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  1. I might have to start a private lobby with just myself to check out this new Tiffany. ya know, for education reasons and whatnot.
  2. I mean I do think that Jason still needs to have a chance to be stunned even while blocking. But an extremely low chance. Higher chance on Jason's that have stun resistance as a weakness. BUT, if Jason has a blocking mechanic in the game, I will utilize it. If someone boots me over it bc it feels cheap then whatever. Plenty of people still play this game and I can play with people that don't have this ridiculous notion that Jason can't block attacks and must be stunned.
  3. PS4 and PC will get it ASAP. Xbox will get it two/three weeks down the road.
  4. I've been booted out of lobbies for blocking with Jason. And I'm not talking about blocking flares or firecrackers, just blocking regular attacks. And like you I've been called a cheater bc Jason can't be stunned if he is blocking. And it's always those people that like to get into a group of 4/5 and beat up on Jason's that get mad if you block. I must have missed the memo that I'm suppose to let these guys knock me on my ass.
  5. If I see two people working together, as in one friend is Jason and the other isn't. I'll let them game play out until right as Jason is about to kill the last person/ his friend. Then I leave the game. That is the only time I will leave the game as a host, or if someone is doing some bogus glitch.
  6. That's good to know. I imagine we will get a crap ton of new threads being started if this is true. Those guys will be pissed. But they shouldn't have gotten it anyways. And I don't feel the least bit bad bc so many people got paid content for free.
  7. Yes. It does.
  8. So just played a game where one person escaped by boat. The problem is is that I never heard the boat crank up like I normally do. Does this happen to anyone else, I'm on Xbox btw.
  9. I swear, I've heard the boat start across the map before too. ive been asking my friends and they say the same thing, sometimes they hear the boat starting and other times they don't. Starting to sound like a glitch, either we are or are not suppose to hear the boat starting.
  10. So now that you have more information, will the people that downloaded paid content for free get that revoked? I think most people would love some information on that.
  11. Hmm I could have sworn I can hear the boat start when I'm host. its only when I'm not hosting a lobby that I can't hear it.
  12. Wow this is a thing ive been wondering how people have been getting around my traps without setting them off by stepping in it or disarming it. Guess I figured it out. The online community man, just can't play the game the way it suppose to be played.
  13. Which console do you play on.
  14. Probably deleted it bc if for whatever reason Microsoft can't revoke it then they are made out to be even bigger liars. Who tf runs these guys twitters? They need new people.
  15. I was about to say I just went to their twitter and couldn't find it. Wooooooow.
  16. It's not a valid aregument. PS4 players had to pay 5.99, the same amount backers had to pay to get him. Microsoft released it for free. Since Microsoft released paid content for free, they can take it away. Since Sony released paid content, and people bought the paid content, Sony couldn't do anything about it as far as revoking it. Difference is money. I feel like there will be a lot of Xbox gamers coming to the forums bitching once it gets taken away.
  17. Either way 12/14 hours was way too long. Along with the fact that the club I'm in with like 30 people was posting it, so everyone in that club has savini now. i bet the bigger clubs with thousands of members had the majority of their members get him. Its just no longer exclusive, and it's a bummer. I use to get so excited when I saw someone with Savini. Now, not so much.
  18. Yes, after 12 hours it was finally removed from the Microsoft store. So if you didn't get him, you've missed your chance.
  19. I believe this game would have been called Summer Camp or something along those lines without the donations of backers to help them acquire the Friday lisence.
  20. I understand that, however savini Jason was never supposed to be released to the public. Thats the thing people aren't getting. Regardless of when the backers knew about savini, they were promised it would never be released to the public. First the PS4 gets it, but they had to at least pay for it, so can't take it away once money is involved. Then Xbox gets it for free, that can be revoked, just requires Gun/illfonic to actually go through the hassle of getting Microsoft to do it. Fallout 4 released for free on the Xbox, Microsoft revoked everyone who downloaded it for free. The exact same principle applies here. Most people who had him had to pay for him, so not only did the backers get lied too, but people that didn't back the game got something for free when the people that did back the game had to pay. Its just one screw up after another.
  21. Crazy. Without the people that backed the game, this game would have never happened. I didn't back it, but even I understand that you can't piss those people off. These guys just seem not to care, taking the approach that if you ignore it, it will go away. I've compared this game to the master chief collection and I'm gonna do it again. 343 did the EXACT same things, releasing a broken game, taking months to fix said game, ignoring it when it was clear it couldn't be fixed, lied to people regarding it being the exact same halo games we remembered, etc. I feel for you guys, and even if the devs don't appreciate y'all, just know that I do. I love this game so thank y'all. Im sorry that the devs have lied and refuse to respond on this matter.
  22. Still no statement from gun regarding this? i guess it shouldn't surprise me considering how quiet they were over things like dedicated servers on consoles, the Xbox patch being delayed for 3 weeks, etc. im sure once the novelty of savini Jason wears off people will stop using him, but it's so frustrating going into a lobby and 6/7 people are using him.
  23. I feel for you backers. Really do. i didn't have a problem when they released it for the PS4 bc people paid money for it. but I do have a problem with it being released for free when everyone that's suppose to have it paid money for it. gun media really dropped the ball here
  24. You do know that mods can delete threads right?
  25. Well to be fair I believe the Xbox marketplace updates once a day. so at the earliest it would be tomorrow morning before it gets taken away from people, well if it gets taken away from people