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  1. To be honest, I'd l like to see a ladder placed up against the house so Jason can throw them on a car parked nearby. Also jumping off a roof should instantly kill a counselor. Same applies to the covered bridge, with a car driving by.
  2. And if dlc comes out between now and then, will there be codes for things that will be included on the disc version that there may be fees for otherwise?
  3. Definitely this. Perhaps also change the escape method to bikes and canoes. But this is definately an awesome route to go...Alice as hero counselor and Ralph as some sort of warning mechanism. Love to see Jason 1 when Pamela is in the water too...
  4. Losing xp for idiots who text and walk at the same time is rather dissapointing...
  5. I was right there with you, until you used the words enough hits rather than beheading...
  6. Love this idea...Would be cool though with a camp blood/crytal lake combo type map. Add a small town so she can ride her Jeep and Ralph can ride his bike and grab some oars for a canoe as an escape method.
  7. Would definately love to see a Pamela/Jason 1 (perhaps when she is swimming) combo. Roy definately. Both versions of young Tommy would definately be cool, but he would be on the counselor side. Both Jason X skins and The Final Chapter. Anything beyond that is meh at best.
  8. Wasn't trying to suggest that he shouldn't be compensated in some way, just perhaps a solution for the voice variation between then and now. If he sounds the same now even better, hope he has a free day to do it. Loved that character and a new practical joker perk would be great.
  9. Certainly understand keeping it all things Friday the 13th as far as characters. Hopefully Michael, Laurie and Dr. Loomis get the same love with the exact same formula from you guys, it works. As far as in movie characters go, couldn't you simply hire a voice actor to sound like certain characters did at the time they were younger. If so, would that cover the likeness issue? Granted you said that may be a cheesy way to cover people like Shelley or Chrissy, but to me the essence of 80s horror is just that (and that's in a good way)
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Didn't realize there was a 2nd way to do a boat kill.
  11. Agreed...But a thunderstorm or a nice sunny day for Tiffany Cox to wear her bikini, now that's a different story...
  12. Every once in a while its accidental. But when intentional, its always the same butthurt people. The ones crying that they aren't Jason, whom as soon as they are killed will close the lobby if one of them are hosting. The other when one is Jason and his boyfriend counselor tells him where they are, saving his bff for last. My guess is someday they will be lucky enough to hit puberty.
  13. Same as before, just the badge now working Passion.
  14. Yes, badge lit up. Needs to be done 12 more times for silver.
  15. Okay got you...Would love to see that too.