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  1. there is already a lengthy discussion on slashing. Please search before creating a new thread.
  2. Well here is the thought on that, at least from my perspective. If it's an obscure thread that may have been brought up last year I'll take the time to link it. However if it's a thread that has been brought up every day, well there is no need to go through the trouble of linking it again and again. also it gives the OP practice with the search function so a win / win. also I don't take kindly to the fact you pointed out I will never be able to achieve my dream job. For so long I've only dreamed of having the privilege of asking if you "would you like fries with that?" I mean how cool would that be?! I get to utter one of the most famous phrases ever made! Plus I get to wear a neat headset! But alas, I have applied and they told me I was over qualified for the position so now I must volunteer here day dreaming of what my life could have been.
  3. While critisim is welcome, try using a little tact in future posts with a subject matter instead of just a venting post.
  4. Please use the search function before creating a new thread / poll. This is something that already been made.
  5. let's make something perfectly clear. you are to discuss the subject matter in the thread. that's how a forum works. if you get off topic someone will ask you to bring it back on topic. while no one is particularly over zealous about it, your conversation will most likely attract attention if you decide to argue about something other than what is being discussed.
  6. This suggestion has been brought up in the past. Please use the search feature before creating a new thread.
  7. Let's talk about the subject matter and not about who holds onto the keys and who doesn't.
  8. How long is your member...

    Uh, around 30 years. Started with Super Mario Brothers and the Legend of Zelda and the Nintendo Entertainment System. From there it was the following. NES SNES Sega Genesis Turbo Grafix-16 Nintendo 64 Sega Saturn Gamecube Playstation Xbox Playstation 2 Xbox 360 Nintendo Wii Playstation 3 Nintendo Wii U PlayStation 4 Xbox One Nintendo Switch I think that covers all the consoles owned over the years. As far as games it was pretty much any game I could get my hands on. I've had way too many favorites to list in 30 years some I am sure to forget always had a special place in my heart for the legend of Zelda I played that game so many times on the NES. Ah the good old days.
  9. The point of a forum is to engage in conversation and is a place to share opinions and ideas. People's opinions will differ. If you can not agree on something agree to disagree and move on. Do not get into back and forths and treat each other with respect.
  10. thi topic has been largely discussed. Please use the search feature to see if anthread exists prior to creating a new one.
  11. there are several topics talking about the current state of Jason. Please use the search feature before creating a new thread.
  12. Please do not create threads that already exist. It seems you know that this has been brought up before but posted a thread anyways. In the future please join a discussion already in progress.
  13. It could, but then that means someone can register the name again. I do not believe there is a block list for names. There might be, I'll check it out and see what we can do.
  14. This is a nice idea but it's a sticky situation for all involved. It's something that most likely would not happen and testing would stay internal as that is the best way to control everything. @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow I have removed your tag. That belongs to a fake account that is banned.
  15. Spyro, your snarky PM's to me aside, I have already informed you that searching for threads to ensure they do not exist is what we ask users to do. I even explained the explanation behind why we do this. Please do not make another thread asking about if the moderation that your thread received was appropriate. I am confirming this for you that it is a rule. It is also asked that if you are given a directive by a member of that staff that you adhere to it. Again I thank you for your cooperation
  16. Do not break the forum rules and your posts will be left alone. This is the same across the board for all. If you would like your comments to remain, they should be free from inflammatory remarks. Thank you.
  17. Your Topic was locked as a discussion on the matter already exists. Please feel free to join in on a discussion in progress if your search yields results. This is general house keeping and allows topics to be easily found so others may easily find said topics as well as it being seen by the right parties to bring attention to the topic as hand.
  18. @RustledJimmy please refrain from insulting other members in your postings and also please stop double posting. Thank you.
  19. Please do a search using the search feature before creating a new thread. If you do, you will find threads regarding this exact discussion.
  20. Well it was a big security hack and a ton of customers info was pulled that affected pretty much every user that was on PSN. Understandably they are almost paranoid to allow anything that may present a risk. Therefore the response is verifying that every single little insignificant thing is up to par and that servers accessing their platforms are very tightly locked down. The lizard squad issue you are talking about is a DDOS attack. Not much you can do about those. they have measures in place to avoid DDOS attacks and help mitigate the traffic flows if someone attempts to shut down the service. Essentially it's multiple computers sending empty packets of data to clog up the network essentially shutting it down.
  21. Keeping the conversation civil and free on any antagonizing remarks if someone is being abusive you may use the report button and are not to engage in a back and forth with that user. If you have any questions you may PM me.
  22. @BeautyNumber2 first of all stop with the hostility as you have been previously warned about it 2nd I did not remove it, it was removed by someone else.
  23. Regardless of what you want to call it, it's against the rules so please refrain from it in your postings. Thank you.
  24. @Speed_Force92 stop double posting and refrain from insults. @HuDawg stop instigating
  25. Just because info is known does not mean you can go blurting it out. Special precautions are taken as not to give dates that are not concrete. Transparency here is fine if you peruse other gaming communities in the AAA realm the Devs will not even talk to you. You can scream, yell and stomp.your feet they will just ignore you and just comment on things that are not of a question. The fact is whether you like the answers your receive or not the fact is you are receiving interactions. Quite a few on this forum are pretty toxic and they continuously tag everyone on the Dev team in hopes of coercing an answer out of someone and that just isn't going to get it done and when they do pop in the flow of negative remarks by those choice users are not in short supply. Prior to what people cite as "locking the doors of the office" is in fact due to the amount of rage that follows should a loose estimate be given and it is not completed in that time frame. There was an honest attempt to share cool things in the pipeline and the amount of people rageing is not worth saying anything unless it is concrete To cite a few examples paranoia, dedicated servers ect. These were things to give a view on what was being worked on and quite frequently demands are made for updates on these items. I can understand that everyone wants to know and maybe it's just because you are excited that's fine but this is exactly why major game companies ignore most until they have news to share it's not because those companies don't know they just know their audience lacks patience. A testament to this is literally all over the forums. You can't say you would like one thing and then complain when that practice is stopped. Every effort is made to.guve details where they can be shared it's just not up to par with some people's individual time tables. Also another note which has been an issue lately, I can understand and sympathize with some of the concerns around the forums however it does not give anyone a free pass to hurl insults and antagonize anyone here. Creating a constructive dialogue goes a long way verses snarky comments and insults. Just some food for thought.