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  1. Yep, always liked those. I would love to see that type of attention poured into this game.
  2. I'd rather a faster way to gain cp before max level. LOL. Not sure how cp is supposed to work, but I will go 2 or 3 matches and only get about 100 each time. Next match I will gain around 800 - rinse and repeat. By the way - congrats on winning the lotto.
  3. As much as I would like to see a manhattan map, I am not sure how they would make that work within the current gameplay.
  4. I like the idea of a winter map and some of the new game play possibilities.
  5. I do the same, but I've been getting 3 and 8 lately.
  6. I am aware of that discussion, but I have yet to see the difference. If it was a glitch that was fixed, I would be glad to hear the Devs explain it. Until I can see a clear difference, that fuse is getting 3 traps. Lol
  7. I prefer to triple trap the phone and nothing else. Too many times, a single trap was disabled and the cops called. Too many objectives trapped can be confusing to figure out which location to morph to after one is tripped. Cars have audio cues and 3 parts, much easier to manage. Boats are the easiest to miss, but only 2 people can escape. I just try and watch the map. Both can also be stopped after fixed. Seems like a lot more people are getting better at using the counselors to there advantage. Just my preference, but so far it is working for me. Funny thing is, last night I killed a counselor with the 3rd trap that he never noticed.
  8. You forgot the 2 main reasons why players leave matches - glitchers and teaming up with Jason.
  9. Haters are gonna hate. Unfortunately you will never truly be free of them. People are going to complain if you grab, if you hack, if you use traps, if you don't use traps, if you shift grab, if you can't shift grab, and so on and so on. Personally I can't wait to be slaughtered by Savini Jason, as I haven't seen him in a game yet.
  10. Unless you are identifying glitchers, trolls or TK's it is cheating. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I am level 49 and play for enjoyment not Xp anymore. I have no problem taking out a TKer or glitcher. So far, I only had to do it once........but it felt great. Lol As far as I'm concerned, 1 xp is a bonus for taking out one of those knuckleheads.
  12. I only trap the phone so if I hear it go off, I know exactly where to morph. For me, setting too many traps gets confusing trying to figure out which one went off.
  13. Not sure what that means, but it sounds good. Thanks for the update and for taking the time to read our frustrations.
  14. Well, just blasted my first TKer about an hour ago. Knucklehead kept following me around the map smacking me with a baseball bat. Made a run to the main house on Packanack, found an unattended shotgun and blasted him. It felt very good and I still got 1 xp. I really hope the Devs hurry up with the single player. Online is getting really frustrating lately.