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  1. Maybe 30 second delay after phone call before police are en route?
  2. I hate TK douches but banning isn't the answer. There are more good people than bad, build a group of decent players. Not hard then to gang kill trouble makers.
  3. The match should still end at 20 mins if they aren't killed. Mayne they could receive minimal XP and get a YOU ARE DOOMED end screen 😂
  4. Eventually we need a map from each film. Currently we have from films 1-3.
  5. I hope traps are left alone. As it is you can disable them all if you work as a team. Escape should be a challenge.
  6. I concur that Roy will be another Jason. We had to suspend disbelief for the film, pretty sure we'll be ok with doing it for the game too.
  7. Mic is the best way to play. The only time I shut mine off is if I'm in a toxic group of randoms.
  8. I'd assume each AI bot will be the saved loadout for the character. So if you have Deb with pink sweater and marathon perk, her AI bot will have the same. Whether we can choose which 7 spawn is another question.
  9. Game desperately needs a rollout of more maps. I'm hoping the big sp update includes more mp maps. New paid dlc counselors and Jasons are wanted too.
  10. Tamara is filth so we shall remove her from the equation lol. Melissa did freeze in shock and was subsequently met with the axe, but she was hardly hysterical or emotional. Had she been aware sooner I'd say she would be fairly focused on her own survival. Ultimately though her stats will likely be similar to Jenny, with maybe less composure and a tad more stealth. That is if the devs answer my prayers and base her off QUEEN MELISSA.
  11. "They're all dead" "I don't believe you" *files nails* Melissa-esque totally needs 8/10 composure. Imagine if they included Chilli from 3? 1/10 composure "Shelly's daiiiiiddddd"
  12. Is it just an oversight? Seems pretty shoddy
  13. We NEED Melissa from VII as our resident mean girl blonde bombshell.
  14. Real characters are great and I hope we get her! Fox was a lot of fun in Part 3. Also need Melissa. Need.
  15. Once we get more maps/Jaspns/Counselors they'll be back