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  1. This. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but I prefer the days when we were able to hear Jason break a door down anywhere in the cabin.
  2. There is nothing you can do. Chalk that up to poor sportsmanship on their part. I would report them for unsporting behavior while calmly letting them know you don't appreciate these type of shenanigans. Don't argue, ragequit, get angry, or even let them know you reported them. Let the time run out and leave the lobby if it appears they are staying for the next round. It will be interesting to see how Gun counters this troll technique.
  3. Yup. I think the tile has an Octopus or some sea creature on it.
  4. Any one on Xbox do the Samsung XBL Gold challenge? I did it this past weekend and my reward came in yesterday- a digital code for a $5 MS Store gift card which i redeemed immediately. It went straight to my wallet. First thing that came to my mind was the emote party pack. The challenge has been on the bottom right tile on the dashboard for almost a week (or longer) now. It tells you to log in 15 different days with your profile, get achievements in 3 different games, and some other stuff to be eligible for a drawing of a Samsung television. If you do the first set of requirements, you get a "special reward." Mine was a gift card. Not sure if its the same for everyone. They listed free movie rentals and music passes as other prizes, but its worth a shot to try for the $5 gift card to get the emotes.
  5. That's your problem right there.
  6. Glad to see most of us are on the same page here. I despise the term "tryhard." Like someone mentioned on the first page, that sorry excuse for an insult is used by salty casuals who think they are privileged. These mobile gamers and their stupid rules to circumvent in-game mechanics piss me the hell off. If any one is a try-hard, it's those must have 8/8 Jason's that talk crap when they play. The ones who are wishing out loud they are Jason during the opening cutscene, and tell players at the end of the match they were "lucky" if they escaped. The ones who insist on giving you a smart ass play by play of any mistakes you make- "well that was a waste of the sweater/shotgun/firecrackers." The ones who have to let the lobby know "I'm happy with 6/8." Who gives a shit?? FOH. Do they get called "Tryhards?" Nope. But keep your mic off and be an efficient Jason and everyone hurls insults & profanities your way like there's no tomorrow. Nevermind how much of a team player you were as a counselor- you're a "tryhard" now. Is it obvious I am speaking from experience and having negative flashbacks as I type??
  7. I wish more people on here and reddit would wise up like you have, so there will be less complaint threads about rage quitters & trolls.
  8. This. Another toxic trend in our community that’s catching on. Jason does not have shift early in the game, why should Jason players allow you to rummage through drawers near an objective so you can get a head start? LEAVE. Simple as that. Nine times out of ten, Jason will not tunnel you to the next house. He will move on to trap a secondary objective. Even if he does, don’t panic- just try to barricade the doors quickly and observe all accessible windows. Try to get to a drawer or two depending on whether or not Jason has indestructible. I’m sorry, but it feels like it’s a lot of casuals that make up these stupid “rules,” and are the first ones to teabag and talk shit when they escape. FOH.
  9. Revenge for all the times Jason gets smacked off the map, after grabbing a driver out of a car.
  10. Were you able to select the outfits in game? Reddit posts are saying they bought the DLC, hard reset their consoles twice, and still can't select outfits. Once I get confirmation from you guys, I will purchase. lmao nice meme btw
  11. I saw that, bro. Sorry man. I agree- does not make sense to me. Why is this patch any different from previous? I wonder if you guys will be able to play with North America on the old build...prob not.
  12. I don't like the sound of that either. In addition to everything you said, I like to know what everyone's ping is- especially mine. When I am yellow or red, it lets me know to wait an additional second when I run up to a closed window before attempting to open it.
  13. Thanks. My favorite patch notes: Fixed the following perks: Grease Monkey, Heavy Hitter, Man at Arms, and Tinker Fixed Jason’s stun animation from canceling after he was hit again while stunned Fixed an issue where Jason would be flung across the map if he was choking a counselor and was hit while uneven terrain Fixed an issue where Jason’s weapon collision volume was not hitting counselors directly in front of him. Fixed an issue that was not allowing the Pocket Knife to trigger Fixed an issue causing Counselors to not be able to break other Counselors free from Jason’s grip. Fixed an issue where female Counselors weapon swings not hitting Jason These were my biggest gripes with the previous patch- stoked to get home and play! Interesting: Counselors can now nudge each other slightly out of the way.
  14. That's right- I forgot about how do we view that screen now? That screen is crucial to how I play late game. Knowing how many counselors are left determines whether I abandon objectives and prepare for the inevitable final showdown with Jason, or try to group up with the remaining counselors to increase odds of survival. Just saw tweet about patch notes- fingers crossed for bug fixes.
  15. Thanks. What did up on the d-pad do before?