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  1. The 1.02 patch on PS4 fixed the voice problem for me
  2. It seemed to fix the voice problem for me, but I don't know exactly what it was meant for.
  3. I downloaded the 1.02 update (on PS4) that just now came out and tried it, but it's still giving me the same error message.
  4. Exact same for me, I'm also on PS4
  5. I've noticed this too, though it was just my mic for a second
  6. I don't think so, I tried about a half hour ago and it still gave me the same error message.
  7. I'll try that if the next game is the same way.
  8. Completed my first game. It was very laggy but I never got kicked and I survived!
  9. Same, I'm at 2 min Edit: I'm in my first lobby! Edit: Aaaand I'm lagged out
  10. Starting to work now! Got it connected twice, it's still kicking me back to the main menu, but hey its an improvement!
  11. My friend on Xbox is playing right now, I'm still getting the database error on PS4, I'm pretty jelly.
  12. Yeah the devs probably haven't gotten any sleep! I'm still getting Database login failure on PS4, the servers are completely flooded! Which was to be expected, I'm just hoping they can fix some of these connection issues by the weekend. I'm patient though, if I can wait for For Honor I can wait for this.
  13. Yes it is being fixed, I saw on Facebook that there's supposed to be a patch soon.
  14. I'm on PS4, successfully redeemed my digital copy of the game, but both of my DLC codes say that they may be invalid or have already been used. Guess the patch hasn't went live yet, I'm sure the devs are working around the clock to get it done.
  15. Ps4

    Has the day one patch come out yet? I heard that there was some connection problems in early access, maybe the patch addresses some of those problems.