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  1. I don't think establishing a public list of shame is really productive... sounds more like a witch hunt. What constitutes a bad player? Someone who is new? Someone who is Exploiting? What if someone just doesn't play well all together or ends up in a wall due to a bug and gets reported? How is a screenshot going to prove someone is a team killer vs an accident?
  2. I'm 101 and while I do agree these are rare, they do happen and can happen in vary levels of intensity. The more you play the more often you'll experience it. The issue is team killing isn't always intentional nor is it 100% in your control nor should it be a vote mechanic as that is likely to be abused. Thats what I'm concerned about and I'm interested in knowing more as banning players is a very aggressive approach.
  3. I understand your point. However, not everyone plays on the same schedule and at the same skill level. Furthermore, Team Killing isn't always in your control - it's possible for me to cause you to Team Kill.
  4. I don't think anyone should be banned at all - see original post. The mechanic should be adjusted so its cumbersome to do. If I know you can be banned for TK'ing, as a troll I'm going to make sure you run me over - hence run in-front of the car. Or, as I said in my previous post if Jason uses a counselor he has grabbed as a shield, you can easily accidentally shoot someone AND even someone in melee range trying to save them. TK should not be one hit = death with the shot gun and should be difficult to do with melee weapons.
  5. Er, no seeing how its possible for Jason to cause you to team kill by using counselors as a shield (I use shield lightly cause the bullet still hits him and kills anyone within in trajectory) this won't work effectively. Its leaving too much to chance. On top of accidentally killing people - people will intentionally run in front of your car so you get hit with the penalty to troll. You can also TK by stepping in a counselor bear trap. So, TK may be a result of someone elses stupidity and I could get banned for it? That is a bit too extreme, they need to adjust the mechanic not start banning the community.
  6. Maybe they weren't talking to you and were talking to someone with a gun?
  7. I just stumbled across this on Twitter. I know the social media team has a reputation of making misleading statements, but has anyone heard anything else on their stance for Team Killers? I think it's a little outrageous for individuals in the community to be banned from the game. How could they possibly police this? Any vote system is going to result in good community members being banned, it will backfire for sure. We've seen this in other games. It really just seems like the wrong approach. If they want FF in the game, then make FF = far less damage so accidentally killing someone is possible but rare and more OBVIOUSLY intentional than it is now.
  8. Yeah logistically its simple. However, there are so many variables that will make it hard to achieve. For example, it widely varys on the type of Jason you're fighting, the counselors picked, the location of the shack, the skill level of the person playing Jason, skill level of counselors, who gets picked as Tommy. etc. etc. If you have a full team, committed to killing Jason from the start, its a bit easier - even then some of the variables can make it more challenging.
  9. The hardest part is hoping it doesn't bug out when you actually try to initiate the sweater/kill.
  10. This topic IS silly. There is so much Jason can do, even when fighting all counselors at once. Block with Combat Stance, Teleport out (yes even when stunned) and rethink your approach, swing away. Also, the fact that you'd have a full team ganging up on you would be rare - this means you didnt get any early picks, perhaps let them get the sweater and now they want to plan on killing you. Sounds like the skill problem may be behind the keyboard
  11. You can XP twice as fast as this by just playing regularly 1v1 matches with a friend. And you wouldn't be glitching or abusing a bug, unless you arent suppose to gain XP in private matches.
  12. You can roll duplicates, so you'll have two of the same perk but you can't equip both. The quality % is still random, so its possible to have 2 Epic Perks that are slightly different. I saw a question a long time ago about someone wondering if it was even possible to roll the same quality perk, it definitely is.
  13. For context, I am level 81 and I have rolled 19 Epic Perks. Also, in case you are wondering it IS possible to roll the same quality perk multiple times. So, upgrading your Epic Perk is possible.
  14. Will my CP not show up but I can actually roll for 13K?
  15. Hmm, I respectfully disagree. Its quite normal to announce your update times well ahead of schedule, it's actual a service management standard. I can't imagine you surprise update environments at work.