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  1. Might want to look at this one a little closer bud. -Water speed Jason's absolutely can not catch the boat. In saying that I mean the boat is faster than their speed in the water. Doesn't mean they can't stop an erratic driver or take a good "angle of pursuit".
  2. Oh yeah. There's a list of about a dozen players my group has come across in the private sector who are just as bad as the quick play pool. Some of them even admit they're annoying and people kick them from lobbies a lot. You'd think grown ass men wouldn't act like that but they can be just as bad as the kids.
  3. Why? I'm not criticizing you for wanting her as so many others on this forum do as well, I've just never understood why there is such a groundswell for Pamela. So I'm kinda just looking for reasons why people want her in the game. Is it a completionist thing?
  4. Your reasoning is sound. I have no rebuttal.
  5. We've yet to receive more than one update per month so I don't foresee there being another until sometime in November* Also remember, the jack-o-lantern and the snowflake on the road map DO NOT represent Halloween and Christmas. They're more landmarks signifying what season you're likely to see certain things. *I'm wrong all the time with this stuff so clearly I know nothing. No offense bud but you're going to have to provide some back up with that claim. That would require a boat load of work for the game developers to create a brand new setting like that. Maybe someday....
  6. Party chat is cheating. I get why you do it though.
  7. I'm going to have to side with locker on this one. Pretty sure its even been tested. Counselors hiding early in game will not make noise unless their composure is awful. I also think holding your breath is no help as well if you're hiding. Just for clarification Dan, you hear counselors get into a hiding spot? Or you hear them when you knock down the doors? Or is it when you walk by the spot they're hiding? Is it their character or are you picking up their mic?
  8. Liking your post solely for the use of the phrase, "angle of pursuit". That's been drilled into my head since I was a small boy.
  9. I thought the only Jason's that couldn't catch the boat were the "-water speed" ones? Even with the perk.
  10. I don't understand why people can't play the way they want to play? Are you really sorry that you're a better Jason than me? I don't really think it matters if you're the best Jason in the world. You sound like someone who rage quits, frequently. Dude, it's a video game. Relax.
  11. Counselors, while by themselves, should NEVER have an advantage. Or anything close to it. Stun times have been "fixed" as well. Even though when they were wildly long people didn't realize THAT was unintentional. Then we threw a fit because they were short, as intended, so they split it down the middle.
  12. Exactly! Some people are just assholes no matter the circumstance. They'll never be happy. I've seen the same player get upset at both slasher Jason's for not grabbing and grabbing Jason's for not doing whatever they wanted them to do. Crazy how terrible some people are...
  13. So if I spam quick kills and "excessive" traps and I'm still a bad Jason, I'm a bitch? Two traps at the phone can be disarmed without so much as a whisper if people are working together. Not saying I do it, but I have no problem with people that do. I thought the devs specifically said traps are for objective control. What makes a counselor a "bitch"? Just curious.
  14. I'm not very good at being Jason, and I know it. Does that make me a bitch?