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  1. The one thing i cant stand is when people play as lachappo in a retard voice.
  2. oh wow maybe theres a ship we can escape in now. that would be cray cray
  3. Some of you might not believe me but this really happened today. A nine year old kid joined the lobby and he had to take a dump real bad. He wanted to hold it in and wait to see if he was jason and he screamed to his mom for baby wipes. I am not making this shit up. I couldnt believe it but then again nothing amazes me anymore...
  4. here we go again. theres a difference between the n words. let the greatest rapper of all time explain it to you
  5. My skill level driving is so advanced that i actually drive around and look for others to pick up.
  6. OP said it first
  7. whats funny too.is they go from party chat to game chat and back.and forth when they feel like it.
  8. if only these kids knew the history behind the word [Omitted by Kodiak]
  9. but see thats unfair cause 7 is the worst and savini is best.
  10. Fuse and blue car all that matters. Thats 4 total traps if you double fuse and dontbtrap the 4 seat car door. i never worry about the 2 seater. If it takes off, i hear and 2 counselors are dead
  11. sweet. whats ur tag? can i add you so i can kill you as jason part 7?
  12. From what i remember, platoon was pretty hard too.
  13. i still play everyday because i like to kill. i rarely get to be jason though. A four hour session i am jason twice