just ran a marathon.
  24. I think this is my biggest peeve for the lobbies. I will intentionally wait the full 45 seconds to 2 1/2 minutes if someone is doing that.
  25. Yea, it was mixed emotions for me, not having Jason (I hate playing him since all the issues now days), but still wanting that Hat Trick, how many people can say they had accomplished that, but I Fell short...but 2/3 isn't bad, i bet many people don't own it across all 3 systems, let alone get Jason their first match 2 out of 3 times.