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  1. I use the car as bait from time to time. It amazes me how many people actually try to get away in a car parked near an exit point.
  2. This will be the new "teabagging"...
  3. In before lock as well... This will keep getting brought up, and shot down.
  4. I'm not saying hold their hand or anything. But there's no shame in giving a pointer or two to help them get up to speed. People have done such for me, and I've since then paid it forward.
  5. A lot of people forget that we were all noobs in the beginning. If the vets help the noobs get better early on, they won't be noobs for long. Let's get them up to speed.
  6. I think I'll watch Chappelle's Show after my F13 marathon...
  7. Didn't realize the game was acting this bad today. Looks like I'll try playing tomorrow instead. Good luck to anyone who can get on and enjoy a game or two.
  8. She is indeed a fan of the game and the movies. As far as a budget, I'm going all out. Of course cutting cost whenever possible is just as good. I've purchased the movie soundtracks over the years, so I'm gonna put together a playlist of the best tracks for this party. I loved the video. Thanks for the link. My wife is checking out the local thrift stores for clothing and such. I'm working on the mask as we speak. My wife has picked up a lot of stuff from the local dollar stores. My other daughters will get together this weekend to start designing some of the scenery. The biggest thing overall is keeping this a surprise from my daughter. Not the easiest thing to do, but will be well worth the look on her face on her birthday.
  9. My youngest daughter will be turning 13 on Oct. 31. As she is a big fan of the F13 franchise, my wife and I are planning an extra special birthday party for her. I thought I'd reach out to the outspoken and creative members here. So far, my wife is planning on baking a cake and shaping it like a giant hockey mask. My daughter's best friend is taking care of inviting her closest friends, and my other daughters are overseeing some of the other details. Since our property is surrounded by trees, and there is a small pond in the middle of the woods, I was thinking of some kind of Camp Crystal Lake theme. If you have some awesome ideas, I'd like to hear them.
  10. Thank you for the detailed breakdown of the latest patch.
  11. I had a player rat me out once. I got the four seater, chased after them, and somehow Jason happened to get a hold of them. I pulled a U-turn and rode off into the night. That player rage quit afterwards. Snitches get stitches.
  12. Someone sent me a complaining message after I scared them so bad in game that they crapped their pants. I responded with "Go change your shorts"...
  13. I do this quite often myself.
  14. The second counselor could come a little later or maybe they don't wanna say anything and just surprise you. Think of it like Christmas. There could be something extra in your stocking. A lot of people miss that part... I'm all for free stuff too. Whether it is one counselor or two, I'm fine either way. I won't complain, as free stuff is free...
  15. Bright Side: One new counselor is better than none.