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  1. Prestige system for sure would be a good thing. I see so many 101s.
  2. I've never played a multi platform game.. ever.. that's had this many problems with patching equally.
  3. Yeahhh we should probably have this hot fix on Xbox by now.
  4. lol well if anyone else on xbox gets a lobby going ill play
  5. So was all that really for the patch that introduced more problems, hence it never being explained? If so, that's embarrassing.
  6. What I find is that it's turning into a game where I'm usually waiting on a patch after a week or so when a new patch is released. New problems have arisen each time. Truly feels like a console beta test. Probably should've waited on console.
  7. I don't believe for a second that cert takes anywhere near a month. I'll bet that patch was sent back to them more than once. That was just a time where they went dark and didn't mention it, probably because that's slightly embarrassing.
  8. Bump and a half. I know its all about the in game experience but working towards something as a bonus is nice too.
  9. Basically pick a group of councilors or objective to prevent the rest of them will be finished while you're busy getting your ass beat by a mob who is starting the car or fixing the fuse box. I've managed to never use block since release but I definitely feel like it's necessary now. Thankfully the Bs stuff with blocking was fixed. I watched someone try to block through my firecrackers last night and get stunned which made me happy.
  10. Lol yeah basically if I'm playing with a group from these boards I cringe when I get Jason. I thought the smaller maps would favor Jason, but that definitely isn't the case. They should've said "40% smaller, 100% less deadly". Of course the Jason changes had something to do with this as well. I'm routinely getting 3-4 out of 8 kills now. Not that I'm the best but I'm level 101 on pc and in the 50s now on Xbox. Definitely experienced enough.
  11. This may be unnecessarily negative so I apologize in advance. After many months not only does many issues that have been around still here, but they've had extra bugs pop up after the latest patch. Many perks still don't work since launch, even after enlisting extra help. At what point can we just say they just aren't that good at video games? They got a major license with a great concept of a game. It's fun enough to keep playing but man.. it's been too long for some of this stuff. Kudos for the very fast communication and your hearts are in the right place I'm sure.
  12. Even the smallest things are technically incorrect lol
  13. I also don't see why they'd change her position on the character select screen and leave everyone else's the same.
  14. I have not read all six pages here but: One thing to keep in mind is that with the smaller maps the objectives are being fixed much faster as well. So while I trap the phone and take the time to break the windows/doors, one of the cars start.