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  1. Please ensure that when you use the search function you are selecting the entire forum and not the thread you are looking at. That may be the result of bad searches.
  2. Please use the search function before creating new topics and also please ensure you are posting in the proper section.
  3. Well I am sorry you are experiencing such issues. It's been working pretty well for me consistently and like I said these things take time. You can make whatever you want priority but the 3rd parties responsible for approvals aren't really concerned if the host is quitting, they care about the security of the severs that will be assessing their platforms and are not rushing it for no one. You publish on consoles, you play by their rules and on their time lines. Just how it is even though that may not be what you would like to hear.
  4. There is no official discord. However that is indeed the one that the developers periodically stop into.
  5. Host migration is a flawed system and honestly even for honor which used host migration abandoned the system to get dedicated servers. That is the superior option and more expensive of the two but it is much more reliable and worth the investment. As you know it was elected to go with the more costly and better solution which would be dedicated servers. The time for roll out is due to all of the work that needs to go into getting them approved and inspected and certified for use. It's not an easy task to accomplish on consoles but it is worth the wait and will benefit everyone involved.
  6. OK everyone, again please read the amended rules for quoting other users. I have gone through and removed the violations. You may find this in the rules section of the forum.
  7. It's not OK which is why I have removed the video explaining how to do said glitch. Gun does not own YouTube so there is going to be these types of videos out there. Aggressively patch the exploit is more beneficial than spending unlimited time and resources to issue DMCA take down notices.
  8. Dedicated servers will be coming online. As explained in the thread at the bottom there is a lot that goes into dedicated servers for consoles it's not just a here it is and good to go. There are security audits that must be done and approved. It's the cost of gaming on a secure platform. The game is playable, to say it's getting better but you have not played since launch is contradictory to your claim of its getting better. To say you have not played since launch says that you have not played at all. Lobbies are leagues better as well as matchmaking. Dedicated servers are coming and since you haven't played since June according to the info you provided then it's shouldnt be as tedious to wait a little longer. I can see you are frustrated which is understood but that is not going to speed up the processes that have to be adhered to. Also skins and emotes are fun so why not? I can promise you that the guys working on emotes and skins don't know anything about servers
  9. This thread was a gray area but now it is not constructive. I let it fly in terms of not specifically asking for money but now we are discussing members whether present or not. Lets not do that. Thanks.
  10. Well folks, I think the message is apparent here. Don't believe everything you hear. Information that is posted by official accounts is the only info you should take as fact. People in the shadows claiming insider details are lying to you. I am going to close this thread so it does take on a life of its own. You have the road map, details pertaining to the road map will be revealed when ready.
  11. Please post Constructively and do not spam.
  12. Please search for a topic using the search feature before creating a new thread. There is already a discussion on this.
  13. This is still being worked on. As I always say a lack of news is not indicative of a lack of work. When the original announcement was made it was clear that dedicated servers would take some time to come on line due to all the requirements to have consoles allow them. When news is available it will be passed on.
  14. All reports received are reviewed and action if deemed necessary is taken. For a guideline on what is or is not banable see link below. Since it is already confirmed that blocking Jason from reaching you is not intended then I consider this answered. If you have any other questions please refer to below.
  15. I am no authority on this by any means but you are right, typically latency will factor where a player used to be verses where they actually are when that data is received. This is a stationary item it should always be in place so how does that factor in. Here is my thoughts. You are allowed to free swing so the trajectory of the weapon is where the collision takes place. If you are swinging at a door the weapon is what is moving and while the door is not moving your weapon certainly is. So the point of impact may be well the wall. Sometimes you will be running in a lag spike and your screen will jump and you will be a few steps back. Same principal, the stuff is rendered locally but this is not a rendering issue but a state change item using a hit box. I am not particularly talking about animation door break down but the free swing. I notice most players use that which may be why players are seeing such inconsistency in it. I am not sure how you think damage received would be stored locally in an online game. All players would be seeing it real time so that is data transmitted over the hosts connection. Again, I am not sure how it's set up but Its not out of the realm that may be the issue.