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  1. I recall one idea here that was implemented. Over a year before the game came out someone had ideas for using Mrs. Voorhees sweater against Jason. Of course Gun Media could have had that idea planned the whole time, but I like to think they took ideas from fan suggestions.
  2. Lets not forget Pamela's sweater sleeves magically disappear if Jason hacks your arms off.
  3. I think AJ would look cool with a beach skirt.
  4. Not a bad idea.
  5. 45. Was looking forward to getting to 44 to unlock AJ's Crazy Linx shirt.
  6. Interesting, I gave my Vanessa the same perks you did.
  7. I take it the single player will use much of the same mechanics as multiplayer (like Jason having to grab to perform most kills), but since this topic is about what we personally think single player should be like, our ideas shouldn't be limited. So if you want to share your ideas of Jason vs other horror villains in a boxing match, go ahead. This brings me back to before the game was announced and people already had ideas for a Friday game. I posted my idea on Gamefaqs five years ago. And then made a game demo a year later using RPG Maker (apologies for the framerate, what I get for using Hypercam). I like seeing the similarities: environmental kills like my special situation kills. Counselors calling the cops. Jason cutting the power. Counselors ability to escape. Tommy showing up to fight Jason. Even a line of dialogue, "they deserve to die".
  8. I've seen it one match where part two Jason chased off two counselors trying to fix the boat, then completely blocked off the dock with five or so traps. Sucks you can't use shift in water, unless you shift into the water.
  9. Yeah, it would be cool if it showed somewhere in the game progression how many masks you demasked from each Jason instead of just a badge for each time you unmask him.
  10. Using body blocking to prevent Jason from getting to a driver or the phone box risks getting yourself killed, so yes, it is self sacrifice. Not to be confused with the trap avoiding exploit. If you've managed to avoid an angry Jason coming after you for body blocking, kudos to you for being resourceful enough to survive. I personally don't think shifting over a trap to be an exploit.
  11. There's a big difference. Body blocking to protect a player is a strategy that sacrifices yourself for the greater good. Using it to get around traps is unrealistic and unfair to the Jason player. Plus if you use a pocket knife to set off a trap, Jason would see the trap on the map as set off.
  12. Interesting idea. Maybe copy the environment kill where Jason bashes counselor against a tombstone to the altar.
  13. Shift grabbing takes getting used to. If the player is running it's going to come up short, so you'll want to get a few feet ahead of them when grabbing. You can assign different kills to Jason's kill slots (go to customize): I think first slot is the lower button (a), second is right button (b), third is top button (y), and fourth is left button (x). Not 100% sure though. It will show the symbol for each kill on the button it's assigned to when the option appears after you grab. The icon will be highlighted to show you are able to perform the kill. For some reason it takes less time for a fist kill option to appear than a weapon kill. Some weapon kills require free space to be performed and the option won't appear while you are in a confined area. Remember to break windows to deter people trying to escape, and even set a trap under the windows if needed. Doors with a window on it break in one hit; those are at lodges, boat houses, and repair shops. Part 8 and Savini Jason break down doors faster (+destruction). SAY WHAT?! Man, I've been doing it wrong the whole time.
  14. First advice I'll give is to be familiar with all the controls. I think it shows them under settings. Playing as Jason: First thing you do at the start of the match is quickly get the two knives in the shack, then trap the phone box, then trap the four-seater. What I like to do while morph is recharging is break windows and doors. Keep a keen ear out for possible repairs and check the map for any of your traps that might have been activated. When you're breaking down a door and a trap has been placed on the other side or the player is waiting for you with a shotgun/flare gun, shift right in there. When going against more than one counselor, go into combat mode by clicking the right stick and attacking, because if you use grab, the others will attack you out of the grab. Knives can be useful to stop people who try to climb through a window, or to get a hit after they get through a window. Use stalk along with morph or shift for surprise attacks. Playing as a counselor: One perk I gave to all my counselors is the one that starts you off with a firecracker. That way you won't start off helpless. To avoid being shift grabbed, run erratically or throw a firecracker and stand on it. If you're playing as a counselor who doesn't have good repair and find a part, find someone else to do the repair and protect them. If Jason is nearby when you are about to do a repair or start a vehicle, throw a firecracker on the spot you'll be on to avoid grabs/attacks.