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  1. I'm considering not playing until a new patch drops. Last night was a rough night for me trying to play. Got into a lobby quickly but 2 minutes into the first match, the game stops and back to the main menu, no "host has left" or "connection time out" just right back to the main menu. Then from there it took me about 5 minutes to get into a lobby (without me having to be the host) and its first match had two people working with jason, (back out of it). Back to finding a lobby again, after another ridiculous amount of time to get into a lobby right before its about start, boom..(connection time out) again back to trying to get into a lobby. Finally get into another lobby and was able to play a whole match, to just have the host quit after it. Lets try this one more time, quickly get into a lobby but there is only 4 people in it including myself, match starts, 1 person instantly leaves, now its just 3 of us (how fun) after that i saw no point in trying to continue.
  2. I don't think I will ever get to 101. I absolutely love this game, but the amount of time it would take to get there, is just not in the cards for me. I have already slowed down playing this game to some extent. Prehaps once Host migration is a thing, I might be able to level up more often, I've run into some bad luck lately with the host quitting or getting into lobbies full of annoying people, who think they should be walking on toilet paper because they think they are the shit at this game and continuously have to talk about it. Although, the good luck I have had lately is I normally find myself being Jason the first time I login for the day.
  3. 43, played mostly on random counselor/Jason.
  4. I'll keep this simple and say, "adulting". Adulting, keeps me away.
  5. Say what?! I haven't thought of that game in decades. Who's idea was that? I can't say i have ever gotten into that kind of carefree lobby. Been in some homurous lobbies, but they were still to the point.
  6. I have had that happen to me, but its been at least over month since it has happen. I think i jumped thru the window and got snagged when i got up.
  7. We we're more of a pennywise, nofx style punk band (all originals, we rarely did covers). We too kept getting book with death metal bands or just metal bands all the time, but then again we're from St. Louis which is big metal town. Its like the people who booked the show at venues wasn't aware that punk and metal bands had a rivalry. But i'll tell you alot metal bands had tremedous respect for our drummer when they would notice he is only using a single bass drum pedal, doing i guess you would call "blast beats". Even though we were more skate punk, i always had great respect for the hardcore punk bands.
  8. oh my.. You cover a G.G. song, now that's punk!! I played in a Punk band for many years, we turned into more of just a rock band as time passed by. But G.G. was something else, not many can top his crudeness. Sorry to hear about your brother as well. I can relate to his ability to recall every little riff, I too, am like that. We have a list of all the songs we had written over the past 20 years, and for fun, other members will pick one off the list, just to see if I can still play it.
  9. oh yeah, single player might make sense. Although they have been super hush hush on the progress of it.
  10. Thank you. I knew i wasn't saying the right word. That what get for trying to reply too quick.
  11. I'm sure the smaller maps didn't take long to do, and a different team probably made them, than the team working on new maps. It hasn't even been a full 3 months since the game came out. They are also working on a single player campaign as well, which I'm sure you have heard. The physical copy of the game is coming in october which is roughly two months away and you can bank on that new content would drop with it. Give it time, they will come.
  12. Lots of dicussion here about it. Welcome to the forum.
  13. I'm qouting you just becaue the story about the girl who alway use pt 6 and found better success with Savini. Here it goes... A huge reason that might have been, is because he has plus destruction, he can break down lock doors in 3 hits, that is huge in this game! Breaking down doors quicker, eats up a lot less time, and plus also makes the campers panic more which causes them to make more knee jerk decisions that could impact alot on their game, yet alone his music is very intense and rarely heard by most. Part 6 is really a bad jason to use by someone who is not a strong player as Jason. He is slow, his weapon has range, but the destruction power of it, is probably the worse in the game. I would suggest sticking to part 3 is someone wasn't good at jason and wanted to get better. I feel like i side tracking myself here, sorry.. But i feel alot of people feeling that Savini is best is just due to his plus destruction. I've seen countless people say around here and in game about him breaking down doors in 3 hits being the main reason they feel his is the most powerful, kind of like they are not aware that another Jason can do the exact same thing and possibly even quicker, which would be part 8 (my personal favorite) i would say he is arguably the best Jason, and perhaps the least used and talked about Jason out of the group. I would bet almost anything that you could use part 8 and then Savini and either play better with 8 or recognize that they are very on par with each other.
  14. I know, right?! I absolutely hate that picture. I thought it was concept art for the game, but now knowing its not even Gun's makes it so much worse.
  15. It is starting wear thin on me. I normally don't let it get to me, maybe just roll my eyes and find a new match. I don't really care about leveling up or gaining xp. However, the past two times i have been Jason i have had the host quit on me, and that got under my skin, just because i wasn't done killing yet. But i have encountered people tap dancing around the host just so they won't quit. One guy imparticular would not kill me just because i was the host and had to convince him that it was okay to kill me, that i wasn't going to quit the game just because i died.
  16. But, but, but i had one more. He gives a pretty lengthy acceptance speech.
  17. Fine, here. Jason talks.
  18. its in the mail. save the date.
  19. be careful with having too much fun with ragevirus, you might be acceptable to catch that virus and then you will have the rage too. Of course I kid, it might actually be one of those good viruses to have, like smallpox or polio.
  20. I can see it now, running around as a counselor and the only way to build back up your stamina would be to lay down on a bed and then boom that's when she attacks. Whoever is Pamela better hope she picks the right bed to be under or that there is a lot of exhausted campers out there.
  21. I would say it has to do with licensing. Not that it wouldn't fit into the realm of the game, it absolutely would. But Gun Media seems to be fairly stringent on keeping all things in the game related to the franchise, but perhaps they are force to be that way, due to a licensing agreement.
  22. yep, I agree with much of the others when they say, "use Stalk". the stalk ability is easily my favorite tool. its a great counter to a speedy camper, you just got to catch them by surprise. a lot of the times you get a good response out of the poor sap that you just surprised the crap out of (if they are using a mic)
  23. wouldn't the game have to have code in it to be able to use a turbo button if someone had a controller with it? I'm not sure how much of this stuff works, or how you can even mod on a console. Modding in general goes over my head. Either way I hope I do not start running into this.
  24. Okay, I realized after reading again what you said again that you meant symbolically (is that the word I'm looking for symbolically?) that he was "wearing a sweater" I misunderstood.