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  1. JEEBUS!!!! how the hell did you find the time to even play that many matches??? Put the controller down, and step outside every once in a while. (steps outside for the first time after playing a 1000 matches)
  2. While getting weather is a nice feature for the next patch, but it will be quite a useless patch without those dedicated servers.... I have been having so much fun trying to play matches with the constant error connections, and host drops, that I don't even know why I bother trying to play the game anymore.
  3. as of lately, I'm 100% dead every match. The game has been so buggy on the Ps4 that its near impossible to play a match without something affecting your game play.
  4. Same here, I read an article ( I forget where) about a game call "summer camp" and that it was a tribute game towards Friday the 13th, then I read that there was talks of a Friday the 13th game to be made. And not to far afterwards another article popped up stating that "summer Camp" was turning into the Friday the 13th game, something on the lines that "summer camp" was much further along in development and had a better concept than what the right holders of the f13 franchise had came up with.
  5. HaHa, you might be on to something there. I think the whole thing was a fail. Even the 2nd one where some are saying it has one black dot was a over sight on the creators behalf and wasn't attended to be different in shade than the others, they just didn't color match that dot with the other non-blue dots very well. "Crap all of the other dots are Charcoal black, but I accidently used True black on one, screw it, nobody will notice".
  6. what is this black screen you speak of? I have never encountered a black screen, nor heard of it...
  7. Ha, Gun tweeted 7 hours ago asking how many Pamela tapes have you found? I'm sitting here like "Zero!" Those thing don't exsist in the game. I never even heard of anyone claiming they found one in all the matches i have played.
  8. OH MY GOD! The constantly flickering of the flash lights are extremely annoying and not just when I'm playing as Jason. The sound alone of that damn flash light, is like nails on a chalk board to me. But I will have to say that Trash Talkers are right up there too, when it comes to things that annoy me. I just want to start shouting into the MIC saying "SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!" nobody wants to hear your constant ramblings!! I would rather hear my 4 year old try telling me a long story, than to hear some people spit out 5 words in the game.
  9. Hope for the best, expect the worse, right? You got that right about other forums, every forum I have visited is the exact same as this one. People flying off the deep end when they don't have what they want and when they want it, spitting out all kinds of vile shit. Then some one of importance comes along and throws some pleasing information out there and all of sudden the same people who were reaching for their pitchforks and torches, tune changes instantly and its "oh thanks buddy, you're the best, info is all we wanted". However, that normally only ;last for a short time until the next gripe comes along and then its back to pitchforks and torches, rinse and repeat.
  10. dang, I completely forgot all about Nintendo. Good call.
  11. Well.....you won't have to wait that long for bloody Jason skins. As for the others............
  12. shit, I hope that wasn't it. I kind of think they just gave up on the whole blue dot of mystery, its been weeks since they have done anything with it.
  13. I understand, but what would the Xbox crossplay with if it can't crossplay with playstation...... PC?
  14. http://dssmasks.com/ i believe this place makes one. You can also check out this place too Shallow grave fx. I believe they only have a facebook site. For hockey mask this is the place https://www.jdfstudios.com/ You have to paint and age the mask yourself. But the got the mask with the correct straps for all