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  1. The trophies for 500 or 1,000 Jason matches, look at them this way they're supposed to be career goals or milestones not something you're supposed to achieve in weeks, months!
  2. I'm thinking if Grinder gave you 20% or 25% maybe it would be worth it...mainly Grinder gets new players or noobs excited when starting the game in the very beginning.
  3. It ended 2 hrs ago right? Or is it still going on
  4. I had an Epic Grinder but I sold it, it's like others said it's garbage! It barely gives you anything....5% more xp?? From 100 xpThat's like +5 for barricading a door you get or from 1,000 xp you get an xtra +50 points !!! That repairing a generator or calling Tommy Jarvis. Its not worth taking up one of your three slots.
  5. Omg I blew it, I took Monday off of the game thinking double xp ways over with already by morning! I took a break since I was on it nonstop Fri-Sun was kinda of worn out. Oh well
  6. They should raise the level cap to 201 but maybe they're working on outfits or unlocks to correspond to achieving ranks? If they put it to 201 without any unlocks at least we would still get cp boosts at every level up which most would like.
  7. Yeah Ironcatfish looks like that Heavy hitter comes in handy since your good at stunning & dancing on Jason, nice music video lol. Too bad that 40% doesn't seem to last very long, I have a 29% Rare Heavy hitter. I might put my Slugger with Heavy hitter & dance on some Jason's soon.
  8. I wish I could've saved up 36,000 cp that's a lot, sorry you had bad luck on the rolls. I was excited going into the 2X event thinking I'm gonna build up a bunch of cp & get the Epic perks I want but it didn't turn out that way. First of all the servers on PSN were trashed for 7-8 hrs straight on Friday afternoon! I overestimated how much cp you can grind really, you can realistically complete 2 or 3 matches per hour if you're lucky. Especially with timing out or moron hosts leaving, a lot of play doesn't even count. I would've been happy rolling an Epic Heavy hitter 40% that's one I want too but I think you should've definitely got more for 30k plus cp! WTF? I'm happy with the one Epic I got over the weekend which was an Epic Slugger 14%. What I really wanted was an Epic Swift Attacker too. Heres a vid of me rolling my perks, I think the crying n vomiting emotes gave me luck.
  9. Omg so damn close....ouch I should've added the crying emote would've been perfect! :*-(
  10. Illphonic did an outstanding job on the dance emotes, I'm just as excited for these as when the Spring break swimwear came out. Im gonna be dancing a lot even if I get killed doing it XD. Omg AJ looks so good shaking it
  11. I am searching for maps whenever I'm on Jarvis house lol. I don't have the preparedness perk. Pretty much everything is in the middle of the map like the 2 main houses.
  12. Ummmm you dont want to spawn near the phone, boat, or car...because that's the places where ppl get killed really quick as Jason's are staging the traps on objectives. Understand your frustration, try to be more careful & run away from objectives in the beginning or use hiding spots in the first 5 mins. Sometimes it's just your luck & it happens to everybody. It does piss you off when it happens repeatedly, then you change tactics...
  13. I like eating noobs with pig splitter Jason Vorhees...plenty of Chop suey, Up n under, & The Jarvis kills for all of them.
  14. Its really hard to find Jason's shack on this Jarvis house map but I think I saw them in Elmwood camp North of the campfire & Hollow grove? Can anybody confirm this, I'm not 100 percent but I think that's where they spawn. I know Hollow grove is one spot, there's a big open space there.
  15. Omg I'm so jealous lol that's what I'm looking for!!! Well, besides upgrading Heavy hitter & Slugger if I can....all I get is white poor perks after putting in a lot of work stockpiling cp. Oh well back to the drawing board...