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  1. This would be super cool to watch!
  2. Special F13 shirt from terrorthreads.com 72 hour sale. Happy F13 everyone!! https://terrorthreads.myshopify.com/collections/limited-editions
  3. I think they look better. They look crisper. Maybe a bit too bright as you said. Overall I like it though.
  4. Yup I'm buying them. Want to support the game.
  5. Well done! I laughed at her messing up on the battery.
  6. You mention J2 being slower when he shifts due to his - shift stat. I suspect Jasons with a +shift stat move faster than a Jason with a neutral shift stat. Correct?
  7. I actually like -shift. Its easier to control. I'm terrible with the +shift Jasons. Its just too fast for my old reflexes.
  8. I would like to see a prestige system implemented as well.
  9. I had my first team kill last night since it was patched out. Driving full speed and out runs a Tiffany. Splat. I hit the brakes but, these aren't exactly performance cars we're dealing with. I wasn't too put off by it considering it so rarely happens. At least to me.
  10. Funny you say that. Its my sisters' wedding. Its going to take place in a graveyard in Sleepy Hollow NY at sunset. The whole thing is based around halloween. My sister has Jason from part 7 tattooed on her forearm. She would definitely not be opposed to me dressing as Jason for her wedding. I was thinking about going as J2 for Halloween anyway.....*gears turning*
  11. I've mainly played Savini and part 2. I have a much easier time shift grabbing with part 2. Savini's shift is so fast it makes it difficult for me to control. The slower speed of part 2 is far more manageable for me. It just requires using morph more often. Which is fine as that is one of his strengths.
  12. Deborah: preparedness, hypochondriac, medic. I like starting with the map so I can immediately orient myself with objectives, which gives me a better idea where to begin searching for parts. The other two are to make sure I can handle traps at any objective I intend to repair, without relying on help from others.
  13. Wish I could jump on with you guys. I'll be at a wedding 😣
  14. Any of these. All of these. Any change would be welcome.