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  1. It says what it says, but there's no reason to believe this will be any more effective than their "we'll ban glitchers/teamers on receipt of sufficient evidence" policy. At least this is automated, so nobody's wasting time submitting stuff that's rarely (if ever) being acted upon.
  2. Yeah, it's almost like the community gave the game's creators the financial resources necessary to make (and sell!) the game...but without taking any kind of equity stake in their business in exchange for the community's sizable monetary contribution. Crazy, right?
  3. No, there's not. The game can and should be optimally implemented for its intended audience. If that makes it more upsetting to those who aren't supposed to be playing it (or more specifically, their pathetic excuses for parents)...fuck 'em. Not like they're the game's target market anyway. Indeed, that kind of pearl-clutching outrage would be marketing gold. Sadly, the game's currently minimal gore and low graphical detail levels make it ever generating that kind of popular butt-hurt highly unlikely.
  4. Same here - waste of time. I just go glitcher hunting anytime I'm a counselor and see shit-sippers outside the map/hiding on rocks. More effective (until they patch out TKing) and more fun.
  5. Issue is the curbing of team killing, despite being a mostly welcome change (I'll miss hunting down glitchers on rocks/outside the map), also changes how counselors in packs fight Jason. Perhaps it's more accurate to say it buffs counselors than to say it nerfs Jason, but the net effect is the same. Currently, they have to watch out not to hit their fellow counselors. Jason can use a grabbed counselor as a meat shield by facing them into a pointed shotgun or swung machete. Anyone who has tried to use a shotgun, machete, or ax against Jason around others or when he's grabbed someone else knows what I mean. Post-patch, counselors can shotgun and melee away without any risk of hurting their own. Not a reason not to do this, but something to try to mitigate. Grabbed counselors being vulnerable to damage would be good; any counselors in fear proximity to Jason being vulnerable to damage would be better.
  6. Not so much chopped liver as a collection of already-juiced oranges, not worth the trouble of dealing with for whatever marginal amount of $ there is left to squeeze.
  7. Power box (one of them, anyway) is for the radio, with which you call Tommy. Fuse box is for the phone, with which you call the piggies. I know the two are likely very confusing for you, what with both involving boxes...but totally unrelated.
  8. Also, if you join a public lobby...ready the fuck up upon joining. My one of my great TK nerf regrets will be not being able to shotgun the one asshole who refuses to ready up, thereby adding roughly a minute of BS waiting.
  9. We should all be able to agree AJ's the girl who belongs in a one-piece with a skirt.
  10. And we all know this team has very little history of mistakes, so...
  11. Only if the counselors are foolish enough to set the trap. Placing it in front of the fuse box, but not setting it, is the way to go.
  12. Paying $40 for F13.
  13. Seems like it works as intended: Jason traps block counselor beartraps too, and if Jason traps the phone first, the counselors can't move his traps to place their own to protect the box. So why should he be able to move theirs? It's just a race to get the space right there trapped first, and Jason has every advantage (morph, spawns with traps, knows where the phone is). If he still loses the race to trap the space right in front of the box? Well, tough shit for him.
  14. Eh, why waste your time? The devs don't bother replying to their own forums, so I hope you're not thinking they're going to review (much less care about) anything sent to them.