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  1. I wish that were true bears. I manage a 24/7 security contract. It unfortunately requires me to be attached to my phone so I pop in and check in on you guys from time to time admittedly though I am intentionally spending a little more time on the forum the last couple of days because of obvious reasons.
  2. free time? what's that?
  3. Welcome to the forums Hudonj!
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  5. Is it bad that while I appreciate this post my first action was to check to make sure it was in off topic? Lol thank you for the laughs guys but Ralph is in the thick of this too
  6. Correct you will receive a digital key. Check mark is ready however you will need to be in a lobby with others to start.
  7. It was sold during the backer kit campaign. Unfortunately you will not be able to purchase it.
  8. In Wes' thread he explained that media will not cover games that are currently released. Which is true by the way. This is an indie title and not a major publisher so they do not have the clout to twist these media outlets arms and throw down demands. Think of it this way I'm gonna use Activision as an example. We will also use destiny 2. Destiny 2 releases and that's a large publisher / title release. Media is obviously in a frenzy to be "first" Activision can say this is what we are going to do for launch. Now their plans may violate the companies policy however with the interest and power of such a large publisher they are going to bend a rule or two to get that story. If they say no, well they will just give the exclusive story to another outlet. Gun Media is a small company they don't have that clout to throw around. They aren't going to cover the game as intensely as Destiny they may do a little blurb but Indies are treated far differently from AAA titles. Also again there were only 92 keys issued to gun for media purposes. That's all they were gonna get. How would you evenly distribute those? OK, I understand that and I see what you mean. I get that you would feel a littl disenchanted by the whole unveiling. Sucks that it happened so quick. But honestly if it was done by streamers in the 1st hour of release / steaming embargo lift would it still not strike a cord? I think that scenario was inevitable but o do understand your point of view.
  9. You know guys, this pains me to have to make decisions on closing these posts. I want to let everyone converse on the items they would like to discuss but everything is fighting and not discussion. You guys really are forcing my hand today.
  10. OK I'll level with you. Let's say for the sake of it streamers / media were not issued keys. There were roughly 92 keys issued to allow for media / streamer distribution. What fair way so you propose that the keys be divided between backers. There were a lot of backers and that number does not even come close to the total of them. I am curious Making my rounds thanks for the heads up.
  11. OK a lot of double posting going on. Please ensure you are not double posting. If you want to add onto something please use the edit button. To speak about the original post, kickstater does not guarantee anything outside of the reward tier you backed at. The expectations of people who backed the game seem to want more than they signed up for. Early access to streamers / media is something common within the industry so I am perplexed as to why this comes at a shock to anyone. There is no doubt that streamers (regardless of personal views) as well as the media generate exposure to games. Keys for media / streamers are severely limited in quantities and there is no way that keys could have been handed out to everyone early with the amount that were allowed. Also if you gave all the keys out to backers you might as well make that the release date instead. Wes Keltner wrote a very detailed explanation into this which if you are interested you can read here on the forums. Killing Jason was bound to happen at some point especially when you have a cooperative Jason in game. That much was inevitable. Players are intelligent and think outside the box. It could have happened on launch day just the same. So I am confused why anyone is mad about that. I think everyone for the most part is anxious and the wait is almost over. I feel everyone's energy could best be spent prior to launch as maybe setting up groups for launch or discussing all items you may have seen in the streams. It is well noted that some are upset and that was no ones intention to upset anyone. This is not a cash grab, this is a passion project, it is guns baby. They want to keep this game kicking around and supported for as long as it possibly can be. It's not a move to slight anyone.
  12. OK I think this has gone far enough and points have been made.
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  14. Oh man, these forums have been crazy the past two days I guess I did not see I commented right above myself *facepalm*
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  16. Unfortunately it is not going to happen.
  17. OK I am going to close this. There are topics on this already and I feel as if this is created in attempts to fan the flames of some who are already upset about other things.
  18. Bloodontherocks, You are not out of line by voicing your opinions or displeasures with the way things are done. You are entitled and encouraged to speak your mind. The forum rules state clearly just no flaming so feel free to discuss. I am sorry you feel the way that you do and you feel lied to. I am also sorry to see that you no longer want to play. You have gone this far and it's almost time. I suggest giving it a go at the very least. It may not be as bad as it is looking to you at the moment. I do not have answers for you that I can directly address or the authority to speak about on those matters however I will suggest that you take a peek around and see what options are available to you when the game launches. That is just my two cents on the matter.
  19. OK everyone I know emotions are high and I would like to keep the thread open for relevant discussion however in these discussions few are becoming heated. Let's stop the finger pointing and yelling at one another and discuss this is a civil manner or I will shut it down with warnings to follow for those who do not heed this warning. Thank you for your cooperation and as a side note it's almost time guys and gals. Let's save the bloodshed for the camp.
  20. Ja1862 please do not double post. If you would like to add onto something please use the edit button.
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  23. Correct, when the PSN store updates you should be able to purchase the game.
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  25. Please use the search feature there is already a discussion on this topic. Release date remains 5/26/17