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  1. I debated on whether I would respond to this as it is a disciplary issue, but since it appears the user took to steam forums about it, it seems the user wants "justice" and not privacy. First of all this move was not a unilateral decision made by me. This was a topic that was discussed and as you can see, this is the outcome. On any sort of social platform we all have a duty to utilize good judgement when selecting a user name. The user name was not offensive to me however it is an inappropriate name for forum use. I can see he would like to appeal the decision. That is fine with me and if it comes down to allowing a name change and reinstating access also not a problem. The directive is what it is, as always it's never personal on my part, just doing what needs to be done. Maybe he was a great guy, I don't know he seems relatively new here and I haven't seen much from him in terms of posting. Not that time spent on the forum changes decisions made in regard to enforcement of policies. Some may agree, some may disagree but my stance is neutral as it always has been. I hope that cleared up some confusion and questions.
  2. Please do not bump topics. You may report issues but do not spam.
  3. This actually made me laugh. Thank you for that. Lol
  4. This is not a constructive conversation and what I am seeing is multiple tags in a post in hopes to bombard an answer out of someone. Host quitting is an issue that is known and things are being discussed. There is not an answer at this time which is why you have not received an answer. Like I've said before, Ben has several places that he must tend to. Most AAA games there is limited / no interaction from the community manager aside from announcements. I feel because this is an indie game that some feel that they are owed answers outside the norm. The answer here is that it is known and when something is available to be announced it will be. Some are frustrated on the time line and I am sorry you are frustrated. I play primarily on Xbox 1 so I can understand but demanding answers will not yield results any faster. This thread borders on an attempt to incite a situation and I will not have that. You are attending SDCC? Cool, want to ask a question? Cool, but I will not allow such a thread to continue which is hostile in nature.
  5. About 95% of the comments in this thread were unnecessary, 11 some odd reports as a result of this thread. That is a problem. Not the reports but the fact that this thread has become what it is. I am unaware of a duplication glitch. If there is one, using it is not a good idea. I will be taking actions on this thread once I have some time to properly sift through the facts. To everyone please avoid adding fuel to the fire as that will also place you in the wrong. Thanks.
  6. Please use this thread to initiate and recruit for your own private groups on PlayStation 4. Please be specific on what you are looking for. Below are some examples. - My Gamertag is John Smith hosting a private match, I have 1 other looking 5 more send me a message if you want to join. - My gamer tag is Pamela Vorhees I am looking for an invite to join a private match. Being specific will help others know exactly what you are looking for.
  7. I think it's pretty clear that the message is intended for both if you. It takes two participant's for a back and forth. However with your initial comment I asked that you tone it down. Then I come back and see that you are still continuing on. Let's stop the buck here and continue with the topic. And yes, that is directed to both of you.
  8. I am not siding with anyone I asked that you both agree to disagree and move on. I don't care who is supporting what side. Pages upon pages of back and forth to one another is not constructive. That remains the point here.
  9. @I Hate Spectate agree to disagree and move it on. People have different opinions. Just because they do not coincide with your own does not mean they are wrong nor does it mean your opinion is wrong. It's a disagreement calling people "brown nosers" or "fan boys" does not move the conversation along. Post constructively and with purpose. Do not post as a means to attempt to demean someone who disagrees with you. I was pretty clear in my last post hopefully we can now resolve this.
  10. Remarks like that are a no go. You may disagree but do so respectfully. You have been told this in the past. I expect that I do not need to remind you to behave yourself while on the forum.
  11. I have moved this to "Off Topic"
  12. well the scenario described would be a pretty shitty thing to do. Like most have stated I usually drop parts near objectives. If I am trying to repair the fuse box and Jason appears I drop the fuse on the ground next to the box in case I die so it does not wind up somewhere in the wild. A lot of times what I think happens is people find an escape route and go with it not thinking that they have other objective parts on them such as car keys, fuse ect. It kind of screws over the rest left behind. I have inadvertently been guilty of this but most times I try to drop the items somewhere in the clear where people can see them. It could be argued it's messed up but at least you have a chance of finding them. If I leave with them well than I just gave you a death sentence with a small chance of survival.
  13. Hello this section is for bug reporting. This is not a bug report. Please see included link into proper reporting of cheaters. I have also removed your tag. Public shaming is not something condoned on the forums.
  14. Never got to meet the guy and that is a shame. I read this earlier, he was and still is a legend. R.I.P.
  15. You are free to write what you want for an introduction post but it needs to be an introduction as well. Please create a proper introduction post.
  16. @westwarren it appears you still double post despite warnings. If you have questions or need clarification on the posting policy please feel free to reach out to me. Please refrain from double posting.
  17. @Deeify I have merged a couple double posts from you here @7theye I have also merged a double post of your own. Please do not double post. If you would like to add onto something and there is no conversation in between please use the edit button.
  18. @AllThingsHorror please do not double post. I have merged your posts. If you would like to add something without conversation in between please use the edit button.
  19. I am still here, you guys haven't got rid of me yet! It's pretty busy around here these days so some times its mostly investigating reported content and addressing that. I also pop into a thread of two but I am still stalking the campgrounds! Your doomed! your all doomed! Well who ever breaks the rules I guess lol. Edit: also I noticed this was not in off topic. I have fixed that
  20. @RandallFlagg I just merged a double post from you twice in this thread. Please edit if you want to add something after you post.
  21. @Epic439 please do not double post. I have merged your posts. If you would like to add something without conversation in between please use the edit button.
  22. @Pikalicious do not double post I have merged your posts. If you would like to add onto something without conversation occurring in between than use the edit button. Also that statement is not true, while Xbox does have its own teams to police their platform developers have the right to police their own game. There is no support article related to PSN but developers can also ban you from their game as well on PS4
  23. I can't tell if these are light hearted jokes or not but in the event it isn't and since I did happen to come along and read this I will only say that ideas will differ one can not gauge the seriousness of an idea and not call it invalid based upon that. Now with that said, obviously if something is extremely out of the park that may be one thing but I do not see this as something that was way off the mark. Will it happen? Probably not, but it's an idea none the less and that's what the forum is, a place to discuss ideas.
  24. He's right though, you guys do not need to like one another but whether or not you like or dislike each other the moment you insult someone is when it is when you have gone too far. If you wish not to speak to someone than don't. It's a public forum and everyone can express their opinions. You don't have anything nice to say as a response than say nothing. If you would like to respond you will do so with respect and without insults.
  25. Bears, you have known me long enough to know I support everyone's right to their opinions whether I agree or disagree. As always my intent is to provide an alternative way to look at things. If someone reads said post and decides you know what, he's right, didn't think of it like that. That would be great! However if they read it and think "screw this guy" that's also alright. Those can take it how they like. My posts are never in the tone of frustration or anger. I am blunt about things so perhaps through text that how it appears. I was just pointing out that there is no right way it's either one way or another you can't have both.