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  1. Hallelujah, all praise Jason
  2. So, offline bots somewere after Halloween & Singleplayer sometime after Christmas?
  3. Nothing? Still need an answer on the customization question regarding Jason.
  4. Hope for a release "soon"
  5. Will we have the ability in the future to customize Jason? You know, choose weapons, clothes, maskes and so on.
  6. Yeah, so i dont think anyone can beat my 8 kills in a single match. If anyone can kill more than 8 counselours in a single match, then prove it. Hell, if anyone kills 9 counselours (or more) in a single match and sends legit proof you deserve to be banned. That was all folks. And yes, this is a troll thread.
  7. Goes by the name Yobo1987 on all platforms. Hardcore gamer. "Seriously Fun" Owns both PC, PS4 & Xbox One. Plays Friday the 13th on PS4, plays regularly.
  8. PSN: Yobo1987 PS4 HAVE MIC Plays almost every night
  9. Hope to get the devs notified on this soon.
  10. Tommy has to have the mask in his inventory to be able to trigger the death blow on Jason. Only Tommy can kill him.
  11. That sounds a lot like the coming of offline mode.
  12. I have an idea to let friends join in, in the offline mode (or private match) as coop or vs. To play against a bot Jason, or to play as Jason against friends and bots. Of course that would be an option in offline mode to accept/invite players or not, as you would want to play offline mode offline as well. To be able to fill empty playerslots with bots in both offline mode and private match/quick match. Notified the devs and got an answer on twitter. Hope something might happen soon. https://twitter.com/F13GameSupport/status/873181714671120385?s=09
  13. It should be possible for both counselor and Jason to climb fences instead of runing around it. Also it shoud be possible for Jason to climb trough windows just as counselor, but at a slower pace.