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  1. Rain on Xbox One

    Maybe with the new update in April.
  2. PC,PS4 or Xbox ine

    Huh? who are we talking about? I saw red
  3. QP isn't private matches, in QP everyone is running around not doing anything so let me ask you, if people were using MICS and working together like your supposed to would you see more players escaping Jason more and more? Yes you would however QP is the wild west, if your gonna lone wolf it even on the bigger maps don't think you'll escape, your gonna die because everyone else isn't working to fix or do anything. Each camper has their weakness and strengths repair campers need players who can defend, campers that can run fast should explore the map, and as for the rest they should keep Jason busy. That's how the game should work however in QP you are in random lobbies with random players so it's gonna be harder no matter what, the game should be focus on team work not lone wolfing it even tho you can, I've pointed out I've escaped more times then less since the newest update however I still end up dying when players aren't working or haven't gotten anything done.
  4. Give Your Fellow Forum Users a Title

    I am that lovable trickster
  5. Again I have pointed how many ways for you to survive even with a slow counselors. Jason will always go for repairs because they will fix everything, you want to run, don't run! Plain and simple. The game is more for Jason which it should be since he is the main focus, your goal is to survive or die by the man. You can accept you can't escape every game because QP is a wild west of players, you can't always escape unless you plan on working as a team with a good group or if your lucky find a group already in games working together, if your gonna lone wolf it learn to better use your character, you are slow so don't run everywhere.
  6. Which it should be towards Jason however even without players working together you can escape. Which I have a few times because I'm the only one doing anything while the rest are a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off.
  7. Recommended streamers to watch.

    I'm streaming Dead Rising 2 off the record with my brother right now https://www.twitch.tv/ghostboy20
  8. Forum drinking game (satire/parody)

    I think people would need a new liver after that challenge
  9. Forum drinking game (satire/parody)

    I'm more of a fruit drink kind of guy
  10. I keep seeing people wondering about new skins for Jason, I want to know if we will ever get a guy in a wheelchair. Cuz I would love to try and survive as a guy in a wheelchair.
  11. It is a bad headset but it's a headset that does come with the PS4 if you didn't buy it use.
  12. It's easy 1.Find a lobby. 2.if the lobby is crazy leave 3.put in another game 4.watch time fly
  13. The gamestop I went to always tries and sell me headsets and stuff lol sorry to hear about that, gamestop is going down hill these days.
  14. I'll kill the host, I do not care. I won't let someone hold the game hostage
  15. Perk System Update & Legendaries

    I see people with lead foot perk at 20% getting out of camp quicker and maybe time traveling as well.
  16. Yeah those types of lobbies are rare. I play on PS4 as well so I know when I go into matches it's sometimes people with mics or kids....
  17. Finally! Someone pointed out how I look like Chewie!
  18. The sweater needs some work but I still see a lot of people in lobbies leaving when they are Jason because they don't wanna deal with the chain gang bang lol people are still gonna complain even tho each lobby I go into I'm doing all of the work as Chad.
  19. I was brought into this for now reason lol I was leaving the poor guy alone, seems he just really loves me for some odd reason.
  20. I have counted your points lol It's not even towards Jason right now, I'm seeing more and more people complaining about how easy it is to take down Jason
  21. Yeah if you buy it used at gamestop however when you go to gamestop they do try and sell you that headset lol
  22. Wow I wasn't even talking to you. And you call me the one seeking attention