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  1. It's actually a glitch. Usually when Jason kills another player you are able to use it afterward.
  2. In one match on the Jarvis map, the Jason player left because he claimed to have gotten stuck under the map while flipping over the boat when it was near the shore.
  3. It's pretty much a large version of the meat cleaver. Gun Media has been good about using weapons from the movies, and Jason's weapon had to look like it could chop away at a door, hence why it's so large. Admittedly I had forgotten Part 5 was a voting option.
  4. Another company holds the rights. Until recently I thought Part 5 could be one of the next. The big giveaway was that Part 4 had the meat cleaver, which would have made more sense to give to Roy, since he used it to kill three people. So unless Gun Media decides to give him garden shears, I don't see Roy implemented. Makes sense they wouldn't put a fake Jason a higher priority than Pamela Voorhees.
  5. There was one time a player escaped my grab, and I activated stalk and morphed to the other side of a cabin he was running to. Luckily the door was unlocked. I waited by a corner at the end of a hall for him come to lock the door, and he literally ran into my arms. Only time I got an angry message.
  6. That is currently the only official way to kill Jason. Used to be common a glitch where stunning him could send him flying off the map, ending the match. Or if you happen to make the Jason player mad enough to rage quit.
  7. AJ didn't even get to call Tommy.
  8. This could be one of those cases where a glitch inspires an actual game feature. And yes, I'm being optimistic.
  9. I see you started the timer before the match officially started. That adds 21 seconds. Here are my faster escapes.
  10. Map right before snowflake means Christmas map. Snowflake with new Jason right after it means Santa Jason, but delayed until February. That means Santa Jason won't be alone for Valentines day.
  11. Until you eventually get banned by IP address...
  12. They did have that type of kill, but it was never implemented. Only time it was shown was in one of the trailers.
  13. I had a match where someone hid in the bushes of the Higgens Haven small map, and Jason couldn't see him from ten feet away. After the match he claimed to have epic level "stealth perks" equipped, I think one of them was Nerves of Steel.