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  1. I wish we could just ditch the "new counselors" and just get them both. But since we have to choose, then i want them both. Let's just ditch Part 5 and get the Real Jasons. Sorry Roy but if you have to go so i can get Uber Jason aka Darth Terminator Jason then so be it.
  2. Finally platinum. Here i come. Hmmm. I have 102 plats. Perhaps i should save this for plat 113, seems fitting don't you agree? XD
  3. Those are some nice ideas and they could work. However that would make killing Jason a lot easier and personally im not a fan of that. It would be ironic for Jason, the unstoppable killing machine, to die in every match and it would make the game less fun imo. Don't get me wrong you have some great ideas but perhaps they should implemented to a different game mode, perhaps that smaller map mode that Gun is planning.
  4. What no Uber Jason choice? Am i the only one who likes him I voted for X, it's close enough i suppose. But to be honest, like Freddy once said: I WANT IT ALLLLL!!! All Jasons baby. My wallet agrees
  5. Well Fallout games are some of the best video games ever made imo. I've waited 2 years for Fallout 4 GOTY edition. I've put hundreds of hours and countless playthoughs on both 3 and NV, so im so excited for 4 Anyway, my point is that great games like these need to sell, to remind us that there still good games around. Unlike some other cash grabs who shall not be named made by a company which rhymes with stEAl
  6. No offence but just let it go. It's just a skin. Had it been the game itself that was accidentally given free then you would have all the right in the world but that's isn't the case. Sure it's annoying for people to get free something others paid for but this isn't even a big deal. The price for the skin is extremely small(only 6$), it's not like they gave away a 30$ season pass or anything. Be happy that they are working on improving the experience. As a fellow N7 operative we should be proud for supporting Jason and keeping him among the big AAA sharks As for the exclusive thing, well im speaking with over 20 years of video game experience when i say that nothing stays exclusive forever. Don't be surprised if you see Savini in next year's complete edition or something similar. By that time, i doubt that anybody will care about it's exclusivity
  7. They don't ignore them. They removed the skin in both occasions in a matter of hours. Seriously at least on PS4(which i have) it was available for barely 2-3 hours. I heard same thing happened on Xbox. The skin was removed from the store. So "problem" solved. Give them some break, they are a very very small studio and they have tons of stuff that are far more important like the Single Player and new Jasons to name a few. The only people who care about Savini at this point are a bunch of snowflakes who no longer feel special. The rest of us care about the actual game. Indeed the lack of communication is an issue but patience is a virtue. As long as they deliver what they promised then i can wait. I prefer to let them work on the game than having them posting every day here. The devs have already proven that they do listen and they know what we want so let them work.
  8. emotes

    Ugh emotes. Another thing Star Wars Battlefront EA ruined for me I mean normally i would be excited for dancing Jason. Who wouldn't?
  9. Too bad Alysson was perfect for Claire.
  10. I hope it's not First Person. Im no big fan of Resident Evil going FPS. Oh i hope so with 1.5. I saw some gameplay once and it looked great. I know they said that Leon and Claire will have different actors but i still hope they will get Allyson Court for Claire.
  11. Me too
  12. Thankfully a friend of mine got UC so he saved me the trouble of wasting money on it. But it was really bad. Like Superman 64 level of bad. Lol. On the blight side, the money from it could go to RE2 Remake
  13. Machine Gun? RPG? A vest too? WTF??? Dude this Friday the 13th not freaking Call of Duty. Kudos for reporting a cheater but calm down This is a game about Jason not Rumbo.
  14. Saw gameplay and it looks even worse than Umbrella Corps aka the worst RE game ever... of all time. Why they even bother with this? Lol we have enough zombie games coming out anyway. Seriously between Resident Evil 2 Remake and Last of Us 2 who in the right mind will even bother with Dead Alliance?
  15. I love Hitman but this seems to good to be true