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  1. You are correct obviously. I should have said maybe something to the effect of having more hero counselors or ways to end each round. If it ever got to the point of having enough maps, I think it would be cool to see specific maps and map specific areas to see more kills (or defeated Jason) for Jason. I think it would make things more challenging. I'm also sure there would be some ways to implement Tina's ending into the game with a few tasks and circumstances that would have to occur throughout the round.
  2. Hypothetically speaking yes. There's always Ginny, Chris, Tina, Brodski, Duke and Rennie...
  3. A different strategy would obviously be needed, but I disagree that there would be a lack of hiding places in any of those 2 environments. Hopefully if there comes a time when we get JX it would also be cool to see an old throwback (to the period of time) map that includes a foggy atmosphere and ghost ( hologram) characters to mix in with the real counselors to decieve Jason.
  4. No, we are not chopped liver. We are just more fresh meat...
  5. I would think it could be a smaller map easily,the only thing missing from your assessment is the diner. Everything else in that movie was the woods and a stream.
  6. Next patch removes it, except for traps and getting hit by a car. Will still be on in private matches though. So it will soon be a non issue.
  7. Oh okay, I thought you might have meant new info was released that wasn't supposed to be.
  8. What's this leak you speak of?
  9. Like Part 4 also, nothing i'd like more than FCJ and Roy to be the next 2. Would love to see his blood stained face and battle damaged mask, not to mention these 2 would most definitely have new weapons not yet seen in the game.
  10. I'm sure paid DLC wouldn't be exclusive, my guess is that they want to make money. And besides, labelling something exclusive hasn't worked out too well for them so far.
  11. Nice to see some Roy love here...Way too many misguided souls around here are under the delusion that he is not worthy.
  12. There was a new Jason mentioned, I would assume it would be one associated with him. Pretty cool though, no matter which one.
  13. I agree with this. If we get more hero counselors, i'd want Ginny, Chris, Megan, Rennie and Tina before we see any of these...
  14. I agree, I wouldn't want to go swimming either if there was a crazy man with a hockey mask and a machete chasing me. Hopefully they add a few more cut scenes though that reflect unsuspecting counselors. Peace and quiet til all hell breaks loose. I feel bad for the Jason hunter.
  15. Not sure when, but I believe we will eventually get 2 maps for Part 8. Lazarus as 1 and at least some portion of Manhattan as the other. Interesting Lazarus escape idea and the subway would be great for Manhattan. If they ever get to them, both would be awesome maps to play.