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  1. I missed most of double XP weekend because I returned to Abandoned Camp for Friday the 13th weekend... but this time I also came prepared =)
  2. I saw a counselor in spectator mode (I got ran over by the car...) step on a trap, set it again, and wait for Jason. As soon as Jason arrived they suicided. I can see if being annoying for Jason but I don’t think there should be -1000 or any penalty. I’ve died to suicide legit trying to get away from Jason due to falling or window damage. I even had times where I had HP to climb though a window but Jason slashed the window at the same time and it registered as a suicide. Also not big enough of an issue. Jason still gets his no survivors bonus if he kills everyone else no ,after how many suicide.
  3. They always say that, but this game is the only game I ever have any problems with.
  4. At this rate they should call it “No XP Weekend”
  5. Oh great.... a Savini who can only slash-kill and doesn't even have the option for a grab kill =P
  6. I can somewhat understand that concern - but they are making it really difficult to enjoy the full experience from one game purchase, and on one login. I'd hate to swap game accounts entirely for something like changing an outfit. I'm sure some people will buy multiple games to feel like they own everything the game has to offer - just not worth it to me. Moves like this make me loss some of my good will towards the game. From a kickstarter to 1.8 M copies sold prior to this release at full or close to full price - this game has been extremely profitable. I'm not sure why they want to lock content out from players who've supported them. I'm more than willing to pay $2 here and there for DLC but feels bad to not be able to get things entirely without buying the game over again and starting a new account.
  7. Thanks this is just what I was looking for! While I'd like the AJ and Tiff shirts, I'm not going to spend $40 on them - especially since you can't use them on the digital accounts we already own. But nice to see what was included. I don't feel there should be any physical release exclusives though that are locked out from digital purchases - but just my opinion.
  8. I'm a little confused. Does anyone have links to pictures of the new counselor clothing? I don't really care about variations on Jason bloody skins since we'll get some version of those. I am curious what counselor clothes they got.
  9. Speedo Chad hasn’t missed a flare or shotgun blast all night! How you might ask? I’ll tell you. Step one: turn on radio. Step two: wiggle butt dance until Jason arrives. Be sure not to confuse him for Tiffany who may also be attracted to this Upon arrival Jason will usually pause to watch your dance. Alternatively he will think your AFK and walk at you in a straight line Step 3: shotgun Jason in the face as he is distracted by your sexy moves. I did this all night and not a single Jason even tried to dodge lol.
  10. If you want to play slippery wet speedo Chad who can climb through broken windows 70 times and dance as Jason is forever unable to catch you: Medic Thick Skinned Nerves of Steel (needed to see jason on minimap after ports / shifts)
  11. They have a new pack that isn't free. It includes dances and some new emotes It's only $2 so why not.
  12. Despite its flaws, I got an incredible amount of play time out of this game and am still enjoying myself. Not sure if this was already posted, but Friday the 13th was nominated for two Golden Joystick Awards. I voted for it for both categories. Just posting the link here in case you'd like for this game to be recognized. http://www.gamesradar.com/goldenjoystickawards/
  13. The Awesome news keeps on coming! I'm very concerned - I'm going to start sounding like a fanboy but very happy right now. Now if only we could get those dedicated servers.
  14. I may give Jenny a try again - this sounds interesting. As a present Chad main - I take the perk not to lose his mini-map. It's extremely helpful to keep track of Jason as when he uses skills he temporarily appears on the minimap and you can keep track of him. It's an under-rated perk and key to my survival as him.
  15. My first main was AJ. I made the most use of my stealth and repair and focused on whatever objectives I could find parts to. I had a lot of success with her. Escaping became too easy, so I switched to Chad. He was hard-mode with the luck nerf, but now he's good again. He's very versatile. He can repair (just wait for a 5 click repair, very doable), he's fast, and can fight. I also learned how to hide as AJ, and hiding works on all counselors so I use it on him also. He's also great at juking with his luck avoiding broken window damage. I vary what I plan on doing to keep it interesting, and depending who is in the lobby. Sometimes I deliver, sometimes I repair, sometimes I distract, and sometimes I create juking rooms full of med sprays. Last night I juked Jason for about 8 minutes through broken windows. I had 8 med spray uses. After the lobby a little kid screamed "CHAD WAS CHEATING! HE HAX!!!!" Um, I can crawl through about 10 windows before I need one med spray use, and I have 8 of them.... lol. Chad Perks: Must Have: 2 Med Spray Uses, Don't Lose Minimap Versatile: Thick Skin in case I want to fight, and now it reduces all damage again so pretty good for juking.