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  1. Basically they made promises they had no idea whether or not they could actually achieve them successfully within budget and within a deadline.
  2. I mean... if anything their legends in the gaming industry for other, more unpopular, reasons. i.e. banning, bugs, communication.
  3. But the booth they said they were at is not designated to them..
  4. so wait, are they actually had comic con or not?
  5. I'm curious, do you also approve of the nerf being conducted without even mentioning it to the community?
  6. Lets not penalize people who are already impatient by forcing them to wait even longer after a match when they already have to wait just a long during a match.
  7. I acknowledge this is a problem, but the solution isn't for players to 'deal with it' for the sake of their experience. I will always leave games if I die early and am not playing with friends. Now that I'm max level and with all the epic perks I want, there is absolutely no benefit for me to stay in the game and watch everyone else play. I'm not playing the game so other people can enjoy it, I'm playing it for myself. I also did not pay 40 dollars to watch people play the game. This was a huge oversight in the development of the game, you can't expect someone to sit around for 18-19 minutes... it's like a 20 minute queue.
  8. They've always said they are 'working on it'
  9. This thread just came back to life.
  10. It wouldn't make sense for them to expand their team now, population is declining. They will soon be capable of handling the demand once the dust settles and the only players left at the ones content with the current state.
  11. What about... Packanack... reskinned with different colors? Would you take that?
  12. It'd be nice if the threads that are locked for "duplicate topics" actually referenced the topic you're suppose to discuss it in.
  13. Blizzard will not ban people based off videos or screenshots.
  14. In all honesty it's been so long , I don't even care either way. The reddit is just a waterfall of Jason memes now. haha.