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  1. Hello i have a idea for the game (but i already know Gun Media and IllFonic wont read it) Its a Camp Shop. So yeah you can buy DIFFERENT clothes in there. You can buy a common clothes box and a rare clothes box (like in Call of duty). The common box costs 500 CP and the Rare box costs 1500 CP. Okay you maybe want to know what i mean with different clothes? Ok here are some i thought would be cool. Chad: Wears his red sweater hes carrying around everytime, Without his sweater just his shirt Vanessa: Maybe a Tanktop and some leggings or shorts Adam: Without his jacket Buggzy: without his jacket Kenny:Without his red and black striped shirt. Deborah: a tshirt Tiffany: Leggings I have no more ideas for the other Counselors but if you have some ideas just reply And maybe they should add hats. Idk just play the game have fun and dont kill your teammates And i know that Gun Media and Illfonic are not going to look at that but if they do Thanks
  2. I only play quick matches bc i dont have enough friends to play a private match
  3. Ok i bought the game 3 days after release. Im now level 71 and i dont enjoy the game anymore. Here are the reasons. 1. The Maps. Okay i really like the maps but these 3 maps are getting pretty boring after some games. And they want to release the stupid map variants for these 3 maps. WHY? They just should release one new map and not make the 3 maps smaller 2. The Counselors. I really enjoy playing as Counselor. But its pretty boring after some games too. 3.THESE FUCKING 8 YEAR OLD KIDS! Everytime i play there is this on annoying kid thats screaming in his mic. Just stop kiddo, get some help. And my last point 4. The glitcher and the cheaters. I dont really need to explain that. Just idk if you have some tips for me just reply to this topic.
  4. Chad is the only Male Counselor with a different voice. I just saw a video and Eric Lachappa sounded like a real nerd. It was pc gameplay
  5. Okay i play the game on ps4 and i really like to play as Kenny Riedell, Adam Palomino, Eric Lachappa and Brandon Wilson. But i noticed something. They sound the same. Kenny and Adam share the same voice actor but they sound different on Pc. So could a Dev please check that. Or could maybe one of you check there voices? I know its not a glitch or one BIG idea but its important for me because it feels that i play as a different Character. Thanks Have a great day Mr-GamerMP
  6. Or they just should hug. If they hug eachother they calm down.
  7. This is just an idea but different clothes for the Counselors. I mean with that that Chad could wear his sweater hes always carrying around and maybe Tiffany could wear leggings.
  8. So guys when do you think we get singleplayer mode?
  9. Hello this is just an idea. I looked at the Kickstarter page from friday the 13th and there a so many cool things i wish they would edit in the game. And maybe its a new way to get Savini Jason (or a other new jason) and everyone who donated can get a shirt for each Counselor with a "I am a backer" text. Everyone now can play the game and it would be cool if we could donate so we could help the producer of the game If i wrote something wrong please dont hate me because im from germany and my english is not the best And if you have an idea or like the idea please leave a comment under this post Have a great day Mr-GamerMP
  10. Hello i have some ideas for the game. Items: Runaway Soda: This is a energy drink. When a Counselor drinks Runaway Soda his stamina is full again. It could be used for Eric Lachappa to be faster and he has a better chance to escape jason. How Jason could scare Counselors: i think it would be cool if jason could grab dead Counselors and throw them through windows. New Counselors: i just watched some friday the 13th movies and i thought it would be cool if they would add Tommy Sister (i forgot her name) and Rob (he is the person who dies in the intro Cutscene for a match). A change for spawn preferences: i dont really like it to play as jason so i want to ask if we could change it to "Never wants to be Jason" If i wrote something wrong please dont hate me because im from germany and my english is not the best. If you have some ideas, please write them in the comment Have a nice day Mr-GamerMP
  11. The only thing i really dont like about the male Counselors is that almost every male Counselor has the same voice. The only male Counselor with different voices are Chad Kensington and Tommy Jarvis
  12. Hello i have an idea for a new gamemode for private/online matches Its called: 2 vs.6 Okay first the 2 persons One of them is Jason Voorhes. The other person is Pamela Voorhes. The two are a team. If they get stunned hes k.o. and needs to get revived by the other person in the team. While one player is K.o. the other person enters RAGE MODE and needs to revive him or kill the Counselors. So Pamela isnt in the game so i have and idea what she can do. Pamela Pros: -Can climb through windows -Can Open locked doors -Can run fast -High stats -If the Counselors call the police she can go to the police and the police goes away and the Counselors have to call them again. Pamela Cons: -Low Health -Her weapon is a small knife -Counselor can see Pamela on the map all the time If you know think that Pamela is a weak Character. You are right. If you want to be a beast in this mode you need to team up. Pamela is the Character that help jason. She can tell him where the Counselors are. If i missed anything or you have an idea for this mode please let me know. If i wrote something wrong please dont hate me because im from germany and my english is not very good. Have a great day Mr-GamerMP
  13. I said its a little bit stupid.
  14. Hello i have an idea for a Jason. And i think its a little bit stupid and a little bit funny. So H20 Delirious got an Easter egg at the Graveyard. But what if we could get a H20 Jason. 😅. So i want to say, its just a thought, dont hate me, and sorry if my grammar is bad. Im from germany. Have a great day Mr-GamerMP
  15. What about a map in a high school? You only can escape by the police or you repair a school bus.