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  1. Tamara is Hep C riddled filth. If we get the bitch she has to be Melissa, with cute pageboy cut and pearls. I'd also like to see Shelly, Trish and even some characters like Crazy Ethel, Crazy Ralph, Mrs Shepherd and Tina. That said I would also be happy for Fox.
  2. Pretty certain new Jason's will be Roy and Uber. I have a feeling maps will go in chronological order and the next ones will be 5, 6 and 7. Gives them til next year to do 8 and X (though new game mode may be a part 8 map).
  3. I heard somewhere high luck spawns you closer to objectives and their items as well. I only play Jenny 😎
  4. I've banged on about Melissa since before launch. I want her or the trope desperately!!
  5. Nearly every final girl bar Chris, Rennie and Rowan have been blondes so it is kinda wtf
  6. Jason's could compete for kills
  7. Eh I'll still hold out hope for Melissa!
  8. So someone can't host a.private game in the future without servers?
  9. But the ship could be already on fire so only limited area of the ship accessible and the 20 min time limit if no escape equals death.
  10. Now we have at least 2 confirmed, who are we hoping we get? This is our oldest discussion of counselor dlc so I'm hopimg Gun paid attention to the poll!
  11. Pfft no mention of Melissa. She was far more evil than Jason and Crews combined 😂
  12. Leave them logged in for 10 secpnds even if they close the program so the kill counts.
  13. I've heard everything LOL
  14. Maybe it is testing the waters for a claustrophobic Lazarus map?
  15. In his case I guess he is highlighting glitches to fix. Apparently hiding behind the blinds in Higgins Haven is now considered an exploit. Wtf?