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  1. The amazing thing for me was the fact that I never notices how many times there were butt shots xD
  2. Well I think it's more of a glitch going on with the luck system
  3. Well tonight I ran into two members and we had a pretty good time.
  4. I mean Chad is crap right now, bat breaks with one hit, his luck is trash, I miss battle chad lol But it is what it is. I'm finding the best out of this crazy mess of a patch lol
  5. Only 3D movie I ever got to see was in IMAX and it was for Jurassic Park in 3D. Loved it, I just need the money for stuff like that stuff lol
  6. Yeah I couldn't find it. So I figured since I had to come here anyways might as well help you out with that as well.
  7. I've been having fun even with this patch being bad lol Love running around as Chad in a speedo xD I had people asking why xD My own stream was asking why xD
  8. From TV shows to other movies I'm always watching something and I skip stuff.
  9. I don't have a true 3D tv, all I have is the 3D Glasses from the old movies xD
  10. That would make my day too. If your having a bad time you should it up the communities on PS4/PC/Xbox I got to play with two of the member's from the forums tonight, I'm gonna be hitting up the forums some more
  11. Never seen that movie lol
  12. I am ready! I've got my 3D Glasses ready!
  13. It's the greatest movie ever made lol
  14. I had a Jason player leave the game because me and this one dude escaped in the two seater. Later on tonight I became Jason, four people escaped, I only got two killed xD Yet I told everyone good game and played with the rest. I don't see why people quit if people escape. So you didn't do good this round, you can always do better, not like it will be bad to have a few escape. It's apart of the game, you can't always get them all.
  15. Well Chad's luck is messed up while AJ's luck is through the roof xD I still had fun tonight, kicked some butt and died a few times. Got to be Jason before getting off xD