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  1. This belongs in off topic.
  2. I am going to state the obvious here, that image was not made by Gun Media or illfonic. Someone made that for kicks. I just wanted to comment saying so that way there no confusion to its legitimacy. I will admit it's pretty impressive but it is a fake and made by a fan.
  3. You still can, shoot it in the air it just has a multi-use now
  4. @TacoKiller please be mindful not to double post. I have merged your posts If you would like to add onto something without conversation in between please use the edit button.
  5. That depends on how you look at it. Things are read here and changes have come as a result of conversation. For example after the beta closed feedback was asked for. In the beta firecrackers were solely to throw off Jason's sense and no stun ability. Flare guns were just to be fired in the air and give off Jason's location. After feedback was received they reviewed such items and took the feedback and made changes they felt were appropriate. Stuns were added to give those items a more tactical use. In the beta no one bothered picking up a flare gun or fire crackers as they were essentially useless in the grand scheme of things. Not every suggestion will be implemented but it does not mean it is not read. Developers will make changes they feel fit within their vision for the game but that is any game out there. It's all how you look at it.
  6. Please use the section bug reporting on this forum to report your crash. Please include a screen shot of what the error message says.
  7. Hello, there is already a topic on this. Please join in on the conversation in progress. Also, please use the search function before creating a new thread.
  8. You can report glitches and crashes here. Please include a screen shot so the problem can be identified.
  9. Technically yes, it's about the game but it also is about someone's content which is more of an off topic sort of deal. I made a decision on it, no harm no foul for posting. I think it fits better here.
  10. Please keep conversation to one thread. Also use the search feature before creating a new topic to ensure it does not exist prior.
  11. Blocking is a game play mechanic. Using it to jump out of traps / pass through fire crackers is an exploit. Blocking attacks is fair game.
  12. OK a couple of things to consider. 1) The post referenced is a discussion happening on Reddit. This why it references reddit as it is a specific conversation. 2) Things are read here and this forum is not abandoned. For every discussion on reddit, steam forums, YouTube, Twitter, FB it's mostly a pop in like it is here. They are not spending time on one source over the other. We are quick to cast everything as a conspiracy on these forums. Such as registrations being temp disabled. Those have reopened and we have been receiving new members. So this is not a forgotten medium or not an advertised medium it's on the new website. Fact is there are other mediums out there and different things going on there. So what is a post here or there talking about a different place? It's a discussion not an official answer on the blue dot discussion.
  13. I play quick play mostly and most times you will not find a group of counselors who work well together so I guess that attributes to the easily part. It is much harder to kill 8/8 when you face off against a great group. Never stated that no one ever escapes. I simply said its easy enough without using exploits. I am going to take it as you do not share that view and picking apart my wording suggesting that I am speaking down, which isn't the case is not going to make exploits a viable means of gameplay.