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  1. Adam's biggest drawback is his low luck. He just isn't as good a fighting character as Chad in most situations. His weapons are going to break far more frequently. Unless you are specifically going for a Jason kill, Adam is actually a markedly inferior character to Chad in terms of fighting. His repair is nice, but there are characters with better luck and better repair (Deborah, LaChappa) and Mitch has the same amount of luck with better repair. Simply put, he's a mediocre fighter and slightly above average fixer. You have better options.
  2. All things being equal, I would still say that experienced counselors are typically successful (4+ escapes) against experienced Jasons. Plus all those perks have drawbacks. You could make them even bigger. There just needs to be some more depth with Jason other than picking a different version, imo.
  3. I think it would be rewarding to have a way to spend CP points on Jason-related items that aren't just kills. It would add a lot of depth to gameplay to give Jason a single perk slot and then design perks that perhaps do certain things when triggered, with downsides of course. For example: Hunt Them Down -- Each time Jason destroys a barricaded door, the fear level of nearby counselors increases by X percent. Stalk recharge and duration decreased by X percent. Master Trapper -- The first time a counselor dies in one of Jason's traps, award Jason one additional trap. Morph cooldown rate increased by X percent. (longer cooldown) Inventive -- Each time Jason performs an environmental kill, refresh a random ability. Weapon strength decreased by X percent. Kill for Mother -- When Jason kills a counselor wearing Pamela's sweater, trigger rage mode. HP and stun resistance decreased by X percent. (should be a big number) Invigorate -- Each time Jason kills a counselor, his movement speed is increased by X percent for 10 seconds, but his shift duration is slightly decreased. Those are just a few examples. But I think you get the general idea.
  4. Once you roll a certain perk with RNG I think you should be able to spend CP to upgrade its effectiveness, with caps of course. Want to cap out your marathon? That'll cost a lot of CP. Even more if you want to remove the penalties. You could take a chance and try to roll for it more cheaply, or you can stockpile your CP to get the perk you want. Conversely, it would be interesting to spend CP on Jason-related items other than kills. Give Jason a perk slot (just one) that can help him balance out some of his weaknesses without completely negating them. For example, you could have a perk that gives him 1 extra trap. Or a perk that gives a short recharge boost to shift each time Jason destroys a cabin door. Stuff like that.
  5. It's also possible that composure didn't change at all but grip strength did.
  6. If you didn't make any changes on purpose to composure, I'd suggest looking at what's happened and consider keeping it in moving forward, or at least make the "break free" mechanic a touch more forgiving if you're going to revert back. If you go back to prior gameplay, Jenny was straight-up useless compared to Chad. In fact, composure as a whole gave no real advantage to... well... anything. From a practical (not mathematical/theoretical) standpoint, a character with 10 composure stood as much chance of breaking free from a grab as a character with 1 composure, because the majority of Jasons use instant kill animations. Now, however, even if it takes Jason a second to find a flat spot to use choke or head punch, characters like Jenny, Mitch, and Tommy are able to break free. That's a good thing. It's the same with sense avoidance. Because Sense is a spammable ability, there was no real advantage to high composure until this update. Also, Jason could sense every character one he hit rage mode. After the patch, however, I'm noticing that characters with high composure sometimes do not show up as red when I'm in rage mode, even if they are right in front of me. Composure needs to be a more meaningful stat than it has been in the past. At least anecdotally speaking, that appears to be the case with the new update. I hope it stays that way.
  7. I've played a lot of matches as Chad and I'll just echo what most everyone else is saying: Medic and Thick Skinned are pretty much standard. I tend to use Marathon since I have good map knowledge and Chad, while fast, doesn't have a big stamina pool. Nerves of Steel is totally fine as well.
  8. It's been widely reported that breaking free from grabs is easier with high composure characters now. Fear reduction also appears to be taking place at a more rapid rate with them as well.
  9. Some comparisons: With her 8 luck, Jenny is getting the same number of baseball bat swings as Chad (4) before her weapon breaks, meaning that Chad's 10 luck is essentially overkill and is not affecting gameplay. Composure is now buffed, meaning that if Jenny misses a swing and is grabbed, she stands a much stronger chance of being able to escape, especially indoors where Jason may not have access to an immediate kill animation due to environmental conflicts. The composure buff also means that Jenny is losing fear at a much faster rate than before. Jenny has more stamina. Chad is still faster, but also loses his minimap far more quickly and is quicker to begin suffering stamina regen penalties due to his fear status and it now stays that way longer due to composure changes. They have the same repair score, so neither one has the advantage there. Chad is stronger, but for most gameplay purposes, that is irrelevant. With the composure changes, I think Jenny becomes a better all-around character now. She's actually better equipped to stand toe-to-toe with Jason than essentially any other counselor. It looks like the devs have finally made her "final girl" archetype function the way it should have in the first place. If you're used to playing Chad, I'd highly suggest giving Jenny a try now. She's a little slower than you'll like, but when it comes to fear management and being able to get out of grabs, she's far more forgiving.
  10. I also notice that as Jason I sometimes can't sense a high composure character right in front of me when I have rage. That's a change. Rage used to be auto-detect from just about anywhere on the map.
  11. Has anyone noticed high-composure characters seeming to break free a little easier now? I picked up Mitch and Jenny and if I didn't use an insta-kill they broke free almost immediately. Before it didn't seem to happen as quickly, which is why composure was deemed a mostly meaningless stat. It looks like maybe it got a buff?
  12. 1) It's nice to have another running Jason. He's good at keeping the pressure on a counselor. 2) He knocks down barricaded doors in two (two!) hits. 3) Killed a counselor with three weapon swings. 4) Some people can deal with the -shift... I am not one of them. All in all, this seems like a great Jason for small maps and a mediocre one for standard size. Your mileage may vary, however, because knocking down doors in two hits seems really fucking good when you consider that specific trait in a vacuum.
  13. I wish the geography were more consistent. Why is Birch Ridge where Woodbury Camp is supposed to be on Packanack Small? There's a real need for someone to take a deep continuity pass at the content.
  14. Baseball bat breaks in one hit now. Even with Chad.