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  1. Mutting someone is so easy to do. It's less time I have to go with a video (PS4 Doesn't record the audio yet) and then send it in because some guy on the internet said the N word. If someone is messaging you long after you muted them then I could see it being one to look towards in banning if they keep messaging you none stop and calling you every name under the book. Muting is easy, if you don't wanna mute then leave the lobby. No one is forcing you to stay, that's the amazing thing about games, there is a leave option and a mute option.
  2. I was in a lobby last night, I got to be Jason and I placed a trap at my house and went straight to the phone. I then notices something happening, I saw a bunch of people heading straight for my hut. I quickly went over there and saw them all heading inside. I manged to injure to of them, one was buggzy and the other was AJ, AJ had my sweater and was freaking out. What's funny about this is how they were like "Listen Jason, I'm your mother and this is your new father! You will not hurt us, you'll go for the other campers." I started laughing because she used the sweater on me stunning me allowing Buggzy to escape. I left her alive since she made me laugh and went after Buggzy. Needless to say at the end of the game when everyone was dead we were all laughing and talking about how Jason has a new daddy now.
  3. Okay, now team killing is bannable. Trolls now have a weapon on you. They now know they can't be killed when holding items you need. Only way to get them is if you kill them but they can record you killing them and you would get your account banned. Now, I don't care much for team killing but that's the breaks in quick play. You'll run into people who will kill you for no reason. If they are team killing then leave, why report them? There is no point. It's like if someone is calling you names or being racist. There is a mute feature for a reason. You can say it should be bannable but unless they are working with Jason then you have a right to complain but if they are just doing it to get you to notices them then you have fallen for their traps. If your tired of team killers go to private find some people who play it and join them. They have rules set and follow them. Quick play is the wild west, everyone is out for themselves and if you find a good group of people in a quick play add them to make a private match. Now saying a lobby for team killers would be SJW. If you play GTA 5 they had a bad sports lobby for players who blew up other players cars. They wore a dunce cap and were put with other players who wore dunce caps. There are rules in place and team killing isn't bannable unless that person is working with Jason. If he's just out to be a jerk then that's what he'll do. Plus a ban won't stop some, some have fake accounts to troll people on, so you'll never see the end of it. Only thing to do is avoid them. If you find a lobby and someone kills you and others then you should leave and find another lobby or find people to do private lobbies.
  4. it's 50/50 with me. I would like to know what's going on over there but I know they are still working hard on this game.
  5. I have to disagree with this. Team-killing sucks but it adds to the thrill. Who can you trust and who will kill you for no reason. Banning someone for team-killing shouldn't be a thing. Team killers should be put into bad sport lobbies with other team killers. That would help fix this issue.
  6. I know they said they were adding it but when we weren't told. Right now they might not have any details on it. Honestly all Ben has to do is say "At this time we cannot say" But then that can backlash from the forms from so many people. Right now they might not know when we are getting it.
  7. Do they have the super sharper 3000 with titanium tips?
  8. He's not the one working on the game. He might not be able to tell us anything at this time. There is no point in calling him names for not telling us anything. If you want to find things out ask and wait, if they don't give you answers the you'll have to wait. You can't ask for answers when there isn't any to give at this moment in time.
  9. Is it annoying? Yes, do they need to tell us if they are gonna be putting this in soon. Yeah, but they will tell us what's going on soon hopefully. Right now they might not even have information to give to us since they are working on getting patches out and other things.
  10. They did. They tweeted out something. It's not what we wanted to hear but it's something.
  11. I would hate for them to be dead then we would never get any new updates.