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  1. A fan site is one thing, Promoting it as a report "bad players" site is not something kosher and we would like to leave off the forum. I have edited your post to remit those sections. Please Feel free to speak about the channel, however promoting it as a report bad player site may cause confusion and again something related I'm a sense to a public shaming is not permitted.
  2. Your opinion on the matter is very clear, I mean your user name clearly states your feelings about spectating. However, people are going to have other opinions that rival yours. That will happen it's not up to you to convince them to change their opinion. Being angry about it isn't going to sway people's opinions in my experience. If you want to make your points on their opinions do so but no need to be overly passionate in expressing your disagreement with them.
  3. @MyNameJeff please post constructively and refrain from using derogatory language in your posting. I have removed your posts. Please consider this a verbal warning to refrain from such activity in future postings. Also please take a second to review the forum rules. Thank you.
  4. This thread is about the double XP weekend. Please keep it on topic. The next person to engage in this back and forth will receive a warning for ignoring instruction to get this back on topic. Thank you.
  5. I am not too sure what is going on with perks but I have been told a work around for this is equipping that perk in the first slot.
  6. Welcome to the forums Beus!
  7. Please do not topic bump. I have merged your posts. I know this is something that is a concern but topic bumping is a violation of the forum rules.
  8. This may be a stupid question but have you tried deleting and re-installing? I am not seeing these problems on Xbox and since console are closed platforms in which settings would not be tweaked it out of date I think it would be an install issue now that's a guess but worth a shot. If you haven't tried that it's worth a shot to see if that fixes your issue.
  9. There is already a thread to discuss dead by daylight. Please use the search feature before creating a new thread.
  10. Please use the search feature before creating a new thread.
  11. Please use the search function before creating a new thread.
  12. No, please follow the forum rules. Feel free to speak about the subject that has already been created.
  13. You are right, that's odd for sure.
  14. The achievements name is called teddy protector it is on all platforms. It may be one of the hidden achievements / trophies but I do not believe it is.