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  1. Destroy the car? no, but I do think it should extend the time it takes to start the car by a few seconds each time Jason smashes it. There should be some penalty to the car when Jason smashes it repeatedly. Or have a percentage chance that it gets broken too badly to start and a player has to get out, go to the hood and fix it again, and then start the car back up.
  2. Jason should just get points for counselors that get themselves killed, and get points for anyone that leaves the session after the match starts, Can't stand it when someone leaves the moment they realize I have them cornered.
  3. Jason needed this, the stuns were far too long before the patch.
  4. Good god no, just give us the friggin content and don't gate it behind a stupid level system.
  5. I think the snowflake probably is just marking the holiday season, but I'd love it if it meant snow, or a winter themed map.
  6. I'd love some time of day variations along with weather varations, Jason hasn't exactly been picky about the proper time of day for murder in most films. Would love to have it start at day, transition to night, and have the sun start to rise again towards the end of the match. But I'd be cool with just having a day option/chance as well. And, with weather being discussed, gotta re-iterate how much I'd love to see a snow/winter map added.
  7. How did that not help? the answer was the first result, it's a small, quick update intended to patch issues in the software, oftentimes small enough that the software doesn't even need to be shut down while installing.
  8. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=hotfix
  9. No, removing it was the right call.
  10. Two handed choke is one of my favorite kills, really great for when a player has been a pain in your arse.
  11. Yeah, honestly sometimes I prefer to get killed than escape, so long as the Jason player chooses a decent kill and not just the default choke you start with.
  12. Craven, Romero, and now Hooper gone, sad day not just for fans of horror, but fans of film in general, TCM and Poltergeist are classics that have had quite a bit of influence on the genre.
  13. Well, they're getting rid of team killing soon, so that's kinda irrelevant.
  14. weather

    If they are adding weather I'd love to see them eventually add things like other times of the day than just night, Jason does his fair share of killing in the day after all. And I'd love them to add a winter map at some point, would be great as a holiday release, they could have blood get spattered on the snow.
  15. Halloween 2 Halloween Halloween H20 Halloween 4 RZ Halloween theatrical cut Season of the Witch Halloween 5 Halloween 6 RZ Halloween 2 Resurrection RZ Halloween director's cut (the rape sequence is disgusting, and has no place in a Halloween film, that alone takes it from ranking below four to the very bottom of the list for me, his escape in the theatrical cut was fine, and shouldn't have been messed with)