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  1. If you bought them you have them. When you customize don't hit triangle, pull up the emote wheel. They are adjusted and selected from there. On the wheel select red highlighted emote you wish to switch for one of the new ones.
  2. Although it would be very cool, its been stated numerous times they have not acquired the rights to use anything from the reboot or FVJ. I guess somewhere down the road they may try to get them again. Hope so, FVJ and reboot Jason would both be great to have included. But more probable is the inclusion of Roy and Jason X, that I believe they have permission for.
  3. More of a badass than Part 2 Jason also.
  4. Alot of people here do. Its a Friday the 13th game and he had his own movie. Alot of topics on Roy on this forum would prove it. Some may not want him, but then again the same could be said for a cyborg (myself not included) and that purple disaster (myself included).
  5. Then they should be there, change them under customize from main menu the way I described it. Don't press triangle. Pull up emotes wheel, select slot and press x.
  6. L3 is the left analog to move to the slot you want to replace for the dance you want. Make slot you want to replace red then hit X to select.
  7. The dances won't appear until you select them. Have to be changed by angling L3 to slot you want to place the one to use and press X, then new stuff appears. If that doesn't work maybe your region has some sort of issue.
  8. You have to change them in customization. L3 angled to selection then X and then you should see the list to make changes.
  9. Switch under emotes for counselor customization.
  10. Finally, this guy gets it. Knowledge is king.
  11. Posting a topic like this was definitely a mean girl thing to do. You had me believing it was real, until I read the bottom of the post. Scrolling down led to dissapointment. Nice job and hopefully we will get a character with this description.
  12. I'm sure it will be very soon. X Box and PS Europe stores already have it.
  13. No thanks. As discussed numerous times in several threads on the subject, Roy needs to be his own "Jason".
  14. Not the paid one. Just the free stuff.
  15. Not really, about the same.