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  1. Unlocked? Dude im going to pay extra for them so im expecting to have them from the beginning. It's only fair.
  2. I don't know about Facebook and Twitter but i don't remember any trailer for the skin, i may be wrong but if i recall, the only Savini Jason trailer i remember was on April, one month AFTER it stopped being available(which was March 30 right?). Again im not entirely sure about this but the only Savini Jason trailer i saw was the one that Savini himself presented the skin long after the backerkit offer.
  3. I heard there is a new disease called Savancer It's really deadly.
  4. Savini and Part 8 because they have the Destruction perk aka best ability ever. Given that Savini has no weaknesses, I'd say Savini. And yes Savini Jason has no weaknesses, here's why. -Can't Run: Do i really need to explain it? Almost all Jasons can't run and they are far superior than Part 2 and Part 3. -Water Speed: Oh boo hoo, assuming they get the boat, you just morph to the finish line and boom bye bye boat, besides there is barely a difference to the Jason with water speed. They all go extremely fast in water to me. -Grip Strength: Pfft. Unless the counselor has a pocket knife, he/she is already a dead the moment Jason's grabs him/her. Any Jason really, unless of course you want to toy with them like i do but let's be honest here, it's just math: Grab + No Pocket Knife = Death. XD
  5. Honesty this skin has become more important than the game itself on this forum. Relax guys, yeah you have all the right in the world to rant about something we paid for and this guy got for free but chill out. The guy on the Twitter is problably just a troll. And if not then it's not a big deal. Geez, its just 6 bucks.
  6. Pfft. Not before i destroy the world with my zombie army Why do you think i wanted NES Jason in the first place? Mwhahaha.
  7. Now all we need is Darth Jason umm i mean Uber Jason and this game will be P E R F E C T
  8. Hehe you got me there
  9. Same here. I play Jason as Gun intended: without uttering a single word. Although... sometimes, i can't resist not to quote the Shining when i break doors with Part 8. "Little pigs little pigs, May i come in..." HEEEEERE'S JASON XD
  10. It better invole Pamela's floating head or else we riot
  11. Only one kill?!???????!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. NES JASON IS LIFE.
  12. But what does that make the person who bitches about the bitches? Hehe, Gotha XD. No offence or anything, this is just for laughs