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  1. Sooo now that this game has blown expectations out of the water, can we please get Melissa now, devs? Game is amazing.
  2. Ahhh yes someone else on Facebook just told me that Sony has to fix the region lock. Sucky.
  3. Asking me to buy another copy from PS Store for $55.95 AU lol. Surely this can be fixed easily?
  4. Hi everyone! Has anyone else experienced an issue where it prompts you to purchase the launch bundle of the game instead of joining a match when invited and vice versa? I think it may be some confusion between backer copies and the launch bundle versions (like they are two separate games). I have a backer digital download. Any way of being able to fix this as I can't even invite half of my friends to a match.
  5. So logging in to the game today, with all the database issues, now that I am finally on I am level 0 again. Has this happened to anyone else? Who do I raise this with?
  6. Hi JPops, When will we receive our keys for rhe Savini Jason and DLC clothes? I am in Australia on PS4 and have multiples that haven't come.
  7. Log in to backerkit for the person who deleted the email. Code will be there too (hopefully)
  8. We will get them same time as US, so hopefully will be Friday evening for us.
  9. I guess others could say what is the point of any customization in the first place? I personally would like to select the looks of my would-be victims.
  10. Hi Devs and Fellow Posters Just a quick question in regards to the single player aspect. We will be able to customize our victims with the clothing options when we are playing single player as Jason, yes? Seems like something very minor but would definitely enrich the experience, especially for those of us who like to get creative.
  11. I really do hope we get packs such as Part IV - Jarvis and party house map and Jason IV. Mom char? Part V - Halfway House and Roy (shit throw Ethel in bahahah) Part VII - Shepherd and party house as well as Mean Girl Counselor and Tina Hero DLC (just give her abilities like Jason such as stun, free a coubselor from a trap/grip etc, open a door or lock it from far away).
  12. Bahahah chill out Russ feathers. The butt is average. Needs more juice. And pretty sure there are girls playing the game who might appreciate some male bootayyy.
  13. Would be great for a Part IV DLC with thr Jarvis Map and Part IV Jason. Part VII DLC with Shepherd and party house as well as Rich Girl Counselor and mayve Tina Hero Char would be the ultimate too.