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  1. I'm curious about the purpose of these "emotes". Is it geared towards players without a mic?
  2. Don't worry guys! Gun will fix this in 4 months once they fix all the other bugs first.
  3. Med sprays glitching out isn't as big of a deal as the fuse glitching out.
  4. I really hate it when people get into serious role play with chad characters in game. Insta mute on my part
  5. Dbd is hell of fun, but if your looking for something different I would suggest path of exile. It's free and has a ridiculous amount of content
  6. I barely play anymore. I lost interest... 3 maps isn't nearly enough to keep it exciting. These new "smaller" maps coming I think are a waste of time. I have a lot more to say, but it's pointless.
  7. It's such a big "fuck you" from gun that they choose to update via twitter rather than announce shit here on the forums where the majority of the supporters are.
  8. maps

    To much work on their part. Cutting corners and taking the lazy way out.
  9. Most people that become bored with games usually go off to find another one.
  10. I still main J8, but I'm starting to play J9 more. He takes some getting use to especially coming from J8. He lacks traps, so it's harder to control objectives. @Alkavian pointed it out that he is like a hunter and that's what it feels like. Once you have someone in your sights it's just a matter of time before theY are dead (thanks to the rapid cooldowns). It's just so hard for me since I'm used to destruction
  11. Part 8 is the best. His early game pressure is strong since he can break down doors quickly which cuts drawer searches short. His stalk bonus is also very useful
  12. I have been noticing on Pakanack if the 2 seater is available it usually gets repaired first. Usually noticing it the most especially if it spawns in the top right.
  13. It's actually $31.99 for prime members.
  14. What about the sucker punch perk? I can't comment on it since that's one of the perks I have yet to roll, but the epic is supposed to be around +20% stun chance.
  15. As a regular J8 and J6 player the simple solution to counselors running is a knife in the back. I constantly collect knifes and if I'm in the J6 mood they won't get far. Vanessa can be annoying at times, but I'm not going to waste a chase on her till the "smart" kids are dead first.