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  1. Art

    Let's hope there isn't people fapping to it
  2. Art

    If it's not full nudity for everyone in Single player I'll riot
  3. Everyone here needs to accept that Chad in a speedo is what this game needs.
  4. Art

    We need nudity in the game. Everyone wants to see Chad naked.
  5. Randy won't be streaming tonight as he's not feeling good. Hope he feels better soon.
  6. Chad better get a speedo
  7. It's a team of one guy. Get it right
  8. Update it will be with Friday the 13th the game 2 in the year 3030
  9. And this is why Team Killing is being taken away. I'm gonna miss the option to murder my brother for the second seat in the car
  10. I've done this. Normally it's when the guy is toxic and I'll wait till he gets close and then kill myself. Then they will cuss me out calling me names but I'm laughing because they just needed me and now they don't get the 8/8 Don't be toxic and you won't have this issue with me.
  11. I've finally found a tape. In my box next to my bed, still no tapes in game tho.
  12. This makes me Happy. The king of Chads is pleased.
  13. I sometimes tea bag but it's usually with people who I'm have a great time with and we all laugh. I've been tea bagged I think three times but they stay for too long and I kill them.
  14. I know, As the king of all Chads I do like this joke so you do not find a ninja leaving a chad head in your sheets. He is indeed brave but he is cool. No need to send the ninja's yet.
  15. This is why we can't have anything nice. Killing campers to make them rage, now Team killing is gone.
  16. Yup always double check on Tommy.
  17. Love this movie. Now because you are a cool person @Rexfellis I'm letting you off the hook. But next time I will send ninja's
  18. As the king of Chads I can tell you it's my blue sweater DLC coming into the game.
  19. I think your thinking of the driver. My dad doesn't drive, he's too rich for that.
  20. Did the guy do this?
  21. All shall repent and pay for their sins.