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  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...no.
  2. Don't get too happy about that too fast. I think you'll find that grab range is not that big a deal versus making the grab radius more forgiving at close ranges. It'll make shift+grab much more effective, as which way Jason's facing upon exiting the shift will be come much less important.
  3. The fundamental mechanic of 'Fear up, Composure down' is sound, offering an important way for Jason to up his chances of finding and killing counselors. Getting rid of it entirely would make the game less nuanced than it is, which as game as simplistic as F13 cannot afford. What the OP seems to be struggling to articulate is that he thinks: 1) there should be less effect on how hard it is to break free, which seems sensible given how brutally hard it can be to escape at high fear levels even for an Adam with high composure and high strength; and 2) there's a need for better perks to counter all aspects of the grab mechanic, including how it becomes harder to escape once fear has built, which again is just a balance issue.
  4. Window transits still have a magic bubble of invulnerability, please fix it correctly next patch.
  5. Dim bulb spotted: I don't have Savini, and have long argued that there should be a differently skinned Jason with the exact same stats and weapon reach.
  6. Or one power attack with Bugzy using the axe, with an epic Thrasher perk.
  7. Pt 4 is already a vicious killing machine...giving him normal shift on top of destruction, damage, and running would make him basically unstoppable. I'm not against that, though
  8. Last night I spawned as Adam at the mechanic shed on Crystal Lake small map. A battery was in the middle room, a gas was in the front room, and there were keys in one of the desk drawers -- the 4 seater was right next to the shed, and I had it running in less than two minutes. Another match, the first drawer I opened in the crystal lake small map bathrooms had the fuse and the phone box was right out back - cops call completed just before Jason morphed there to trap the box. Sometimes everyone gets lucky - others, nobody can find the stuff needed to get anything running.
  9. Eh....recently, I've started challenging myself to only kill by slashing/knives. It's significantly harder to be Jason if you can't grab anyone (though it also makes the awful hit detection issues much more apparent).
  10. Adam's strengths go to the most important parts of the game: fighting Jason and repairing objectives. Epic Escape Artist + Adam = a lot of salty grab-users. His weaknesses are either relatively unimportant (amount of noise during movement) or not so severe as to be incurable by perks (stamina). The one HUGE issue with him is his dogshit car starting times due to Luck's undisclosed effect on that. Jumping into the driver seat during a scrum is very risky for Adam, even with a (now nerfed) Epic Grease Monkey. If I'm actually playing to survive, I'll usually get out as Adam. I think he does promote a somewhat self-sacrificing play style that results in a higher fatality rate from fights/tanking traps, though.
  11. You're still not getting it: the bubble exists for all counselor window transits. You won't be free swinging into them during it, either.
  12. It's absolutely necessary - there's still a long period of "magic shield" for the counselor as they go through the animation. Can't slash, grab, or knife them during it.
  13. Without a grab kill animation, counselors have a harder time quitting before you kill them. Just slash em up and finish them off with a knife...they're usually busy trying to get away rather than rage quitting at that point.
  14. So you're saying you deserve to be slashed/knifed? Got it.