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  1. I never use to share until recently. I also do my best to drop my pocketknives and other items if I am about to escape. I radio out the location of said items before I leave.
  2. I'm with you- I use perks to boost the counselors strengths to perfection or near perfection. It really makes a counselor shine in their respective roles. Using perks that are not epic to boost a weakness, is a waste of a slot IMO. Anything below EPIC gives minimal help in a very weak area. A rare Tinkering perk doesn't even put the likes of Vanessa on the same level as A.J for repairs. It'll give you a couple of less prompts for the QTE, but what good is that when they are all still thin as bread slices?
  3. Too many games to play and achievement hunting. I use to main this game, but Fortnite has cut into my F13 playing time significantly.
  4. Never noticed...
  5. Despite all the B.S associated with programming & toxic players, still good.
  6. I agree with everyone saying to leave her for last. I main her as well. If the Nessa player is good enough to kite the hell out of you in final 5 minutes, they are good enough to waste your time in the middle of the game so the other counselors can work on objectives or worse- escape. I can live with 7/8 and Vanessa surviving last. Shame on me for 4/8 or worse because I allowed her to waste my time. Stamina perks make Vanessa a formidable foe for Jasons with terrible shifts. Best not to find out the hard way and let her be in the beginning.
  7. No clue if there is a correlation, but I do have a theory that certain counselors have a better likelihood of spawning near one. I seem to have better luck finding them (within 1st three mins) with the runners (Bugz, Nessa, Tiff, Chad & Adam) than the smart or middle of the road counselors (Deb, Choppa, Jen, Ken, & AJ) . Again, this is my experience- yours can be completely different.
  8. I'VE WITNESSED THIS TOO! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING CRAZY. I've literally seen Jason's that do not have stun resistance lay flat and get back up in one motion. When it happens to me, I mash like crazy and can never replicate that.
  9. I do the same- avoid those with poor reputation on both ends of LFG and I report Jason's who I am confident rage-quitted. You really have to be careful with the latter because my game crashed once while I was in the middle of being killed as a counselor. I returned to the same lobby and apologized profusely to the person playing Jason cause it looked like I rage quitted. So whenever Jason "leaves," I assume they crashed unless I or another person hears them complaining or raging before they are gone.
  10. emotes

    Battle chad with the "c'mon" emote after smacking Jason's ass with the bat...priceless.
  11. Why was registration removed any way?? Was it due to "memory leaks?"
  12. This. Also, finding them on a Friday has been debunked as well (by members on here- nothing official).
  13. I agree. What annoys me most are the butt hurt players who complain about Jason's who don't speak after the game ends. I'm like "wtf?? I'm supposed to entertain you now, before I kill you??" Why? So it takes the sting out dying? Or maybe it's so I give away my position when in close proximity? Whatever. On topic: every lobby i've been in where someone with a VC joins, host kicks them then the lobby laughs and makes fun of those who use it. If i was host I would kick them too. That's doing a little too much IMO. Plus, I don't like playing with squeakers so that would disguise them.
  14. I am speaking of the technical side- coding it to work properly without glitching or crashing. They nailed animations pretty well- that's something different.
  15. I think Retro Jason is as far as it goes- I don't see this game going all Saints Row 4 on us (~shudders~).