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  1. It's not the phone, it's the site limits. Try uploading to a site like this and then posting the link to the picture in the thread. https://ctrlq.org/images/
  2. Part 6 had more than one man behind the mask. The game is more accurate to this guy than the scene your showing in your picture.
  3. No judgement from me. It's not my preference, but I get the appeal.
  4. In theory, you're right. In practice, you think you have a nice lobby. Then once the game starts, they can't even stick around for their own death animation, let alone your daring feats of heroism. But if you 'hand them a coloring book', they might sit quietly at the table and not wander off. Sex scenes, though? Eh...I was around for "Hot Coffee". I won't stand in the way of them happening, but it wouldn't be my first choice. The sex scenes from the series were mostly discreet (until New line got ahold of them) but I can't see discreet working on video game form. I don't want to be stuck in a cabin full of heavy breathing over microphones. Edit: Also the thing you JUST said.
  5. Nah. Just an early exchange on the boards.
  6. On the original topic: I was not a proponent of the removal of friendly fire to begin with, but I hadn't thought about that being an indirect nerf for Jason. I was mostly disappointed with a point of tension being removed. Having not realized that Jason could block through firecrackers, I now understand why Jasons who have had no choice but to walk through my fireworks display still managed to stay hot on my tail. That's weak. I'm glad it's being fixed.
  7. I prefer to mix it up. Put on a show. I try to use a different kill each time. It's not always possible, but I stand a chance at keeping the lobby around if I make it worth watching.
  8. He was addressing a trolling statement made by someone who had not been part of the conversation. -said a guy who just entered the conversation
  9. That. Is. AWESOME!
  10. I imagine something like this would encourage early kills to hang around.
  11. Ouch. That one stings.
  12. For anyone who hasn't seen it, High Tension is BRUTAL, and worth a watch. I saw Green Inferno the day before a long trip, so the plane scene was a great thing to remember as I was flying over unpopulated wilderness. It did not, however, affect my enjoyment of barbecue.
  13. Indeed
  14. Welcome to the forums, @Krock. It's nice to have another old-school horror fan and a fan of the game on here.