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  1. Is anyone getting an issue with Jenny's red and white shirt on my game it's appearing as the white and green shirt.
  2. Yeah I think a dress or a pantsuit would be the best design for her not sure about high heels maybe booted heels and I agree lots of light colours by the way your sketches are amazing good work.
  3. Wonder when fox will come out as she was supposed to be in this patch
  4. that does make sense remember savini Jason but I really hope they give us these outfits but saying that we will have more outfit pack coming anyway.
  5. yeah plus disks scratch quickly maybe they might just release it at some point like the bloody Jason you could still frame it just find something else to put the disk in
  6. was just in a game my friend was Jason he couldn't see me I was invisible to him also please fix jenny's red and white shirt
  7. I guess so I mean its not going to interfere with my game it will only add the outfits when I play with the disk and remove them if I decide to play digital.
  8. that's quite disappointing that I have to put the disk in to use these items but I guess it doesn't matter if I don't want to use them just load up my digital and if I do load up my disk wil the game still start up and play even though I have digital? I am a bit of a noob with stuff like that
  9. yeah she would be the female chad if we have to characters that are the athletic type (Buggzy and Vanessa) we can have two spoilt rich kids here's hoping they add her in soon.
  10. well I have heard that the mean girl along with the stoner where to two people wanted the most so hopefully they will put her in as they have put in mitch one down one to go.
  11. I have a feeling we will only get another two characters after mitch and fox unless they decide to add more as on the roadmap there are only two dlcs with new characters.
  12. She looks good don't like the thing around her neck cannot remember what it is called but other than that she looks good after her please can we get a mean girl.
  13. I always find items and bring them to the car or boat I am also in the habit of letting everyone escape while I try to outrun or fight Jason but I am a lv 101 so I have no reason to escape all the time.
  14. I mean we need a bit more variety in hair colours but would love a red heard not fussed if it is male or female just a red head but a blond girl is a must.
  15. Yeah we need a mean girl in the group with blond hair not brown most of them apart from 2-3 have brown hair we also need a redhead as well in my opinion.