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  1. it's true but healing items are not infinite crystal lake archery is way worst as you don't take damage from looping. try these. 1. put crystal lake 2. put some weapon on archery and items 3. if Jason come in go down turn around to come back 4. repeat.
  2. Not if we make a dead end it's pretty high up even with thick skinned we'll may be hurt he may not be worst then crystal lake archery looping is awful on that place.
  3. I request a patch to open these areas. - Barn second floor - Tommy House balcony As a feedback - Swift attacker need a buff. - more part randomness - night swim by sunglasses kid as a new song on radio that song was used in summer break 84 trailer.
  4. Hey , people what do you think about a mode that jason fight military forces like part 9 and Jason X.
  5. To counter vanessa or tiffany or any of the characters that run instead of sprinting is to reduce speed while running to make players use stamina as it's supposed to be and for flashlight i suggest to be able to see him when shifting instead to suppress jason's ability.
  6. No it's not a great idea.
  7. Got a better idea for you when using flashlight you should be able to see where he is shifting.
  8. yup it's like the archery in crystal lake.
  9. Yup rotate counselor would be good i must agree a window for each time we unlock something would be good too.
  10. Hey , Devs and people here a list of what i've encounter myself or seen and what to fix and change. - Suggestion - - Add environnement change such as rain on all map. - More random change for car part , weapon etc... - Add a window (notification) for each cloth , DLC added or unlocked after getting a level. - Add new weapon. - Add part 4 map and part 4 jason. - More distraction items for counselors. - New way to kill jason with Tommy or counselor. - Add Pamela Voorhees. - New counselors. - New perks. - Add host migration. - Add wet effect on counselor and jason when in water and after getting out of water. - Feedback - - When spawning as tommy make him spawn with a pocket knife. - Remove some Tommy quotes such as i have to escape by adding another. - Change Tommy fear meter by angry meter more angry he is more damage he do and break free more easily. - Increase Tommy status as a hero. - Reduce Jason's grab range - Add a cooldown between each grab as jason - Make combat system more dynamic as both counselor and jason. - In private match add a setting allowing to set who is gonna be tommy jarvis once two players is dead requirement is the assign player to be dead or the game will choose randomly. - Fixes - - Fix a glitch allowing player to get out of map on packanack as counselor. - Fix a glitch allowing Jason to get out of map on packanack. - Fix a bug that occur when jason is grabing a counselor in a car and make flip the car. - fix an animation when jason is grabing a driver he look as he is grabing passenger. - Fix a flying corpse when grab killing as jason. - Reduce latency. - Fix an exploit allowing Jason to be immune from bear traps when in combat stance. - Fix hitbox when jason have grabbed a counselor as a another player try to help him he does not hit him. - Fix a bug that allow counselor to avoid trap set by jason near driver door if he got the key. - Fix facial animation on counselor (chad and bugzy mostly). - fix an issue when getting a disconnection to not be able to join game you have to restart the game to work again. It's everything i've seen and encounted for bug , exploit and glitch as for feedback and suggestion tell me what you think.
  11. perks

    Me i unlocked everything for jason first so when 13K CP came i have everything to put in perks i was level 44-45 when CP came out that day i've buyed the last kill now i'm level 60
  12. perks

    oh yes very clear
  13. 60 fps

    I would have buyed PC version but 1000$ isn't a low budget but i must admit the game isn't fully optimized but he is stable on PS4(PRO) i will ask them to see what they think about it.
  14. perks

    yup if a problem similar happen again i want double XP and cp again lol.
  15. Hey guys i want to talk with you for 60 FPS which it's possible to reach on all consoles. how i came to these result look at battlefield 1 it's playable at 64 players 3x bigger if not more Friday The 13th is playable with 8 players and map are big but less than battlefield there not destructible items except windows for counselor. What do you think guys. PS: even if BF1 is not stable he is above 30 FPS.