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  1. I know it's a balance thing, but it's pretty absurd that Jason has to hit certain counselors 4-6 times before they even limp, yet he catches one baseball bat and he's on his back. Or, with a solid stun perk, standing still for 30 seconds. Not that he needs a buff or anything, just stating opinion. You can block in combat stance but if you want to attack you open yourself up to being stunned. And when there are five counselors surrounding you, you're going to take a beating. Not saying you won't eventually kill all of them, but you're going to spend some time doing it.
  2. I've posted about this before and I agree with Zoo. I believe that you're not purposely trying to gain an advantage and the reasons you do it are legit, but the effect of doing it is in turn shady game play. It's not intentional but that doesn't make it right. If it weren't Sony policy I'm sure it wouldn't be part of the game. Oh absolutely! Party chat is 100 percent cheating when it comes to this game. Party chat is equal to team killing and glitching. When you say "the 70% of people using party chat", do you mean 70% of the 100% of people using party chat? Or are you saying that 70% of people playing the game use party chat?
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing Part 7 get balanced out to actually be playable against solid counselors. At this point, he's pretty useless on maps without boats. If we do get Part 5 (Roy), I would love to see his stats be identical to Savini Jason. Oh man that would piss so many people off.
  4. Personally, leave them alone. If it's a solid Vanessa player that can really eat up your time, don't bother with them until later in the match. Focus on eliminating the high repair characters, then dumb old Nessa's only option is to survive the time limit. By the time you are ready to go after her you should be in rage mode or close to it (unless you've dispatched the others very fast), so bust down as many doors and windows as you can while chasing her. She'll eventually have to enter cabins with broken doors where her stamina will not regenerate as fast. At this point start utilizing stalk so she can't hear you. With the doors busted and her unaware of your exact position, morph and shift will help you sneak right up to her without utilizing shift+grab. Use the hell out of that stalk.
  5. Someone told me tapes only spawn in public matches. It's nice to know that's not true.
  6. Wow... I never thought about this. I do notice certain games where it seems like I find knives everywhere yet other games nothing at all. I never thought to compare it to the Jason in the game. I will now.
  7. I agree with you 100% that you get a glimpse into who a person is by the way they play the game, and there are certain people out there who are just awful. But trapping objectives and smashing the windows of a cabin absolutely does not mean you are a bad person in real life.
  8. You're not the only one but in my opinion you are in a very small minority. You say most people are too selfish to sacrifice themselves and I will counter with, again, you're playing with the wrong people. This whole problem you have with traps completely goes away when you start playing private with people who play the game the right way. I may be wrong in this assumption but when I see you say traps at the phone should be limited to one, all I hear is, "if I get the fuse and a knife or med spray I deserve the right to be able to fix it and call the police without hindrance". I completely understand your frustration, I do. Public matches are almost intolerable. But we've given you recommendation after recommendation to improve your game play and have a better experience and you keep coming back with the same response, traps are cheating, they need to be eliminated. If your willing to provide a little give and take, try some methods we've suggested and see what happens. If not, there's no use talking about it anymore. Your mind is made up. Also, if you're saying people are really sick in real life because we set traps as Jason....we're all doomed. Some folks are sadistic and you can tell they're bad people, but not for setting traps.
  9. I can confirm that this is possible. It's happened to me multiple times.
  10. While I agree that it would be fair game play, realistically I think it would be near impossible to hit Jason with any force through that size hole or window for that matter. To try to swing a baseball bat with the speed and power to stun Jason through a small hole in a door isn't realistic. Even trying to swing a bat through an entirely open door would be difficult in real life. But, if it's not a clipping issue and you're meant to be able to catch him through doors and windows, I'm good with it.
  11. I don't think you're really understanding my point of view here. Very seldom are escape routes completely cut off. Jason only hears you when he's in proximity to you. Using party chat in a match is cheating. You're definitely not playing with the right people. Play private matches with people that communicate. I doubt you'll ever have much success "lone wolfing" every match. Jason rarely kills every counselor in the matches I'm in. You don't need pocket knives to activate traps. When I say "eat traps", I mean step in them to eliminate them from the objective. Heal up with a spray and get the hell out of there. A few minutes later, if you're still around, do it again. If you're doing that with one or two other people you'll have that box ready in no time.
  12. I've been hit by a counselor through an undamaged door. I think both counselors and Jason being able to make contact through doors and walls is a clipping issue and is not intended game play. I'd call it an oversight by the developers but with clipping it's hard to see sometimes. For me, this falls into the same category as combat stance to break doors, flares, and traps. It's kind of shady game play and I don't do it, but if you choose to it's whatever. I may call you cheap but only because I got KO'ed and will forget about it in five seconds. I wouldn't say it's a "glitch" but I feel it's an "exploit". Not as egregious as body-blocking, abduction, and the new Packanack nonsense but an exploit nonetheless.
  13. I think I read somewhere in some sort of instruction that the knives are supposedly just out of the reach of counselors.
  14. Why wouldn't it work for three to four traps? Like I said, I think Jason can only place three traps effectively at the phone box. Four can work if players aren't paying attention. 8 out of 10 games remain pointless due to traps....this may not be the right game for you with this mindset. Do you rage quit when multiple traps are set on objectives?