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  1. @Simianorlizard, your restaurant analogy has no bearing on the current circumstances. The servers were available at launch for PC. They were not for consoles. The game was playable on its own on consoles. Hardly an uneatable meal smeared with excrement. Fellow players have made the lack of servers a problem by host-quitting. That certainly sucks, but it's not an action taken by the development team. The realization that dedicated servers would combat a widespread problem perpetrated by fellow players has prompted the move to add them for consoles. Based on their theorized timeline and the fact that we are outside of it, they did not realize the degree of work, or money, or red tape that it would take. This miscalculation is not illegal, merely inconvenient. An NDA is not at all a surprise, as trigger-happy forum members would be thrilled to drag down a contractor who was slower than they like, lawsuit or not. A business partner won't want the chance of their name smeared across gaming discussions so they require an NDA. That's just the player perspective, from a business perspective things like pricing and scope of work would be guarded for future negotiating with other game developers. Keep in mind, this game's business partners include the manufacturers of both consoles, entities who have the power to mandate non-negotiable NDAs. Regarding the lawsuit you have cited, I'm afraid without any corroborating evidence, it is currently hearsay. If you would like to provide some evidence, then by all means, it is worth consideration. If the lawsuit is truly over naming rights, I can preemptively say that it is also irrelevant to the conversation.
  2. Guys, I've read your stuff. I just reread it to make sure I hadn't missed your magic bullet. There isn't one. You are mistaken. Several members have tried to point that out to you. You accuse them of rudeness or condescension. They roll their eyes and move on while someone else steps in. The process repeats. You don't get a peek behind the curtain. You don't get to find out a release date until the publisher announces it. You haven't been promised anything other than that dedicated servers are coming. Trying to organize a lawsuit will be an expensive way confirm what we've all already told you. Consider involving yourself in some other discussion for a while. This one is just going in circles.
  3. You want a deadline. You don't get one. What other point an I missing?
  4. Ah the internet, where someone can claim to work for some lawyers and then Introduce hearsay and expect that'll advance the point. The fact of the matter is that both of you have been rude to anyone who pointed out that this was a bad idea. Keep chatting about a lawsuit if you want, but expect clearer heads to interject to point out the futility. If you don't want that, consider planning your lawsuit over PM.
  5. Jason Merchandise News Thread

    There's also a Jason MadBal.
  6. Jason Merchandise News Thread

    I like knowing what's out there, and was shocked that I didn't know that this Minifigure existed. What other Friday the 13th figures, t-shirts, masks, memorabilia, etc. are out there that members of these forums might want to get their sticky fingers on?
  7. Haven't you bored of those trolls?

    "It's not a chopper, Bennett."
  8. Nobody is condemning you, just advising you that your head is on backwards out of concern you'll embarrassingly run into a wall. You're throwing around big-boy words like 'parity' and 'lawsuit' and 'snatch', and we're trying to keep you from having to pay a lawyer to tell you that your don't have a case. It seems like you're pretty proud of that analogy, so I'm going to give you the opportunity to explain how it bears the slightest shred of relevance. Bonus points, if you use illustrations. Super-secret-special bonus points if they are custom-created just for your post.
  9. Ah. That lines up with my expectations of your communications. My original statement stands. Servers are coming. You are not owed transparency. A lawsuit will not gain that for you. There is no need to get this worked up about all of this.
  10. My cheek has been ripped

    Did you get this looked at? Are you ok? Did it require stitches?
  11. I'll have to trust you in regards to removed comments. The rest still stands.
  12. You don't want @Cokeyskunk to explain it to you? Then allow me: You were promised nothing in regards to a timeline, only offered a suggested possibility. Your attempt to sue will go nowhere. You are spinning your wheels. It is silly. The game is not broken. It is (without hyperbole) playable. That is what you payed for. It would be a more enjoyable experience with dedicated servers. They are working on it. Quit puffing up your chest and calling out one member who you disagree with, saying you won't discuss it with him just because you disagree with him. It is childish. I couldn't find snark or rudeness in his communications. ...or don't. Go pay a lawyer to tell you all of this. I'm just telling you for free. @Cokeyskunk was explaining this to someone else for free.
  13. End of Round Screen

    That's understandable. My PlayStation was turned on, when I typed it.
  14. End of Round Screen

    I fear this amendment would achieve the opposite of it's intended result. Namely, that the behavior would increase JUST for trolls to get it on the wall of shame.
  15. Live bug assistance

    I see your point regarding the PM. I have nothing further to offer at this time. Duly noted.
  16. Live bug assistance

