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  1. Iceman, PlayStation has the same thing he's describing. My sons have access to my purchases because they're on a family account with me. It's not cheating. It's not glitching. It's not doing anything wrong. It's an intentionally designed part of the gaming ecosystem. You're spreading a layer of arrogance on top of a layer of ignorance. It's making for a really unappetizing sandwich.
  2. I believe the mannequin's endowments simply don't meet your expectations.
  3. Welcome. You might be interested in joining the group described in the message, below. It so, send me a message with your PSN username and I'll get an invitation out to you.
  4. Hello there! Welcome to the forums.
  5. Jason saved more than just Pamela's head and sweater.
  6. I intentionally left my sons in the dark going in to A New Beginning, and up until you saw "Jason" and Tommy onscreen together, they weren't entirely sure whether or not the killer was Tommy. I managed to time it as a double feature of The Final Chapter and THEN A New Beginning, so they were coming right off of the heels of Corey Feldman's menacing stare at the end of IV.
  7. DamonD7, do you know if this is a permanent change?
  8. By the way @Brimstone, I like your avatar. My parents wouldn't let me watch the show when I was a kid because of the idiotic panic headlines that D&D players were killing people in real life.
  9. I see. The player base in the PS4 group tends to lean more towards forum members when it comes to activity. What usually to happen for us is that we trickle in during peak playing hours and fill a lobby from there. Usually there is at least one full lobby and enough leftover to hold the majority of another. Or total membership is also bloated in comparison to active players, but I'm not convinced all of those players are entirely lost, just presently inactive.
  10. The servers are a cure for a sickness. The sickness is not that the game didn't have them, but that the player-base is infested with selfish people who do not value social gameplay or respect that their actions ruin the experience for others. Perhaps the developers were naive in not anticipating this, but in it's purest form, the game was designed to be a 20-minute experience for everyone, even those that died early in the match, with the added danger that in game actions could harm fellow counselors by unexpectedly team-killing while attacking Jason, or having to fight off a desperate fear-consumed teammate for the last spot on a boat. What they've discovered is that there were enough players who did not care what the intent was, and decided to ruin the fun for others whenever they saw an opportunity. We didn't have servers, because the team didn't anticipate we'd need them. I wouldn't have either.
  11. Hi!

    Welcome, Linda! We're glad you're here!
  12. Welcome! You'll find answers to some of your single player questions, here:
  13. Welcome! We're glad you're here!