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  1. Can't wait to see AJ, Tiffany, Jenny, & Deborah in their bikinis, it's gonna be a beach party with Jason going 187 on everyone.
  2. I'm heading toward the boat to install the propeller with Jason coming at me. I throw the fireworks to distract n stun him while I fix the part. The firecrackers go into the freaking water!! and nothing happens, I wanted them on the dock not the damn lake lol. Jason murders me lol. Its happened a couple times under duress I suppose, I try to be more careful aiming now.
  3. I like part 9 but I think he gets stunned a lot considering he's supposed to have stun resistance? Perhaps the guy was in combat stance, I hear that can block everything but the shotgun. I think the shotgun can be stupid because it does miss even at point blank range. Shotguns are supposed to be easier to aim because of the spread of the shot!
  4. The med sprays seem like they're everywhere until you get hurt badly, limping around & Jason is on your tail, then you can't find any!
  5. I believe the highest Thick Skin is 20% after the nerf, I originally had 50% less damage
  6. My Epic perks: Evasion +18% -1 Medic +9% -2 Night Owl +57% -1 Homebody +18% -4 Restful +14% -1 Ice Cold +43% -1 Level Headed +14% -2 Sucker Punch +23% -2 Lightfoot +14% -4 Low Profile +23% -2 Thick Skin +20% -0 Man at Arms +22% -2 Been pretty lucky, wish I had your Epic Heavy Hitter & Swift Attacker...nice combo been trying to find those!
  7. If it's too easy then it's boring but challenging makes it more rewarding but I understand how you feel! Been trying to upgrade some perks myself to Epic level (Heavy hitter, Swift attack, Marathon) but I roll stuff like Grease monkey, Easy listening, or Aquanaut...garbage. The last epic I got was Man at arms but I hear it doesn't even work. I think Tinker, Marathon, Swift attacker...certain perks are really hard to get, especially Tinker(have a uncommon). I can't complain too much because I have been pretty lucky sometimes with like 11-12 Epic perks already at level 101.
  8. emotes

    When is this update coming out? Hopefully next week, oh I want this asap like everybody does.
  9. I never thought of that! The mini map disappears when your fear is way up, that would suck. I remember that happened when someone else was driving the car once. When you're terrified it's so dark & you can barely see anything as well as the hud.
  10. I used to be nervous or scared to drive the cars in this game thinking I'd get everybody killed if I crash lol. Usually I would just drop the keys near the car or to another player instead. First of all it's not a big deal if you crash because it happens & not everyone is getting killed right away. I used to marvel at how some players had amazing driving skills, some are just naturally great at taking the wheel in games. Especially ppl driving backwards was crazy. I wondered how they could even see out the back window at all!! Im not sure everybody knows this but the secret is just keep your eye on the mini map more than on the main screen that's the key to keep the car going where you want! I just try to keep the car icon going on the road & it's helped me a lot. I even escaped driving backwards a few times no problem. I'm still working on driving off road or avoiding trees because I still hit a lot of stuff in the way. I didn't even know how to honk the horn for a long time, it's the trigger above the gas pedal Lol. I love sounding the horn to taunt Jason or call other counselors to the car for a pickup.
  11. That's true, I've heard that Debs stamina isn't great but she is a really good character as a lot of players are choosing her over AJ. I shouldn't of paired them together as LaChappa is more limited. Mainly I was thinking about their stamina not any other skills.
  12. Wow give you credit, nobody plays LaChappa! His stamina is worse than AJ or Deborah, almost like a part 7 Jason-like of the counselors lol. He's funny when you see him ingame like Chads. I like this thread because I'm still trying to figure out what I like best. Besides a lot of perks don't work I hear like Grease monkey, Sneaky, Tinker, Man at Arms, or even Heavy Hitter? Right now I like Epic Sucker punch(wasn't sure if it was working), common blue Swift Attacker, & Epic Thick Skin on my AJ because I like going for stuns on Jason so much. Hoping for upgrades on: Swift Attacker (seems really rare) Heavy Hitter (want an Epic, never roll it) Marathon (have a rare but want Epic too..scarce) Lone Wolf (need one after selling a few away but not sure I used it much)
  13. emotes

    These emotes are so cool, I think this will be a fine addition to the game. Tiffany looks funny I swear & Chad is always hilarious.
  14. Omg that really is horrible considering how rare those Pamela tapes are...I can't stand hosts who quit like that & being so selfish to everyone else. Ive given up trying to find any tapes, I'm at level cap 101 & never saw any cassettes anywhere whatsoever. You can listen to the audio online, I think they have the complete audio so I don't really worry about finding any tapes.