    I'm not asking with a pre-assumed answer: Did your PM require a response? Was there a question or an explicit attempt to start a dialogue? Was it a statement that was open to a reply? Given the forum rules, I'm not necessarily looking for a direct answer. Professionally, some of my messages are absorbed from within the notification bar of my phone. I can read the full message without ever opening my email app. The next time I'm in my inbox, I simply archive the message. If the message requires a response, I follow through appropriately. If my inbox functioned like this forum, many messages would appear to be unread. As to the warning point, I don't relish that you were awarded one, but there are rules around discussing our PMs with other users. I would anticipate a warning point, myself, if I had broken forum rules.
  17. Toyfare Magazine

    Yesterday, while rearranging some stuff, my wife came across an old stack of Toyfare magazines, and left it out for me to decide what to do with them. As soon as I came home and saw them, the memories started rushing back: obsessive articles on one action figure line or another, silly or risque word balloons over photos of iconic toys, BigShots in the price guide, Twisted Toyfare Theater (formerly Twisted Mego Theater), running gags on the letters page about Michael Zorek or one of the staff member's malamute. I freaking loved that rag! The tie-in to here is that the whole reason I started buying each issue was to find out news about the rumored Freddy and Jason figures that were supposedly coming from McFarlane Toys. If they were real, I HAD to have them! It being the late '90s, websites were still mostly a novelty, and not yet a source of any real information, this magazine was one of only a few possible sources of information on something as niche as collecting action figures. Combine that with the fact that each issue included a loose free poster, so they sealed then together in a plastic bag, and I had 'no choice' but to buy the issue to uncover any news. By the time an issue featuring those horror icons was finally printed, I had already bought months upon months worth of issues and was hooked. The editorial tone, the insight, the humor (as a direct precursor to Robot Chicken) kept me coming back long after I found what I came for. The magazine has been out of print for a while, scattering its staff to the winds. I wonder where many of them are, today. I know that the Robot Chicken production brought along a few Toyfare personnel, but I'm curious if others are still writing. Did that humor, that tongue-in-cheek nature, find its way into another print or online medium? Did anyone else regularly pick these up from their newsstands or know where any of the writers or editors landed?
  18. End of Round Screen

    I deeply admire this suggestion and want it inside my console.
  19. Live bug assistance

    Not dead, just not as vibrant as it has been. He's not upset at the contact attempt, but at the attempt at public shaming of said Community Manager, who could have just as easily read the message from his email inbox as from the actual forum page (which wouldn't have registered as a read on the page). Perpetually assuming that he took the most evil route is a choice. Publicly calling him out on your assumption is an ugly choice. Recharacterizing his response is a transparently subversive choice.
  20. The next time I get multiple kills around a single objective, I might explore some sort of grotesque arrangement of the bodies.
  21. I have murdered friends as Jason and then took the time to painstakingly kick their bodies into the lake while letting them know what I'm doing over the microphone and explaining that no one will ever find them.
  22. Your perfect horror evening ...

    I can't deliver Texas Chainsaw Massacre to you, but I can direct you towards the opportunity to experience the feeling of watching a movie on VHS. ShoutFactoryTV has a small vault of movies presented in a VHS-like format complete with tracking, scratches, and discoloration. You can at least experience Night of the Demons or Sleepaway Camp like you just brought it home from the local rental place. Outside of that, they have a fun selection of free horror movies, along with other genres. http://www.shoutfactorytv.com/film/vhs-vault
  23. Your perfect horror evening ...

    Immediately after screening it for them, I showed them a trailer for the restored print, and they were pumped about catching it again. I was surprised that I was able to manufacture excitement over a re-watch, so simply. I actually just tossed them a trivia question about TCM's body count with the winner getting an overriding vote on one of the movies selections for the weekend.
  24. Your perfect horror evening ...

    My kids are of the age where travel sports are part of the picture. My wife and I will often divide and conquer leaving me with some weekends where it's just my teenage sons and I at home, while she's out of town with my daughter. This leads to horror movie, action movie, outdoors, or video game weekends. On a horror movie weekend, all the blinds are shut until my wife and daughter return. The food varies but I will always make popcorn (something I have perfected for stovetop AND homemade in the microwave). I'll also have beer for me and sodas (pops, cokes, soft drinks) for them. Sometimes one of my friends or one of their friends are invited to the mix. I try to blend new and old. Some of the old stuff I insist we watch on VHS because I think the low resolution and feedback add to the suspense (you haven't truly seen The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, until you've barely seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre). I usually try to curate the watch list to a theme or an arc of some sort. Leading up to the release of this game, I used one of these weekends to immerse them in Friday the 13th. They are itching to see the modern remakes, but I have a hard rule that we can't watch those until they have caught up with the originals across the board. Coincidentally, I've got one of those weekends coming up. I'm actively working on settling out the watch list.