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  1. Just found another. Exactly one week after finding my first one. Tape #17, as AJ, with the same perks as I had equipped when I found the other one. Very first cabin I went into, first cupboard I checked. Once again, I lost my connection, but I still have the tape. It was the regular Packanack map.
  2. I'm just excited for the Jarvis/party house map, as well as FC Jason. The game is fun. It's not perfect, but for a Friday the 13th fan, binge watching the films+playing a game that makes you feel as though you are in the movies, quick case in point, Higgins Haven, playing as Jenny and checking the rooms upstairs, only to see pt.3 Jason booking it up the stares, murder in his eyes, felt straight out of the film. I have faith in the devolpers, and I can't wait for what's next. In the meantime, I'm still camping at Crystal Lake. 👍🏻👍🏻
  3. Congrats! It seems like the bulk of the tapes are on Packanack?
  4. Finally found a Pamela tape. #3 to be exact. Quick play match, as I don't have enough friendly friends to play with. Packanack large with AJ. Perks wise: -Prepardness(epic) -Escape artist -Homebody. I'm at level 38 and the tape was found in the cabin closest to the main lodge. I had a connection error shortly after, and figured that I lost the tape since the match ended. So I began to pray, and checked to see if the tape carried over despite the connection error. At long last, I was elated to see that it had.
  5. New glitch? Packanck small? 52689381548__6140EE41-916B-4000-9B70-4BDAA10A274E.MOV
  6. First time I've seen this trailer. I love it!! Poor Lachappa. Just sitting there, taking it all in. Next game, I'm playing as him. Love that thrown spear kill!! That would be cool!
  7. Final chapter for the win!! if that's the confirmed new map and Jason, Christmas will come early for me! Although Gun hasn't confirmed the map or Jason yet?
  8. Hi fellow Friday fans, I was playing a few matches last night, and was lucky to have a really good group of counsellors working in sync. We managed to get the 4 seater started, and lo and behold!! Sack head Jason shows up. Using firecrackers and various household implements, we mananged to get his potato sack off and Give his beautiful face, some much needed air. The detail of the unmasked Jasons is unbelievable. I've had this question for awhile, but looking at unmasked Warrington Gillete got me thinking. Does anyone know how the royalties would work? He played Jason for the "Jump Scare" scene at the end of part 2, and Steve Dash(my favourite Jason), played potato sack Jason for most of the film, yet reading online, Warrington has stated that he played Jason during the scene with Vicki lifting up the covers, and having Jason sit up and slash her leg. Would they both get royalties? Might be a dumb question and I apologize in advance.
  9. Yeah it's not the best case scenario right now. But playing a game with even two people is fun. I'll usually try and stretch the match for as long as possible, letting them fix the phone, get parts for the car etc. And while this is going on, watching out of the corner of my sweaty, NHL approved hockey mask, just to make sure that they don't leave without saying goodbye, I'll make like Tony Perkis, and make this camp hope, a camp hell. if anyone wants to add me on PS4: brokenpoolhall.
  10. I was rewatching part 4 tonight for the umpteenth time, and even after all of these years, my favourite part(s) of the film, have to be Ted and his viewing, and subsequent stoned laughter, of that silent porn film. Along with all of the others watching on in disgust, and getting brutally murdered, yet Ted just sits in his chair, Teddy bear in hand, empty beer cans beside him, and he doesn't have a care in the world. The funniest, and perhaps most bizzare idea for the new map, and this is assuming it's the Jarvis house and Rental house from part 4, would be walking through the living room, and seeing The projector looping that porn flick over and over, with a stuffed Teddy Bear in The chair.
  11. Hope that helps.
  12. Yo dude, that ain't cool dude. At least put some marshmallows on that stick before you shove it down my throat! What would your mother think?