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  1. Am I the only one sick of reading Pap-smear pat himself on TNT back in every post. I hate it when my iPad logs me out because otherwise his posts are hidden from my view.
  2. Voted MEH. Still has an innate fun factor that is limited by repetitiveness and ruined by the community. - Waiting on TKs to be patched out. It's seeminly worse as people are TKing all the time now in anticipation of not being able to do this anymore. - Glitches and Exploits taking too long to be patched out, and they become immensely popular until they are. - No new maps or anything new to do since release. Unknown exactly when we will get new content. - Upcoming new content (Smaller versions of the maps we already have and single player where you as Jason kills dumb AI) seem to have limited lasting appeal.
  3. Haven't played in a few weeks as I lost interest. I did log in last night and got TKed by someone with the shotgun while opening a drawer (that was empty) and then glitchers. I think I'll just stay away.
  4. LMAO can't be more true
  5. Those are concurrent number, not th total active player base. Steamspy shows that about 96000 logged in over the course of two weeks. Presently close to 40% still at least log into the game.
  6. Then they made $72 Million excluding kickstarter and any unknown investors, prior to any distribution costs. Can we have servers for consoles now?
  7. They should have called it a timed exclusive then as exclusive is false advertising. Meanwhile on Reddit - Preatorian posted this about there being different blood skins for digital: ThePraetorian Gun Media and IllFonic are happy to finally announce the launch of our physical edition to Xbox One, PS4 and Steam this Friday the 13th in October for $39.99! Included: Exclusive free Bloody Jason Skin for all playable Jasons and free pack of clothing for each of the playable camp counselors. A heads up to all current digital players; we created different bloody skin patterns and we are giving one away for retail and one for free to digital. They are different blood patterns, but we didn’t want our digital players to feel left out. That blood skin will be added in the near future. Pre-order now on Amazon: Xbox - https://goo.gl/zi6fWx PS4 - https://goo.gl/jbzNJF
  8. I'm pretty sure I read that the physical copy is exclusive and the digital we get will have a different blood pattern.
  9. Instead of clean and bloody skins I'd prefer my Jason to get bloodier and bloodier with each Counselor I kill. Also digital players will get their own Bloody skins - just with different blood patterns from the physical.
  10. I noticed it stated Exclusive Free Bloody Skin but just Free Counselor Clothes. Are the Counselor Clothes the free pack we already got?
  11. I used to not hoarde keys, then realized that every time I dropped them off at a car someone would pick them up and die in some unknown spot in the middle nowhere, making escape impossible. I not only hoarde keys, I don't tell anyone until I'm on my way to the car to use them. Note I only play QuickPlay, where people will shoot you for the keys or steal them if you leave them at the car.
  12. As much as I prefer thinking for myself, I changed a lot of this type of behavior due to researchers like @Rydog and the guides written - so thank you. I think a lot of OP's points aren't really "shouldn't" but more preference for a specific playstyle. When I first started: 1. Hiding after Jason has Rage. I used to pick Jenny very early on and hide in a cabinet. Was always surprised when I was found eventually as I didn't understand how sense worked. 2. Crouching to recover stamina. A lot of players think that crouching helps with stamina regen when it's actually the opposite. 3. Crouching in a house thinking it will avoid sense, with no perk. Again a lot of players think crouching in a corner does something. When spectating I see people sprint to a corner, stop, and then crouch. I used to do this...obviously this does nothing to avoid sense without a perk. I play stealth chars so typically I don't need it to avoid noise pings either. 4. Running away with car items. I used to refuse to drop items for repairs thinking I could juke Jason and install it later. At best I usually ended up bringing the item far away and having to drop it for a weapon. 5. Holding my breath while hiding as AJ. Unless Jason stops in front of your bed and kills someone, she's not talking unless your fear was already very high. The loud gasps however are a dead giveaway. 6. Spawning as Tommy and leaving immediately for the cops. I try to be a helpful Tommy now unless I hate the lobby I'm in. I figure I got my real chance to escape and if I blew it, I should use my 2nd life to help others. 7. Shooting Jason who grabbed a counselor. I've tried aiming at Jason's feet and while very close to Jason, I still end up betraying the counselor. 8. Shooting or Attacking Jason while he's in a kill animation. 9. Running around as AJ with Vanessa. Yeah... 10. Always giving the car keys to someone else to drive. I'm getting a bit better at it, so I no longer feel the need to let someone else drive. Nowadays there is a 50/50 chance that I'm actually a better driver than who I let drive. And I don't need to risk losing my spot. 11. Sense avoidance perks. Just not worth with sense spam.
  13. Not getting it. I got this for the F13th licensed material. This is otherwise not a studio I would need to buy from, like Naughty Dog adventure games or Netherrealm fighters.
  14. I agree. The Tiffany after this happened was screaming in the lobby "WOW I DID IT! I SURVIVED THE 20 MINUTES! SORRY BAD JASON!" I eventually lost track of her in the middle of the woods and picked up Tommy instead, so she got away late game. -.-
  15. Higgins this time. Also I don't think any perk would give you 100% sense avoidance while running/standing