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  1. So, no one that's there can "fix" the game, different people, different responsibilities. Fair enough. Yet, he's there and will undoubtedly try to convince people to give his company (and therefore him) money for a game that isn't words.
  2. The best (and safest) way to express your displeasure with Gun and Illfonic is with your wallet. I'm sure they know that any game they make in the future will be met with HEAVY skepticism after the way they've handled this games launch, and subsequent issues. Other than anything relating to this particular game, they have a snowballs chance in hell of getting a dime from me ever again. Why? Because in one week from today, the game will have been out for 2 months, and Xbox users are still dealing with day 1 issues that have been fixed on other platforms. It's unacceptable, and just bad business.
  3. According to the official Twitter page, they will in fact be at comic con. It was posted about 20 minutes ago.
  4. No one at Gun and Illfonic got that memo.
  5. This has been my biggest conecern. I've really been wondering if all the "soon," and "we're working on it" bullshit is just that...bullshit. I hate to be all doom and gloom, but I think they just don't know how to fix it, and we might have to wait for an extended period of time, if at all. Hope I'm wrong.
  6. Every once in a blue moon I fire it up. I was never part of the crowd that hated it.
  7. LJN's F13 game may have sucked in many people's eyes. But LJN at least made a game that worked!
  8. The daily "we're sorry," and "soon" tweets haven't started yet. I guess those will start "soon."
  9. I have to disagree with this. IMO, the only other counselors that should be able to kill him would be more counselors that are brought in from the movies. Even then it's tough to decide, because technically Tommy is the only one that ever killed Jason with his own hands. The rest that escaped usually got away because of help by some other force. EX: Tina's ghost dad in Part 7 (who was summoned by her, but she didn't physically put Jason down herself). Toxic waste in Part 8 etc.
  10. So no stream tonight by Randy. Guess they're really committed to this radio silence.
  11. One of my first matches of the evening, I had the boat fixed and was just sitting in it. I was waiting to see if anyone was gonna make it to the boat to escape with me before Jason showed up. Two people saw, and made a mad dash for it. The closer one of them was right about to step into the boat, and was TK'd by the shotgun, by the person playing Tommy. So what did I do? Took off without him of course, and spectated Jason to watch the team killer become Jason fodder. Got any cool stories where you "stuck it" to the cheaters/team killers/glitchers? Share them!
  12. Actually he did get laid first. Poor Ted on the other hand...
  13. I wonder if @Randygbk will stream tonight, given the current silence by Gun. He will undoubtedly be asked about the Xbox patch, and other things if he does.
  14. I wouldn't get too excited about that. It's the same generic response they've been posting for over a week anytime someone asks about the Xbox patch.