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  1. There's a good chance, or at least hope, that the patch fixes issues. No reason to assume the content and fixes would be mutually exclusive. I am just waiting to see what comes our way, but I will keep my expectations at a reasonable level. The game has gotten better with each update/patch. So we wait...
  2. Don't disagree, however, it was just a theory combining speculation with the upcoming maps being smaller. I wouldn't mind it either way, or even both. We'll just have to wait and see.
  3. The atmosphere was nailed more or less by the developers, and it takes the players to ruin it, either by selecting Frankenberry or blasting music. Not funny. Not at all. Neither is talking as Jason. I had to talk to a Jason who was trying to kill me while singing "Never gonna give you up, Never gonna let you down." I told him, not only is the music bad, but the worst part was he knew the words enough to sing along. Leave the karaoke/amateur hour comedy in the shack, Jasons.
  4. I think it might be a combination of a date and a hint. Date being 8-2?-17 and blue being Roy. The smaller maps would make sense for a Roy Killer who can run as fast as counselors to be able to catch up to and dispatch them. Maybe he will just run fast and have some combination of abilities sans morph and be playable on smaller maps, where it wouldn't be necessary to morph.
  5. Nothing annoys me more in game than somebody begging you not to kill them, host or not.. It's so weak. Seems like some people are super poor sports, and can't have a laugh at their in game demise. Yesterday I was stumbled upon first, and started mashing the escape button, and instinctively tossed firecrackers. The whole time, Jason was talking, I was ignoring him. He said he was gonna let me go, and that I didn't have to waste those. I told him to never have mercy on me. I thanked him for killing me when I was trying to install a car battery and said: "I'm glad you killed me. Don't ever show me any slack, man. I deserve to die if I get caught first." Losing is a big part of this game. I don't mind dying early. It is a learning experience every time it happens. It's only a game.
  6. And basically speaks to preserving the experience/game as it was intended.
  7. Crystal Lake Conservation Society Friends of Crystal Lake
  8. Yeah, we really need to start a group on XBox. I just got TK shotgunned by a p.o.s. Tommy Jarvis at the police exit, and the game went down, presumably to host quit.
  9. Yeah. The music with the door slamming, and the first A.J. trap with the way he laughs while running away had me laughing. Kenny caught a good one, too. That video should have been titled: Chad 101: A Visual Guide to Dickery. Pretty stupid overall.
  10. This popped in my head! Solid idea, though.
  11. But, this is NOT sneaky, and is BEASTLY... Sneaky=pick lock. Beast=Door? BOOM!
  12. Epic Preparedness, and various others. I experiment, but usually come back to perks to help keep fear low. I use A.J. a lot and use the map to plot my course of action to maximize searching away from the other counselors and to keep away from objectives in the first part of the match that Jason will likely morph to.
  13. Cool. Punk drummers do get overlooked often, but they have to have awesome chops. My drummer was a blast beat guy too, but he used a double pedal. My other brother was in a technical death metal band, and their drummer was insanely good. Hyperblasting underneath all that harmonized sweep picking guitar stuff. Not my cup of tea, but give me Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under. I like groove based death metal.
  14. Yeah, we were very profane. Think Dwarves and G.G., then add. a ittle inspiration from the Misfits, horror movies, hardcore and Slayer. (And a whole lot of booze.) We used to cover Bad Brains stuff. No rules. Kind of sleazy abusive hardcore. 😁 We used to get booked with death metal bands. Even though we weren't aware of the genre, I guess it is more or less what is called power violence. It was just "hardcore punk" to us.