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  1. thanks
  2. Where did he confirm that? I can't find it.
  3. I'm ok with paying 2-4 bucks per dlc. It's the same in DbD aswell. Yea the game has a high price tag on its own and the current stuff isn't "amazing" but with all this new stuff coming, the new servers for consoles, and bug fixes I'm pretty sure this october is gonna be the best month for this game, for a long time
  4. Since the full SP release has now officially been delayed with the image, I'm not tooo afraid. But we never know, you're right.
  5. I honestly only expected the clothing and new jason + map. but also getting new clothes, kills and counselors in october is super amazing
  6. So many new counselors jesus im impressed, but to be honest. I was really hoping to see a "pamela killer" circle appear somewhere Well dreams being dreams i guess.
  7. No you can choose different patterns/colors. Like in this pic you can see Kenny has the red/black chosen but also has a pinkish/purple, brown and white option without any patterns on it. Same goes for Chads speedo I'm assuming.
  8. You can change the color of clothing with the new update. So if theres a speedo without anything on it you'll likely be able to get the black one.
  9. The only reason the other Thread was closed is because the Mod was bored as hell, like always probably. Instead of closing some that exist 100 times already these are being closed for "spam" and being a no "discussion" Thread.
  10. Oh ok, been too long since i watched them just thought it was part 4 for some reason
  11. Didn't you also write councillor instead of counselor? house and stuff
  12. I can't recall if it was the jarvis' door or a window he jumped through, basically rage but with another animation, looked kinda funny
  13. for every1 liking horror games, end of next month 27-30th last year's open beta starts so just try that game out. If you're too sad about f13 and can't handle it anymore. *edited date
  14. Just say that the only attractive thing about chad, is his abs xD His face is something you could put a Jason P2 mask over, the body is nice to look at. But Chad is probably below Kenny for me. So 2nd. last. Adam and Buggzy are both handsome, and both got no shirtless option. It's dissapointing. Especially because i think Buggzy would fit the shirtless role more than the "I'm too rich for this summer camp" guy
  15. Yes so tilting best looking guy but ofc he ain't shirtless.