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  1. Yeah CoD at least back when I played, would do them pretty frequently. Maybe once a month type of thing. I wouldn't be against them doing a double exp event once a month, especially since once you hit level 50 the grind becomes realllllll.
  2. It's @lHeartBreakerl's Alt. Gotcha you slick rick you. Im just kidding by the way lol.
  3. I mean I normally kill everyone when I'm part 7 as well. But it requires a lot more thought than some of the easier to use Jason's. For example, if I play part 2 Jason I'll just triple trap the phone, trap both cars, or just the car if a boat spawns, and I pretty much don't have to worry about anyone escaping ever. Part 7 doesn't get that luxury. You have to be extremely efficient with your traps, and if they disarm one chances are your not gonna be able to re trap it. Along with the fact he can't run, has a weak shift, and is neutral in morph, it can become quite problematic playing as him vs a group of people that actually know what they are doing.
  4. Pretty much agree on all parts. Part 2 could definitely be considered the best Jason just bc of how easy it is to maintain objectives. I see a lot of people that struggle as Jason switch to part 2, and their performance drastically improves. And part 7 Jason, for me, is by far and away the worse Jason in the game. No real strengths that are actually beneficial. And some major weaknesses that hurt him.
  5. I mean it's really no better on the Xbox either. seems like both console versions are a complete mess in terms of stability.
  6. This is why I always morph to the phone box first. Always.
  7. Gave it a 6. When the game works, it's some of the most fun I've had in years. But all the crashing on the Xbox has really started to take its toll on me. Last night it was my 4th game on and I say to the lobby hey guys if I get picked to be Jason the game is probably going to crash, sure enough the loading screen ends and I can see the two circles to pick up the knives and bam. crashed like a mug.
  8. Wow, honestly how do people find this stuff? smh just another thing to watch out for I guess.
  9. Wtf is the wall glitch? I know about the whole rooftops glitch even though on Xbox I haven't seen anyone do it since the patch.
  10. No I really don't mean to sound rude though, I just wanted to see if its user error on my part. Bc I can't seem to get the timing down.
  11. I've seen you say this a lot, but in my experience on Xbox I can block Jason and he can still spam another RT before I even get done with my attack animation. And I have an epic perk that increases my attack speed. I don't wanna sound rude or anything, but can you post a video to prove it? Idk if maybe my timing is off but th only thing I can reliably do against RT spammers is run then turn around and bat em.
  12. I mean I personally hate playing against RT spamming Jason's, but I would never berate someone for playing a game the way they want to play. Unless they are doing some type of glitch, then as soon as the game is over they are getting the hot boot.
  13. I mean take everything that the support team says with a grain of salt. While I wouldn't mind people who legitimately come in and troll and spend the whole game trying to team kill get banned, it does restrict play styles and they would have to implement something that prevents bans for accidents. Bc the last thing that us forum guys want are numerous posts about being banned for 3 hours bc some trolls were getting in the way of cars.
  14. Same thing happened to me yesterday. First time I was legitimately challenged playing Jason. But then tommy decided to wander off to find a machete anddddd he found one alright. Jason's.
  15. Thought they patched it??