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  1. Haven't heard that phrase since the old NES days.
  2. To those of you having difficulty, you will get better. Consider each match you play in as a learning experience. You'll be shift-grabbing and stunning Jason in no time.
  3. House shifting for the win. I got a metal aftertaste in my mouth from the traps I've stepped in. Looks like mother's taking me to the dentist. I wonder how many things the developers didn't foresee that have happened. House rules keep this game fun and interesting. I'm gonna have to stock up on popcorn after reading all of this thread. Morph trapping isn't something I've seen in-game yet. It may become a big deal, it may not. Either way, I'll deal with as I see fit. Things change in this game from time to time. It's how you deal with the change that defines you as a player.
  4. A lot of fond memories of that game.
  5. Let me guess, public matches?
  6. Do you play Quick Matches or Private Matches? 1. New maps will come along. It's just a matter of time. 2. Do you play as all 10 counselors, or do you favor a couple of them? 3. You can mute the young players if their voices bother you that much. 4. Future patches will cut down on the glitchers. If all else fails, take some time off from the game.
  7. I've made a couple people shit themselves playing this game. I've probably been in the gaming world about as long as you. Hope you have a strong bladder...
  8. Well said. What year did that lobby host think he was in? Totally speechless...
  9. It seems to happen to some players more than others. I'd say my own experience as Jason is about 30% of the time, and my wife it's about 35%. Some days I'm less in a mood to play as Jason, so I switch my preference to counselor to up the odds for everyone else in the lobby.
  10. If we're lucky, maybe we'll get it Oct. 13th.
  11. Totally sucks when someone steals your ride. I'm surprised that Jason didn't go for the boat. Two kills are a lot better than one.