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  1. I hope he doesn't count as one of the "new jasons" on the map
  2. Between nothing happening at the two main houses, the phone always in the same spot, and the parts spread out everywhere it has become my least favorite map
  3. Yeah I agree. The phone issue is particularly bad
  4. As far as I can tell there is no reason to go into the Jarvis house or vacation house
  5. agree 100% on the eyes. And it's weird because on the Jason select screen his eyes aren't very visible
  6. I love the new map. Two things though: 1) Do car or boat parts ever spawn in the two big houses? Never find them there 2) I have found the boat propeller on the complete opposite side of the map than the boat and the car keys the same. Is this intentional? I thought parts were generally in the same area as the car/boat
  7. Looks cool. I don't think we will ever get Manhattan or the space ship. Game mechanics wouldn't fit
  8. Nah I have just been disappointed and bored with the game as of late. Was hoping for some good DLC to spice things up
  9. Smaller Maps. Roy. That is some lackluster DLC
  10. Was fun but frustrating with the glitches the first month. Have been bored ever since. Not enough content
  11. Yeah I have also quit playing quick play. It's also getting real hard to find private matches due to people being tired of the game already
  12. Who the hell would want smaller versions of the three maps we already have smdh
  13. Been having a hard time getting a full private lobby last couple weeks on PS4
  14. He's by far the best looking one, it sucks that he doesn't match up to the others. Honestly real dumb idea to have a walking Jason with -Shift. That is the real killer
  15. Pretty sure the "zombie craze" period has been over for a couple years now Thank god