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  1. yeah, I thought about that, but he still got trapped... just seem like a waste of time hacking at the door oppose to how long it takes to free yourself from a trap.
  2. I more confused on why Jason was hacking and slashing at the door, when he should of been well into rage mode.
  3. Right on, man. Request has been sent.
  4. Depending on what time, I might be available I have a softball game at 7 (central time) tonight but should be home by 9:30, if I login tonight I will definitely send you a request. Always up for playing with people who play the game right.
  5. I would say under 5 minutes, with the boat. much like the others just happen to be right place at the right time, spawned by the prop and while heading towards the boat some one was also heading towards it with the gas. see ya!
  6. I was curious on that as well, I've seen plenty of people crawl through and it looks like it does nothing to them, but if you jump through a broken window that hurts you. I have been going for the windows 99 achievement, so I have been jumping through a lot of windows, normally can jump through at least 3 with out needing to use a first aid.
  7. I find myself muting a lot of players lately, simply because they are annoying and I don't want to hear them talk (mostly kids, or younger adults). The chat volume is also screwed up, I have several people get so loud on their mic, that it has distorted and clip my speakers and i'll be damn if some idiot who wants to be all kinds of loud and never shuts up ruin one of my speakers. Oh and one last thing, NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR DAMN MIX TAPE EITHER!!!
  8. I immediately start panicking, running around in circles saying "what do I do, what do I do" and then by the time I figure out what I need to do , I'm getting a axe in the face or something.
  9. Anyone who uses the term "broken" to describe any game, I immediately discredit their opinion. If the game doesn't load up or play when you put it in the system, then yes, yes the game is broken. But nothing about this game is "broken" by any means, Flawed? yes, it is "flawed" in some ways but no where near to the point of it ever being considered "broken". That term gets thrown around way to much in gaming, that I'm beginning to think people just don't know what the word means..
  10. nothing "dorky" about what you suggested. You just see potential in a unexplored market, that's all. I for one would pay good money to go to a F13 themed resort.
  11. My wife and I would love to visit an abandon camp like that. How cool!
  12. Maybe a little..... there really hasn't been anything new to report or talk about either, the game has been out for 2 months and I'm sure a bulk of people generally only come to forums when they first get into a game.
  13. that is hilarious. I have seen the car in the water a few times and often wondered how they managed to do that. Must of been a banana peel in the road, O'Doyle RULES!
  14. its definitely the Remake Mask the color, faded chevrons and straps are a dead give away.