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  1. Come on Devs, Host Migration is a simple code that all major online gaming companies have and its been around for over 10 years. True not all host migration systems work great but it's a cheap and easy update to prevent a 90% game drop due to the host quitting because they died. Let's just hope it comes installed with the October update or physical copy.
  2. I'm on PS4 and I'm level 101. I've maxed out been playing everyday since launch, I think this perk I saw was an earlier version of starting with a "walkie talkie" because that perk is called (Psychic) and the unknown one has a person reading a crystal ball icon.
  3. https://i.imgur.com/FdWmoje_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=high It won't let upload the friggin image so click the link and see this mysterious new perk I saw. I can't find any forum listing this perk and its name/ability. All I can see is that the positive/negative are the same.... don't know if it's good or bad.
  4. No idea, either it has something do with the rock we were standing on or how quickly he picked up the Axe after I died. Maybe had something to do with the camera angle when I died and the Axe looked large on my screen and when he picked it up it stayed large...
  5. Accidental, no one knew this would be an outcome from getting shot in the face by another teammate.
  6. No one knows how to do this it was by accident, and like the other fella said the more people aware of this new issue the faster the Devs will jump on it to resolve it. Same works for Call of Duty games... post the glitch on YouTube and it gets more attention and it'll bump it to the top of the list of crap to fix.
  7. I already sent this to the Devs smart a$$, I try to recreate the result so the Devs learn how it's done and can submit a fix. Think before you talk and I hope you get banned for having a low IQ. Enjoy the fireworks, happy 4th!
  8. Im almost 100% this can be done with all objects you can hold in a "combat stance" We are definitely going to try to recreate this outcome.
  9. Tommy puts the smack down on Jason with a glitched out 30 foot tall Axe. Hope this doesn't become a new issue.
  10. Somehow when I went into Combat Stance with an Axe and Tommy shot me while on top of a rock, he was able to pick up the Axe immediately and it was over 30 feet tall. The hit detection was at least 10-15 feet on Jason. I provided the attached videos as proof. Thank you
  11. These pictures suck man, images are almost pitch black so how are the Devs going to have any clue where this glitch takes place or how it's done? Might wanna try again and explain better with brighter photos. Thanks
  12. Hey Everyone, What if... getting the same Perk on a CP roll wasnt a bad thing? Am I alone in thinking we should get an update allowing duplicate Perks of different degrees to be "stackable"? Example: (Grinder) (Low Profile) (Marathon) 3 of same level: Rare/Rare/Rare NO 3 different levels: Poor/Rare/Epic YES This way we can increase one specific character trait to a percentage greater 50%. This way you can be OP in Stealth only or OP in Speed or get more than 5% boost in XP with Grinder. What is you're opinions or thoughts on this being a possible update? Or has this already been covered?
  13. Hey anyone reading this, I have 2 STEAM Savini Jason codes and 1 PS4 Savini Jason code. If anyone would like to trade a PS4 Counselors DLC code for one of my Savini Jason codes please let me know. Message me and we can work something out or I could provide my contact information, no money just a straight trade. Thank you
  14. You need to contact this email to resolve your code issue. I get a response in less than 24 hours Mon-Fri. Not on weekends....
  15. Exclusive my ass, Gun Media get your developing butts together. You're failing across the board, I got over the launch issues but now you're giving everyone the Savini Jason skins??? WTF? You've literally made playing this game less fun if everyone can just buy what we the Backers was promised would be not for sale again and would remain exclusive... you made the Savini Jason not rare and dumb to use now that everyone will have it. Done with this crap.