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  1. You are welcome chuck and congrats on the award! Its good to see you receive recognition for all the hard work behind the game.
  2. Well I generally don't like to mention ways to troll but I've come across this scenario on the Jarvis house map. The Jarvis house only has one door in and out. I've been in one game where someone locked battery and gas in the basement with them then quit. Probably had the fuse and well but that game was a wash not sure what they could really do about it except maybe make small basement windows counselors could crawl through or maybe have lock picks spawn / mini game to unlock them. Would only work on doors with the turn locks and not barricaded doors for obvious reasons / realism.
  3. If you want a grammar thread in off topic, fine. However we will not resort to stereotyping and use insinuations based upon them.
  4. Uh this thread is more of a statement on your part than a discussion piece.please refrain from posting things that will bait people. Thank you.
  5. Ah OK, I misunderstood what you meant. I meant just graphical improvements like closer to the PC version of the game. The one X uses 3 categories of enhancements classified by Microsoft. 4k | HDR | Xbox One X Enhanced I wouldn't really expect 4k or HDR don't get me wrong I would love it! But you can still enhance it using the system capabilities. That's all I would be hoping for if this were to ever happen the other things would be incredible surprises but HDR can be a pain and 4k native items would require everything to be redone.
  6. Please see link. I am only closing this for easy access in finding the information for those who were awaiting an answer. Please continue the conversation in the posted thread.
  7. I'll be honest I'm always a little jealous when I play steam and go back to console but I've always been a big console fan over PC.
  8. Ralph that's not entirely true. Are we talking assassins creed origins detail? Of course not. But when I play on steam there are very notable differences between them. I play on epic settings on PC it's kind of night and day believe it or not. @Truth I think you may be right. What threw me was they said they didn't have a 4K TV so I was assuming they meant performance wise but they did ask about graphics and well at the beginning.
  9. It's kind of a shame there is such a negative outlook on everything these days. With that said as an Xbox One X owner myself I would love to see nothing more than this game enhanced for the console. If they did this consider me stoked! @Truth that thread is asking about performance enhancements on the game. This I believe is asking about the graphics improvement capability of the XoneX Console.
  10. There is already a topic on this. Please search before creating a new thread.
  11. Level cap increase will come with the next patch however right now if you are level 101 you can roll the meter over. Please see below for tweet from illfonic
  12. Well I can see what you are saying but his comment was asking why it wasn't posted on Twitter and it was. My statement was no matter where it is posted someone is going to take issue with it.
  13. There was indeed a post about it on Twitter from Illfonic. One could also say why isn't it on the forum if it was posted directly to social media exclusively. It's out there you just have to look. I would imagine when the next patch rolls out it will be included in the patch notes as a feature.
  14. Not sure what political stances have to do with being decent to another person and I do not work for illfonic or Gun. I moderate content based upon the forum rules that are laid out in the rules section of the forum. If you have questions about them please visit the rules section of the forum.
  15. Cap will be raised next patch however as stated in another thread, once you hit cap it's something new that will allow you to keep acquiring CP for rolling the XP meter to completion. It was something implemented to allow people from hitting cap to have CP gains grind to a slow trickle. Meaning once the cap is raised to 150 you will still be able to acquire CP for completion of the XP bar.
  16. @XRizerX I have removed your post for inflammatory remarks. However there are a few items that I would like to bring up. No one was ever banned without cause. It's actually really hard to prove someone is worthy of a ban in game. If the evidence is not 100% without question than a ban will happen. I would also like to further say some bans have been lifted in the past for less serious offenses. Fear is illustrated by several means. Screen getting darker, loss of mini map, stamina bar turning a maroon type color and also your characters face will also shoe how scared they are in relation to this. Sure there is not a little meter dedicated to it but it can be gauged in game. I am sorry that no one seems to help you in game. I tend to help people out if I am in the same area with them. Sometimes it makes me become the target instead. It happens and do you think I receive help back? Sometimes most times not. That is the element of human players that is unpredictable. How they will react in a given scenario. It makes the game play different. You clearly do not like the game in its current form. Single player is coming so am far as that goes it's a little bit more of a wait and for a guideline please see the roadmap posted on the forums for a general look at the area of release. You are entitled to your opinion as others are entitled to theirs. You dislike the game? OK well that does not mean that others are not enjoying it. Your numbers cited are also not accurate and if you are still citing a player drop, well every game has that. This isn't an AAA title managed by hundreds of developers and backed by boatloads of cash. The game is fun to me and I am sure others but a game will never be able to be custom tailored to make everyone happy as everyone has a different opinion. Please feel free to continue voicing your opinion but when doing so please make sure you are not name calling and making inflammatory statements in the process.
  17. not sure how that's cheating use the window it may save your life
  18. Forums use templates. The template that was being used probably was incompatible with the new format. If you recall a lot of new features were introduced in the change between then and now.
  19. Well if that is the case that is odd not sure how he would have pulled that off.
  20. @RustInPeace kind of, I will use stalk if it's available and is preferred for the combo. I'll try to grab a video of it next time I pull it off but what I mean is you are chasing a counselor and you see them making their way to a door. Hit shift, if you time it right you should be able to shift past them and into the cabin while the door is still open and end it in the next room. Once they barricade the door well now they are locked in there, with Jason. That's what most likely occurred if both doors were still barricaded.
  21. Sorry that's not gonna happen. The new format is due to Invision upgrading their format. I believe the old style was not supported any longer.
  22. This is a tactic I use often. When chasing a counselor and they open a door I'll often shift past them into the next room. Once I hear the door bolt I'll walk out where they are The reactions are classic but most people use windows which doesn't let it happen everytime. That could possibly be what happened.
  23. Not sure what this is referencing so really can't speak about the issue however, freedom of speech does not mean that you can say whatever you want. You can't yell fire in a court house or bomb on a plane. There is a certain decorum that must be followed. Places such as a forum is no different. Again I am not sure what thread this is in regard to but I highly doubt it was because you used something that was non-offensive. Please review the forum rules in the rules section for clarifications of the rules in place.
  24. Dedicated servers will be coming to consoles in the near future. There are Already discussions on this subject. Please in the future use the search function before creating a new thread.
  25. This is a great example of what not to do in a post. Please review the posting rules for the forum.