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  1. countdown

    I am not one to argue with Death.
  2. I remember split screen was discussed on this forum, and a moderator explained it would be hard to render the area twice on the same screen.
  3. How about that Donnie Darko rabbit wearing a hockey mask? Oh wait, that's copyrighted. DANG. <-- Cannot overemphasize how big of a dang that is.
  4. That would be the only easy way to do it. Only problem is, since she'll be smaller than Jason you can expect the animations to be out of synch. As an example, here's a gameplay clip in Assassins Creed Unity where the disguise skill is used to play as a kid.
  5. The games you mentioned don't really need unlocks because it's more about just fighting (Mortal Combat and Street fighter at least). Admittedly I don't play those games. Don't play much shooters either, which also don't need unlocks as much. I steer more towards action adventure, RPGs, and stealth games. To name several series: Assassins Creed, Arkham Asylum, Splinter Cell, Dishonored, Metal Gear Solid, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy. In many of those games unlocking abilities and weapons/gadgets/other items is rewarding and can change how you play the game from that point on. Now as an online multiplayer game, Friday the 13th the Game may not seem to need unlocks, but that's the way the devs decided to go. Whether as an excuse for people to put more hours in or so the game won't be too easy at first. Like Jpops said, this is a question based upon a matter of preference.
  6. Guys guys, Laphin is a big Friday the 13th fan like us. The subscription thing is for those who want to help support him.
  7. If games didn't have a leveling system, you would have everything unlocked at the beginning, which wouldn't be fun.
  8. Unfortunately that would cost more money than it's worth right now. If Gun media were to put in any references to other horror movies, they would have to be subtle to avoid copyright. For example in the game Splatterhouse, in one place you see Ash Williams from Evil Dead lying dead on the ground. How do you know it's Ash Williams? In one hand is a shotgun, the other hand is gone. Normally Ash would have a chainsaw attached to the handless arm, but if he did, say hello to a copyright lawsuit. So in a way they were able to have Ash in the game without having to get the license, since it could just be any random guy with a shotgun and missing hand.
  9. I remember hearing Sean Cunningham didn't like the Jason character, due to Jason being more of an afterthought and therefore not Sean Cunningham's creation. Also that Jason wasn't originally going to be in Part 9 because of that.
  10. So after the multiplayer part of the game is finished, can we expect single player content in the virtual cabin?
  11. Perhaps more intros will be unlocked somehow?
  12. Similarly, I made a concept for a Friday the 13th game a few years ago using RPG Maker. Sorry that it's laggy, darn Hypercam.
  13. Even with it's popularity dwindling (which is no thanks to Paramount giving up the franchise after the eighth movie), another Friday game still could have happened. The game series Splatterhouse is pretty close to what an old Friday the 13th game would have been like. And let's not forget the brutally violent game Manhunt.
  14. I like the mask since the cover for Part 9 also had a metallic mask (although in this case it could just be plastic blackened by soot). Don't really like him unmasked; as some of you have said it doesn't look like Jason. Luckily Jason unmasked won't happen often.
  15. Although it would make each Jason more unique to have his own weapon, many of us would prefer to freedom to customize, unless Gun media has a good reason. The only sort of good reason I can think of is when you level up on XP you can unlock more of the same weapon type for that Jason. Example: Part 7 Jason starts out with a rusty machete that has a wood handle. First unlocked weapon is a less rusty machete with a plastic handle. Next is a stainless steel blade machete. Next is a machete with a metal handle and serrated blade.