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  1. fair enough, this somehow flew under my radar. I've merged the two.
  2. let's keep it civil please.
  3. Support comes in all forms and degrees. It does not make it any less appreciated. Every bit counts.
  4. it was a pretty amazing game. Unfortunately I played the hell out of that game until I beat it. Now I wait for the season pass to kick in.
  5. that's not how that works. the savini skin is a separate code as it is DLC. It is not tied to anything else.
  6. Well here are a few points to consider. 1) When someone says sending codes manually it's not people typing up e-mails one by one. Emails most likely will be generated and sent in waves like all codes to the Virtual Cabin. 2) I am not exactly sure when downloads will open on the platforms. However no one can play anything until they activate the servers. There are a lot of worries voiced and I can understand that but everything here is pure speculation. Just try to be patient, info will be trickling out as launch approaches.
  7. single player is available for everyone who buys the game. Early backers get single player free without paying the increased price of $40 for a digital copy.
  8. BeastMaster, Please take a moment to review the forum rules. Do not double or triple post without conversation inbetween. If you would like to add onto something please edit your post. I have merged your triple post. Also please see following thread which should give you adequate information about the performance needed to run the game.
  9. there is already a discussion topic on this. Please use the search feature before creating a new thread.
  10. It feels odd welcoming you to the forums at this point but you deserve a welcome. Welcome to the forums Nothingface!
  11. Ah, I get ya. the digital age kind of stopped that. back in the days of old most stores had directives to release it on release day which was midnight in its geographical location. I actually forgot there was a time where you had to go stand in lines for games at midnight. feels like decades ago.
  12. Kal, please do not create additional threads of this nature. You currently have the Xbox one club LFG thread which I left open.
  13. DamnedEternal1, please be sure to review the rules of the forums. Please do not double post without conversation in between. If you would like to add onto an thought please use the edit button. I have gone ahead and merged your posts.