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  1. Absolutely agree here...
  2. This, yes please. It would be easily possible i'm guessing. Both the part 3 pitchfork and part 2 spear were shown in the early version of the game. The part 2 pitchfork would be a bonus. Hopefully they find their way into the game, like that headless woman in the picture before the incident.
  3. I hope they paid attention to the topic about this. Many good ideas throughout it, for what would be an interesting and entertaining game mode. Hopefully they consider it. Not to mention, she would complete (except for the few variations of Jason that would remain ) the Friday the 13th killer collection.
  4. Agreed 100%. Hope they have looked through that topic and agree. Would love to see one of the devs comment on the idea. Definitely interesting ideas there for what would be a fun new game mode.
  5. My guess would be the top section where it says Friday the 13th: The Game News...
  6. Remaining Maps for other Jasons

    Would also be nice to see a run down camp blood map for Pamela if she ever makes it in. It would be cool if the 5 maps you have suggested happen. It would definitely be cool for each Jason to have his map from his particular movie. 8 would be king as a ship and the city would be 2 maps probably. For maps we are halfway there, with what's in and what's confirmed. Going by the roadmap though, it looks like the spaceship will be the only other one.
  7. I like that. If they do add more hero counselors, a female should definitely be next.
  8. Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    100% agreed...Never understood why the window mechanics were changed to begin with.
  9. Switching Weapons as Jason ?

    I like the idea of each Jason having a secondary signature weapon, but they all should have the machete as a universal weapon choice also. Definitely agree with most of your choices, but some would serve better as a Jason specific environmental kill.
  10. Counselor Safety Briefing - 1/29/18

    Good to know Jason has a good chance of becoming feared again.
  11. I wouldn't necessarily say that, it was one of their original stretch goals. They obviously had some sort of plan to implement it.
  12. In game vehicles

    I'm hoping the tractor on the Pinehurst map will be usable.
  13. I want a Camp Blood map.

    It would be a cool map for Pamela, if the game mode bewareofbears suggested ever comes to being.
  14. Funny you said that. With the team that developed this game, further down the line and soon are one and the same thing.
  15. Couldn't agree more. Bunch of whining has gotten Jason to the point he is now. Hopefully with some balance fixes to Jason, Pamela and Roy this game can regain some glory. No thanks to the increased number of dance moves either. Wanna see the moonwalk, go watch Back to the Future 3.
  16. Definately agree with everything here. A few tropes to add would be similar to Ralph, Ethel, Melissa, the sheriff and Junior. I think the best way to go as far as what your suggesting BoB is some sort of a create a counselor mode, with all existing clothes and lots of new stuff.
  17. SPOILERS: Next Jason

    Cool idea and hopefully the kid Jason could be for Pamela's inclusion. Hopefully they looked through your thread and considered the idea. Also agree that Roy and Pre Uber X need to be included also to complete the killer side of things.
  18. Only Shelly?

    Yes, it is only Shelly.
  19. Only Shelly?

    You will find out monday for sure. It would be good to see it happen.
  20. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Is this legit or fan made? Nevermind. Cool concept nonetheless.
  21. Not to mention, if he left his spear gun lying around it would give Jason a cool new environmental kill.
  22. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    Yeah I guess, but I was referring to the play as Jason achievements which are the 2 everyone here seems most interested in. They are clearly for multiplayer.
  23. Update Content & Holiday Events: 12/18/2017

    Wouldn't mind seeing new trophies for single player and upcoming new mode, but the trophies up to this point are clearly described as multiplayer achievements.