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  1. I've stopped playing the game drastically since this last patch. The window breaking mechanic absolutely sucks, and is borderline game breaking. And as always, Xbox players get the shaft when it comes to updates. I don't care how much new content they advertise (insert the usual "soon" bullshit), when they change game mechanics that nobody asked for (or wants), and won't change it back, and consistently leave one group of players stuck waiting on updates, while others don't. hell with it. I have better things to spend my time and money on.
  2. IMO it absolutely MUST go! I find myself breaking less windows as it slows down the chase, which just gives counselors even more opportunity to just keep window hopping. And good luck if you're chasing a speedy character, even if you're playing as one of the running Jason's.
  3. They could definitely do this. As others have said, just add an entrance/exit for the lake so the boat can get out, and entrances for the cars to get out. They could also put Mama Voorhees in the cave to give it something even more unique. Make it a small room in the cave instead of the shack, and have it spawn at different locations in the cave. @GunMedia_Ben @Randygbk @wes I hope you guys see this thread and consider it!
  4. Yeah sorry I couldn't get you in that last group I was in last night, nobody wanted to leave!
  5. The games support page on Twitter tweets multiple times, to multiple people everyday that they're "working on solutions." I'd wait for an official announcement, and you can usually tell an official announcement by looking for the word "soon" somewhere in it.
  6. Good games last night with @AldermachXI, @Tattooey, @LJPIII and others. Looking forward to more tonight!
  7. I sent Larry Zerner and @Randygbk an invite to the Xbox club, hope they join!
  8. Last night was one of the best playing experiences I've had in the game. It was nice to not have to constantly worry about glitchers, team killers and trolls. Looking forward to playing some more tonight!
  9. Got it, thanks! I also invited a couple of friends to the group that trust.
  10. Xbox GT: DdC TyranT
  11. The initial reaction from folks seems to be that they think it's Roy. If it's another Jason, I'd prefer Uber, but I'm ok with them adding Roy if they've found a way to make it fit with the current Jason mechanics in game.
  12. I'm sure by this point they're very aware of the demand for this feature, and I have a feeling it's going to come. The real question is when? In before "soon."
  13. There's been anger expressed here in the forums too, but it seems pretty tame here in comparison to other places, such as Kickstarter and social media. Maybe that's why @GunMedia_Ben has been posting here every now and again. Whatever the reason, it's good to have him here doing his best to keep us updated. Even if some folks may not always agree with what he says.