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  1. It must be because of an error if the game took you to the menu instead of the lobby. Maybe the host left or there was bad connection.
  2. I'd love to see a Google Earth camera looking down on the whole map.
  3. That kill exists in the game.
  4. You had to back at least $40 during the Kickstarter to get in game credit.
  5. Sounds more like bad luck than a glitch.
  6. First trophy I got was for dying. Jason photobombs it. Anyone else notice the credit Wes Keltner gets?
  7. A perk that gave you a 30% or 50% chance to start with a pocket knife would be nice, but if you always started with one, just about everyone would use the perk, which would make it annoying to play as Jason. It makes sound waves, luring Jason.
  8. The drama queen/snob is one stereotype the game needs. Let's not forget the stoner and prankster. Maybe even an Asian counselor for the sake of diversity.
  9. Luckily there are perks for starting off with a firecracker, map, and walkie talkie. For maps, I hope they make the abandoned camp map that was one of their Kickstarter stretch goals. Also I was thinking that since people hardly don't go in water, it would be cool if Gun Media made a flooded camp map.
  10. Worst moments is when I keep getting stunned in rapid succession as Jason.
  11. A few cabins have a long table that's made for looping. What sucks is Jason can't set raps in cabins, and if the player sees you're going to knife him, he just runs around erratically. Hard to shift grab in a confined space; more worthwhile to use a Jason that can run.
  12. 1. When I see another player fixing the car/boat/fuse box, protect him from Jason. 2. No deceptive playing (I'm talking to you, whoever closed the door on me and locked it when Jason came after us). Of course, not every kind of trickery is deceptively bad. It's happened to me more than once where playing as Jason, a player tried to lead me away by pretending to say something to another player like, "We'll meet up at the car" or "take the battery". My fault for falling for that. One time I was chasing a player and another player was hiding in the bushes. I pretended not to see him until the last moment. 3. You cheat and I will try to take revenge! So on the Higgins Haven map a player went on the lake rock, preventing me from drowning him. A little later I came across another player with a shotgun. I made a deal to spare him for now if he'd shoot the cheater. Well the guy found out and took off. When I called him out for cheating at the end of the match, he tried to justify it as a strategy, then claimed we were the ones cheating by teaming up a counselor with Jason, then threatened to report us. More annoying was how he made it sound as though we'd get permanently banned right away because apparently HE was in the right while WE were the ones playing unethically.
  13. It might not be the internet connection, but rather the server connection.
  14. I think it means you have a bad internet connection.