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  1. I'm not seeing any difference with epic heavy hitter (39% extra stun time w/ bat) versus not equipping it.
  2. I tend to go entire games without finding them sometimes. And I'm pretty good about clearing houses.
  3. Sometimes I play in lobbies where we require a random counselor.
  4. These are all my observations about playing Jason upon reaching max level: In the current meta, I find that overtrapping the phone is an absolute must. If it's someone like AJ or Deborah trying to fix the phone and they aren't wise enough to be running thick-skinned, not only will two traps kill them, but the fuse will most likely glitch into the ground, taking the phone entirely out of play. Obviously, I wish this weren't the case. It's an issue that can and will be fixed. But as it stands right now, if you can manage to kill the fuse carrier it's an amazing boon for Jason. (Bonus: the same goes for the car keys.) For me, the car and the boat represent two opposite strategies. I try to keep the car from getting started at all costs, mostly because shift-stopping the car is my one glaring weakness--I just haven't perfected it yet. On the other hand, it's almost preferable to allow the boat to be fixed and started because once they get out on the water you can just morph to the exit and play goalie. Counselors have no defense in the water, so it's 1-2 guaranteed kills almost every time. I stopped trapping car doors a long time ago. It's useless. Counselors can completely bypass those traps using the interactable prompt. Knives. Knives. Knives. I can't stress enough how important I've found knives to be, especially when running a Jason without a long-reach weapon. I've killed an innumerable number of counselors because I stopped them from going through the window with a throwing knife. Stalk is completely underutilized and an immensely valuable tool in your arsenal when employed properly. A great trick is to hit stalk mode and then morph one square over. Counselors will then think you have left and run out into your open arms. Combat stance blocking is vital, even though I still forget to do it sometimes. When you're staring down two Battle Chads with baseball bats, you had best be blocking or else they are going to beat the ever-loving shit out of you. So long as repair counselors are alive, do not chase Vanessa, Buggzy or Tiffany under any circumstances. Chad is an exception, though. If you can catch him by himself, by all means, take him out. Otherwise, he's likely going to punish you once he finds another repair counselor to support. Learn the clever hiding places. Behind the shelf in the upstairs bathroom and behind stand-up blinds, both in Higgins Haven. Behind the bathroom door on the first floor of Packanack, as well as the outside chimney (which makes the house glow red as if someone is inside). You'll save yourself a lot of grief in the long run by being very thorough in searching rooms before you start destroying beds/wardrobes. Break down the doors at the phone house and the closest house to the four-door car before going after counselors. You will be so glad you did later on. Related: If you see a group huddling around the phone box, I think that shifting inside the house and killing the person making the call is probably the optimal move rather than trying to fight through the group to break the box. You'll need to have broken down the door beforehand to accomplish this. That's all I can think of for now, though I'm sure I'll remember more later.
  5. For me, every character gets Psychic, Thick Skinned, and Medic.
  6. Wait. Are we really talking about grip strength as a negative? There are several insta-kills that make grip strength totally irrelevant. High-end Jason players exclusively use those kills because they are 1) quick and 2) virtually guaranteed to go off regardless of grip strength. So using that as an argument against Savini Jason doesn't really work. Also +Shift and +Destruction are arguably the two most important strengths in the game... and he has them both. Not only can he keep up pressure on counselors by breaking down doors quickly, but he can also keep immense pressure on them outdoors by having a shift that recharges more quickly, moves faster than regular shifts, and covers longer distances. Weapons strength allows him to kill counselors faster with weapon strikes, which is super important when you have counselors teaming up for objectives. Also the weapon reach itself is a boon compared to all other Jasons besides Part 6 because it gives you a lot more tools in your toolbox in terms of preventing counselors from going in windows, hitting counselors through windows if they make it inside, and keeping them at bay in combat stance so they can't get close enough to you to hit/stun you. As far as stun chance goes, anything you are noticing is purely anecdotal. He does not have stun resistance listed as a weakness. He gets stunned no more often than any other Jason except for Part 3, who has a stun resistance weakness. He has the best positives in the game and none of his negatives matter. If you can't see that, I really don't know what to tell you.
  7. This is not true. Jason is not invulnerable if he tries to break down the door using the animation. In fact, I have found it easier to stun Jason through the door if he's using the prompt vs. combat stance.
  8. There are two salient points to this issue: 1) It's definitely a clipping problem in a lot of instances. Jasons w/ long weapons and counselors with baseball bats can definitely hit one another through walls and undamaged doors. 2) Developer intention aside, it's one of the few things in this game that is completely fair to both sides because they can both take advantage of it equally. In that respect, I don't have a problem with it.
  9. It usually takes 3-4 clean machete hits with Buggzy to get the mask off any Jason in my experience.
  10. Last night I was in a match where we attempted to kill Jason. I picked Buggzy specifically for the task and we managed to get a Part 9 Jason selected, which I was initially excited about because he (allegedly) has a lower HP total, which would lead me to believe that he is easier to de-mask. Boy was I wrong. Four machete hits and an axe hit later, Buggzy was dead. Jarvis got in an axe hit as well, and still the mask refused to come off. He wasn't blocking any of the hits with combat stance either. Anyone else experienced anything like this? @Rydog do you have any insight?
  11. If a counselor hides behind the chimney outside the house will light up red.
  12. The best part about F13 is that no two matches are exactly the same. That's what asymmetrical multiplayer experiences offer that many other games can't. That said, the more options you give players (more maps, more Jasons, more counselors, etc.) only serve to add depth to the game. Those things are coming. Let's hope they get here sooner than later, but either way F13 is only going to become more robust over the coming months.
  13. I'd love to see a more varied setup on where the fuse box can spawn. As of now, there are only four static spawn points for the box on any given map, so you can tell very early where the box is and potentially get the cops called within the first 3-4 minutes of the game. Making it so any cabin can have the fuse box seems like something that 1) they can do and 2) would introduce a little more challenge to the game. It's a small tweak that I think people would appreciate.
  14. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but so long as public lobbies feature team killing and people without mics, private matches are going to be the way to go if you want to actually have fun playing this game.
  15. I would argue that Part 8's destruction (ability to create even more stamina pressure) is, in many cases, more advantageous than Part 3's health pressure. I see your line of thinking though, and it's not unreasonable. In situations where counselors are grouping up to take objectives, weapon strength is certainly helpful to create a real sense of fear that Jason can just come in and clean house by hacking.