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  1. There are a lot of Xbox users showing how to bypass the disc and get the DLC items.
  2. So I'll start with Bloody Jason, as you can see you can put the skin on all Jason's expect Part 4. And as you can see Part 4 doesn't get an option to equip it. Now to the meat of the bones, the clothing. Yes that is a black heart shirt! And Tiffany get's a white dove! You can't see it on the shirt because it won't load for some reason but as you can see the icon there is a dove! So some clothes are a hit and miss while other's are cool looking, however I cannot use these items with my digital and have to have my disc in in order to use them. It sucks and would like to transfer them to my digital account. @GunMedia_Ben I hope you guys allow those who bought the digital and disc to transfer the items to their accounts. @BoxingRouge and @Tiffany I hope you two like lol
  3. I can confirm you can't do that on PS4. Only Xbox users can do that
  4. I own both disc and digital, doesn't work, I've tried a lot of things and nothing works so only the Xbox users have the items put on their digital.
  5. I'm working on getting a copy of Friday the 13th for the PC since I'm apart of the group on steam. So I can play with member's on PC and PS4.
  6. When I'm using my disc copy it won't let me join friends unless my digital copy is deleted. It keeps wanting me to switch to digital
  7. You can't even do that, I kept getting unknown error. So your best bet is to play something else
  8. Can't get the DLC items off the disc so you can only use those items on the disc, if you plan on deleting the digital no worries, you can still access everything once you reload it from your download list, you'll have have to put all your kills and perks back together but that's really it.
  9. If your on PS4 you'll have to delete the digital copy if you wanna play with friends and use the disc DLC items. @GunMedia_Ben hasn't answered me if there will be a update that allows the PS4 owners to access those DLC items for their digital account, Xbox users manged to find away to put their Disc DLC's onto their digital accounts
  10. Maybe next time go "What episode of Star wars is that from?" But I did find it funny
  11. If you think that's from Ben 10 your too young to play this game.
  12. And he's banned, man it's sad watching people die so young
  13. For PS4 your wrong about but it looks like Xbox users can put the DLC items on their digital account. @GunMedia_Ben So is there gonna be a patch to fix this or was Xbox users not meant to access these items at all for digital?
  14. It's easy to ask me to edit my post to remove it.
  15. As you can see from the other qout he said the 2 disc DLC meaning there is a second disc for Xbox. I'm on PS4, We only got one disc, so that's why I'm asking.
  16. Never mind this comment
  17. It seems to be locked on the PS4 for some odd reason
  18. So make sure the digital isn't installed then download the disc then download the digital?
  19. Wait? You got the disc items working on digital?
  20. Yeah, all the DLC you have will work with the disc copy but that's about it, it sucks you can't get the items off the disc and put them on the digital account.
  21. You also can't join friends in games unless you remove the digital copy from your system in order to join friends.
  22. I have both digital and disc and it doesn't work I'm afraid, so anyone who wants these items will only be able to use them on the disc.